Alore: Innocence Lost

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  1. Hey hey, I've started a roleplay based off an idea that I've had for many years. It's fantasy based and there is a certain degree of magic. I've already got some basic rules, but I'd like to see what you guys think. Do you have any ideas to make them more in depth?

    Any can learn to use simple magic, but each race has a facet that only they can tap into. Mixed races of the first generation can tap into both race's magic, but as their blood becomes diluted (further generations) they lose touch with either magic. Magic uses either energy from around the caster or it uses the caster's energy. If too much is used then it can potentially kill the caster or it can kill the land around the caster.

    Keri- Charms and hexes- Keri are well known for their trinkets which they often charm or hex.

    Minotaurs- Battle magic- Before battle minotaurs use a ritual mock fight to raise adrenaline and their aura. This helps in battle as it provides an immunity to pain, fatigue, and blood loss. Their aura also can confuse, tire, and intimidate their enemy.

    Elves- Song- Elves generally only use their magic to create, rarely will they use it for battle. They can speak to nature in soft tones to guide it in a way that they want. Singing increases the rate exponentially. Usually when they sing or speak they are asking for help from the earth.

    Dragons- Elemental- Dragons use their words to call storms, cause earthquakes, make the rivers flood their banks, and enrage even the smallest flame.

    Humans- Alchemy- As long as they have the ingredients and the will they can make pretty much anything.

    Centaurs don't feel the need for more than simple magic. Their potential is unclear.

    Zearocks- Mental-Zearocks are capable of entering another's mind. Inside they can cause a considerable amount of mental damage, but cannot cause physical damage. Nor can they control the person or sense what they sense. To enter another's mind they also have to let down their own mental wards, leaving them open to attack.

    Simple magic- telepathy- the ability to project your thoughts and pick up on other's projected thoughts, this can travel across great distances if the bond between two people is strong. However two or more must have met before they can speak telepathically.

    Preservation- preserves the current state of an object, can also be used on the dead, but not the living.
    Ruin- opposite of preservation, increase the decay of an object exponentially. Can be used on the dead, but not the living.

    Warding- a ward upon a mind protects it from mental attacks, but can only handle so much battering. There are other types of warding as well. A physical ward can protect the user from minor magics, hexes, or some attacks. A sensory ward can render a person without all of their sense. Can also be cast to keep others from spying or eavesdropping.

    Flame- Cast a small flame, think about the size of a lighter.

    Find water- Allows the caster to locate a body of water.
  2. Hmm seems interesting. I'll have to see what other people say before I fully commit though.
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