Alpha and Loner

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  1. Kira bounded through the trees, her ears pricked up and her senses on full alert. She ran through the forest of West Transylvania, her white paws pounding the ground. She was running from a pack of humans who were following her with long pipe-like things, which made loud bangs.

    Kira was barely just three years old, but she had just lost her mate, her sister, and her fellow pack wolves in a horrible fight of which she was the only survivor. She wanted desperately to throw her head back and keen with grief for her lost comrades, but she knew that if she did that, it would be at her own folly.
  2. Quinn ran as fast as she could her claws digging into the dirt as she ran, her lungs heaving like a racehorse. She could hear the yells and whoops of the pack of humans behind her and only hoped she could keep up this pace as they fell away behind her. A shot whizzed past her head making Quinn yelp and duck slightly. She turned and bolted to the left as another shot rang out through the air. Quinns lungs heaved as she leapt down a river bank and turned to follow the shallow stream. She pricked her ears as she ran just in case they had circled around her to try and cut her off from escape.
  3. Kira ran on, until finally she collided with another furry creature. She fell to the ground under the impact of the collision, but the snowy white wolf was on her feet in an instant, growling softly at what she could now see was another female wolf, maybe just a bit younger than Kira herself.

    "Humans...coming.." She panted.
  4. Quinn let out a loud yelp and a snarl as a white blur bowled her over. She quickly jumped to her feet and bared her teeth. But she stopped and pricked her ears at the other she-wolf's words. "Yeah... me too." She said looking behind her. "This way." She said and climbed the steep river bank and took off hoping that the run through the water had thrown the humans off their scent. She ran alongside an old game trail that led deeper into the woods but farther away from the humans and their weapons. Soon the shouts were becoming more and more faint behind them.
  5. Kira followed the other she-wolf, her chest heaving for breath as her white paws pounded the ground. She had never been in this part of the woods before, it not being her turf, but she was left with no choice right now, but to go this way.

    Finally she spotted an old stone cave a few feet away, and she quickly trotted in, resting to a stop to sit on her haunches as she tried to catch her breath. She looked over at the other female, and quietly said, "Thank you."
  6. Quinn panted heavily as she came into the cave and crawled towards the back. She lay on the cool stone and tried to slow her breathing. She nodded to the other wolf then looked around. "I'm not really sure where we are but I don't think this is anyone's territory." She said sniffing the air to try and catch the scent of any other wolves. None were here but there was the smell of other animals. The walls were covered in odd paintings of things that looked like the humans and others that looked like natural animals that lived in the forest. There were old bowls and things in cracks toward the very back of the cave that had somehow been protectd from the weather.
  7. Kira looked around and nodded. "Yeah, I can smell some badger, but it's faint, so I'm guessing that it hasn't been used in a while." She lay down, and rested her head on her paws. Her body began to shake slightly as the emotion hit her, and she began to whine with her grief. "Ash...Addie...Karn..." She moaned the words of her pack, and most importantly her mate, who was now dead....

    She was grief-stricken as she lay there, and she didn't care that there was another she-wolf watching her. All she cared about was the family that she had left behind.
  8. Quinn pinned her ears as she heard the other wolf begin to cry. "Are you alright?" she asked softly as she stepped closer and lowering her head slightly. She paused when she heard the names. "I guess the humans took your pack?" She asked softly and lay at the white wolf's side. A soft breeze blew past the front of the cave and brought with it a very faint howl. Quinn glanced at this briefly then looked back to the other she-wolf again.
  9. "Y-yeah." Kira sniffled, her head still lying sadly on her paws. "They just came and started using those rifles, and my mate was killed, along with everyone else in the pack. Ash told me to run, which I did, but if I had stayed, they might have lived, because I might have been able to save them..." She whined softly, and looked up at the other wolf. "I'm Kira of the Kolmarden Forests."
  10. "I'm so sorry to hear that." She said and licked the top of Kira's head. "I'm not sure there is much you could have done they are much more powerful than us." She said softly. "My name is Quinn and I'm from... Wherever I am at the time." She said and sighed. "I left my pack not to recently and then this happened. I'm not sure if they are safe or gone." She said laying her head on her paws.
  11. "I just want my pack - my family - back." Kira said softly, and sighed. "I was the Alpha female, but I felt more like a mother." It felt disturbing to be without that feeling of family any more, and she didn't like it. "Why did you leave your pack?"
  12. "I understand." Quinn nodded. "I left because the pack fought amongst itself and my parents were always ganging up on me." she said and turned her head. "You will find a new pack some day." She said and wagged slightly. "And so shall I." She said looking to the cave walls.
  13. "You will find a new pack some day. And so shall I." Kira heard the she-wolf speak, and she nodded. "Yeah - and until then, I am going to stick beside you. There's strength in numbers, and I think I could help you to hunt because I have quite a good sense of smell. I understand though if you'd rather be alone."
  14. "Yeah someday." she said. "I don't mind the company, two sets of eyes and ears is better than just one." She said. Quinn lifted her head as a faint howling reached her ears again. "Maybe we are close to another packs territory. I wasn't aware of anyone living out here. Usually my parents were pretty sure of where all the nearby packs are." She said cocking her head slightly. "Either way we should probably be careful." She said before laying her head on her paws.
  15. "I agree." Kira nodded, and she curled up on the floor of the small cave near the entrance. "I'll keep watch while you can sleep now if you want." She glanced at the other she-wolf.
  16. "After that I won't sleep for days." She said. " But thanks anyways." Quinn said as she looked out of the cave entrance as a breeze blew past and rattled the leaves around.
  17. Kira lay on her back, and stared up at the roof of the stone cave. "I've never been this alone before." She whispered to herself, rolling onto her belly again. "I've always had my family around me."
  18. "I've had my family, but for all accounts most would think I was a loner as little as I stay with my pack. Now I really am a loner." She said and stretched, her spine popping in a few places but she was used to that now.
  19. "Well, we can be loners together?" Kira suggested softly - she really had no idea how to be alone, and she needed someone else to protect and watch over, otherwise her life had absolutely no meaning. Suddenly she caught the scent of another wolf nearby, and she was up immediately, hackles raised warningly.
  20. "That could work." Quinn said lifting her ears slightly as a faint smile played across her lips. She flinched and stood as Kira bristled at the door. She pinned her ears and sniffed the air to catch the scent of a strange wolf. Quinn knew they would either have to fight or leave if this was another packs territory. "Perhaps seeming so fierce is not a good idea; especially if he is not alone." She said softly and tried to seem friendly as the wolf's footsteps came towards the entrance.