Alpha & Omega (Clem & WritingOwl)

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    Madison jumped on the tallest rock at the lake. She peered down at the water and looked at her own reflection. She was a black wolf with white stripes. The water twinkled under the sun. Maddie was the daughter of the Alphas. She was the one other wolves didn't want to play with because they were scared she would get their parents in trouble. She sighed, letting her paw in the water. She flicked her paw and watched as the water sprayed. She wished she had a friend.
  2. Blakely had been running around near the edge of the lake, touching the water only to jump back. She was an omega, a runt at that. However, she had always been an excited pup. Though most of the other pups didn't play with her, she still found fun. Looking up, brown eyes found the alpha pup. The girl was alone, her head on her paws and lonely. Blakely didn't want to see an alpha lonely, so she trotted up to the other pup, nudging her. She yipped before nudging her again. "Hi! Do you want to play?" She asked, tilting her head in curiosity.
  3. Maddie let out a yelp and fell off the rock. She poked her head up. Did that wolf just talk to her. "Sure. Who are you?" She questioned, tilting her head. She looked at the wolf. She must have been the same age but was much smaller. Maddie walked around her, snuffing at her and trying to figure out who her parents were. Her ears dropped back. She was...their child? And she wanted to play with Maddie?!

    "Come on!" She giggled and ran off across the water. She looked back, her tongue hanging out as she waited for the pup.
  4. "I'm Blakely!" The black pup ran after Maddie. She didn't notice the looks that the other wolves started to give them. Her parents, who were watching the pups as the rest of the pack went hunting, looked more than a little shocked as their smallest child ran after the alpha child. The pup quickly grabbed onto Maddie's tail, trying to use it to help her keep up with the bigger pup. Her own tail wagged in excitement. A friend! Blakely had a friend! She could jump around, but was too busy now playing with Maddie. The other pups watched for a little, waiting for the alpha to do something to the omega.
  5. Maddie yipping and spun onto her back, tackling the smaller pup. She licked her face and took off again, running into her mother. The Female Alpha leaned down to her daughter and whispered something. "So? She is fun!" Maddie giggled and the alpha nodded, walking off. Maddie yipped and tackled Blakely, sending both of them into the water. Maddie gurgled and paddled, swimming back to the side of the beach, looking back to make sure the pup made it too.
  6. Blakely quickly tried to bat Maddie's tickling tongue away as she squirmed underneath the alpha. Confusion filled the pup as she left, but soon the fun was back when she was sent into the water. Fear filled her for a split-second. The pup couldn't breathe. Everything was spinning. Finally her small snout popped out of the water, struggling to keep herself above as she pulled herself onto the beach, coughing out a bit of water. It was a surprise, but at least now she knew that the dark waters were a bad idea. Once she caught up with her new friend, she tried to tackle the larger pup and pull at her ear a little bit.
  7. Maddie grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, helping to pull her from the water. "Can't swim lil one?" She questioned before jumping down, her front down against the ground and her butt in the air. She wiggled her butt back and forth, wanting to play. A low growl escaped her before she pounced on her! She giggled as they rolled around. It was so fun to have a buddy!

    A low howl filled the air and Maddie's ears twitched. "That's my dad. It's bedtime." She let her ears drop. "Want to play tomorrow?"
  8. "I'm not little!" Blakely yipped as she shook out her fur. Rolling and wrestling was probably the most fun she had ever had. She was disappointed when her friend had to leave. Her own ears dropped as she whined. "I don't want you to leave..." She heard the own dad call for her and gave an almost sigh. At the question, the black wolf immediately perked up. "Yes! Let's play tomorrow!" She licked Maddie's face before dashing off to her parents, struggling with her siblings to try and get their mother's affections first. She was easily pushed aside, falling into the back of the group of six pups.
  9. Maddie couldn't sleep and decided to go get some water. She walked past the pack, her head down and a yawn consuming her. She looked over at the small pup, pushed out of her den. Maddie got some water, lapping at the lake. Wen she finished she padded over to Blakely, nudging her. 'You okay? Do you want to sleep in my den? There is plenty of room, I am the only pup." She looked at her friend. Maddie's fur was matted up on the side of her head where she had been sleeping. "Come on." She whispered and began to pad back to her den.
  10. Blakely blinked at Maddie, curious. "But, Daddy said I'm never suppose to go near the alpha den." She hesitated to follow her new friend, though she could try and crawl back into her own den, though she would be at the very back of the pile of wolves. The black wolf looked between her den and her new friend before deciding to follow Maddie. It couldn't hurt too check, right? She padded along after the black and white wolf, her tail waving in excitement.
  11. "He's my daddy, why wouldn't you be able to?" Maddie asked in curiousness. She didn't understand. She continued on to her den and hope the little pup followed her. She snuggled up in her mother's fur and let out a little yip to call the pup. "It's warm in here."
  12. Blakely hesitated before crawling into the den. She tried to curl up near Maddie, liking the warmth of her friend. She curled her head toward her belly, hoping that the alphas of her pack wouldn't hurt her. Her daddy was going to be so mad when he found out, but it was like playing with her friend, only warmer! She kept her tail in between her legs, trying to show completely obedience to the alphas.
  13. Kane, the alpha male and Maddie's father woke up first. He looked down at the wolf, sniffing it before realizing that it was another pup. He hugged and walked away. Maddie woke up to the noise and let out a whimper. He stopped and turned around, licking his pup's head. "Don't yell at her. I told her to come here. She got pushed out." Maddie looked at her father. He nodded before walking off again. Maddie snuggled up next to Blakely.
  14. Blakely woke up to the noise, blinking as she felt a lot warmer than she had in a while. She curled into what she assumed was her sibling's fur only to find that the scent was completely different. This made her feel disoriented so she quickly got up, her head moving to figure out just where she was and what she was doing there.
  15. "It's okay. It's me, Maddie. Remember?" Maddie smiled at her and nuzzled her. "Calm down. Come back to sleep." The pup laid down, closing her eyes. She was happy that her father hadn't freaked out. She wasn't so sure if her mom would be the same though. She peeked her head back at her mom and smiled, she was still asleep.

    "You came over here last night. You were tired."
  16. "Oh..." Blakely curled up against Maddie, scratching her nose with her paws. She looked up at Maddie, smiling. "Thank you for letting me sleep here... Though Mommy and Daddy are going to be made. I'm supposed to sleep with them, not your mommy and daddy." The black pup scrunched up her nose as she scratched it again, trying to get rid of the itchiness.
  17. "Don't worry. My daddy is nice. He will talk to yours. Are you thirsty?" Maddie got up and stretched. The sunlight began to stream in the den and Maddie let out a short howl. It sounded like her mother's but squeaky. "I hope I sound like Daddy one day." She said before a yawn consumed her. She started to walk over to the water, her paws lazily moving. She was still quite sleepy.
  18. Blakely looked over at Maddie in pure awe. She couldn't make a howl nearly as well as Maddie's. "I'm sure you'll sound better than your daddy!" She got up as well, padding after her friend. Despite not getting too much sleep, Blakely seemed lively and ready to help. If an outsider wolf saw the two, they would see more of an alpha and a beta rather than an alpha and omega. The black pup's tail wagged in excitement for the day.
  19. "Do you know where your daughter slept last night?" Kane looked up at the father of Blakely. The wolf looked around and then let his ears drop.

    "No." He said quietly.

    "She was in my den, with my pup. See to it she finds a spot to sleep in your den or give her to me." He huffed and took off.

    Maddie drank at the water, her thirst slowly going away. "Did you eat yet?" She asked the small pup.
  20. Abel, Blakely's father, kept his head down and tail in between his legs as Kane walked away. He immediately went looking for his pup so he could bring her back to the squirming group of other pups.

    Blakely shook her head when Maddie asked if she had eaten. "No. Not yet." She leaned down to lap at the water, quenching her own thirst.