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  1. Hey guys, I've had this idea for quite a few years, but I'm not really sure if I want to write it out. So I thought, why not make it into a roleplay so I can at least stop hording it. A fair warning now, my idea is pretty long. The plot is about a war that takes course over 3000 years. There will be a lot of mature themes though it will be kept within reason.

    Now a days there are too many divine beings to count, but in the beginning there was only one. Durash (Due-rah-sh) was the embodiment of all living things and favored none of them. He was both our father and our mother. Our teacher and our warden. He shaped the world in which we live in the likes of his home. But he did not touch us. Rather he let us grow ourselves.

    Into this new world he bore six children. The first was Sidra. He took closely after Durash for he yearned to travel and learn. To follow our father’s stories into the stars themselves. And he did.

    Tielenth was Durash’s second child. She chose a different path from Sidra. Durash’s stories inspired her in a different way and she began to look towards not the stars, but the skies. She found freedom amongst the clouds and the high mountains.

    Almon was the third and he found his peace deep in the forests. He prefered to listen to the stories that the trees told over Durash’s grand tales.

    Sigurd was the fourth and she reveled in his tales of battle and honor. She begged Durash to teach her the way of battle and he obliged.

    Deja was the fifth. From Durash she learned to take new forms mimicking the beasts that lived in forest, planes, sky, and water.

    The six children of Durash were the parents of the six main races. Sidra fathered the Travelers (they won't come up much I don't think), Tielenth mothered the dragons, Almon the elves, Sigurd the minotaurs, Deja the Keri, and Dagon the humans. The Six, being direct descendants of Durash, were long lived, but are now mostly dead. Their own descendants of course have shorter life spans. From the six different races other races were born.

    From the Travelers came the Zearocks (I'm still working them out exactly), from the elves came the fey, the minotaurs and keri together had the kerof, rarnok, merfolk, and the centaurs. There are other more minor races, but there are too many too list. I was going off actual mythical creatures for the more minor races.

    Rundown of the major races:

    • [BCOLOR=transparent]The Travelers- Ancient and wise beings that travel through space and time gathering knowledge of everything. They have no material desire and generally prefer to keep out of human and Kin affairs.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Dragons- Much like the Travelers dragons as a race prefer to keep to themselves. As a race their rather secretive and difficult to find as the live high in the mountains where most cannot reach.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Elves- A proud race that thrives in the forests. They can speak to the trees and grow them into different forms. They sing to accelerate the growth. Their home city, sung into a giant ass tree, is Jastel.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Minotaurs- An aggressive and honor driven race. They look like a typical minotaur, but there is a mix of bulls, rams, and stags. They don't have any cities, instead they have nomadic tribes.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Keri (Beastmen)- Keri can walk on two legs or four, some prefer one over the other while others use both equally. The take after larger predatory beasts, dire wolves, big cats, bears, and hyenas. They are similar to minotaurs in that they travel in nomadic tribes, but unlike minotaurs they do have small cities. These cities are primarily centers for trade and political discussions that affect two or more of the tribes.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Humans- Humans are extremely clever and like the Travelers they have a thirst for knowledge. Humans, however, also have a desire to expand and move forward. Their technology is more advanced than the other races though could still be considered outdated by modern standards. They would probably have technology closer to the steampunk genre.[/BCOLOR]

    Rundown of the minor races:
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Zearocks- I'll give you what I have of them so far, I'm open to suggestions for any of the races =3- Zearocks are not bound by the physical flesh. They are creatures of essence, or spirit, and can move from body to body as the previous dies. This effectively makes them immortal as all of their past experiences are retained. However there is a method of "killing" their essence. Zearocks are few in number as they were brought into this world to more or less be moderators between the races.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Fey- The term fey is used to describe a group of like creatures. I'm sure you know of fairies and sprites, satyrs and fauns and the like.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Kerof (werebeasts)- Kerof retain similar forms of the keri, but have different phases, similar to Deja. There are four different forms a kerof can take,[/BCOLOR]
      • [BCOLOR=transparent]Valesh- bipedal form- In this form they look relatively human. All senses in this form are dulled.[/BCOLOR]
      • [BCOLOR=transparent]Var- bipedal form/quadurpedal- When in this form they look relatively like a keri but are stronger, faster, and more aggressive. Their senses are still dulled.[/BCOLOR]
      • [BCOLOR=transparent]Kerof- bipedal/quadurpedal- Kerofs were named by the Kin for this form because it reflects who they really are. Warriors. In their kerof form a Kerof is very aggressive and territorial. This is also their strongest form though their senses are not as sharp as in their Juran form. This form is similar to their Var form, but is more animalistic. Fur covers their entire body evenly and is as the same length as in their Var form. When standing on their hind legs a Kerof can reach up between 7 and 9 ft tall from the top of their head to the ground. When on all fours they may be mistaken for a shaggy cow. And despite the muzzle they can still form somewhat intelligible words.[/BCOLOR]
      • [BCOLOR=transparent]Juran- quadurpedal- The Juran form is their animal form. Though still large, standing 6 ft at the most at the shoulder, they look like your everyday beast. In this form their senses are sharpest but speech is impossible.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]In all forms a kerof retains his intelligence and reason though in the heat of the chase they can be lost to their predator instinct.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Rarnok- Vampires- Rarnok resemble what you think of when you think vampire. They're aristocratic, detest the sun, and have a thirst for blood. Rarnoks are the masters of manipulation as they can push and pull on your emotions and make themselves appear as someone you would fully trust. When it comes to sunlight they can only tolerate so much. After the first few hours they will get a severe sunburn. Within an hour after they smolder into ash. When it comes to blood they do not particularly care who they take it from, so long as it is fresh. More often than not a rarnok family will hire servants and blood bearers to feed from as well as take care of their manors and live in their cities.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Merfolk- Typical mermaid though they take after every fish you can think of. When they come onto land they can take on a bipedal form for a period of 24 hours before they must return to the water or become fatally ill.[/BCOLOR]
    • [BCOLOR=transparent]Centaurs- Typical centaurs [/BCOLOR]

    Dagon was the youngest and unlike his brothers and sisters he was determined to not settle for any one thing. When he asked to be taught everything Durash could possibly teach him, he was denied. Durash told Dagon that if he wished to know everything there was to know then he would have to learn for himself. However if he wished for a place to begin then Durash would teach him a single thing. Dagon thought it over and finally asked for Durash to teach him how to become ageless.

    Again Durash denied the request. He told Dagon that agelessness was not a thing that could be taught, but that it was something achieved. Frustrated, Dagon asked what Durash could teach him and Durash replied with: patience. It was not what Dagon wanted to hear so he sought out Sidra. Sidra simply said that knowledge freely given was like a sword wielded by a child and so he would not teach Dagon everything he knew.

    Growing more frustrated he sought out Tielenth, but could not find her. When he tried to speak with Almon he was sent away. Sigurd laughed when he asked her to spar with him, saying that he couldn’t possibly keep up. Deja only said she didn’t know how to teach him her form. It came to her like breathing.

    Dagon became furious. He felt cheated and shunned. He accused Durash of playing favorites amongst his elder siblings. He cursed his siblings for turning against him. In his rage he declared that he would bring an end to them. His youth did not make him inferior to them. And so Dagon left across the sea to new lands that had yet to be explored. He fathered many children and his nation grew.

    Moving from Durash’s side the remaining five began settling down. And so we grew. We spread across the world and made a place for ourselves. When we met the children of Dagon the promises and threats he had made were forgotten. We mingled and soon no single place belonged to one race. We were at peace.

    In the cities of Dagon a new order rose up. They referred to themselves as the Red Cloaks in accordance to the teachings of their father, Dagon. They brought forth his forgotten words and taught how they had been done great injustice at our hands. Tension sparked and grew into a small flame. The children of Dagon withdrew to their country, forcing us to leave.

    Talk has sprung up of new alliances being made. War is being whispered and many have already begun preparing. The Council has called for the Kin to gather, something that hasn’t happen on such a grand scale before. A dreadful anticipation is looming over us all. A storm is coming.
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  2. Part 2

    Magic (because this is something that really does need to be sorted out and I am open to discussion concerning it)

    Any can learn to use simple magic, but each race has a facet that only they can tap into. Mixed races of the first generation can tap into both race's magic, but as their blood becomes diluted (further generations) they lose touch with either magic. Magic uses either energy from around the caster or it uses the caster's energy. If too much is used then it can potentially kill the caster or it can kill the land around the caster.

    Keri- Charms and hexes- Keri are well known for their trinkets which they often charm or hex.

    Minotaurs- Battle magic- Before battle minotaurs use a ritual mock fight to raise adrenaline and their aura. This helps in battle as it provides an immunity to pain, fatigue, and blood loss. Their aura also can confuse, tire, and intimidate their enemy.

    Elves- Song- Elves generally only use their magic to create, rarely will they use it for battle. They can speak to nature in soft tones to guide it in a way that they want. Singing increases the rate exponentially. Usually when they sing or speak they are asking for help from the earth.

    Dragons- Elemental- Dragons use their words to call storms, cause earthquakes, make the rivers flood their banks, and enrage even the smallest flame.

    Humans- Alchemy- As long as they have the ingredients and the will they can make pretty much anything.

    Centaurs don't feel the need for more than simple magic. Their potential is unclear.

    Zearocks- Mental-Zearocks are capable of entering another's mind. Inside they can cause a considerable amount of mental damage, but cannot cause physical damage. Nor can they control the person or sense what they sense. To enter another's mind they also have to let down their own mental wards, leaving them open to attack.

    Simple magic- telepathy- the ability to project your thoughts and pick up on other's projected thoughts, this can travel across great distances if the bond between two people is strong. However two or more must have met before they can speak telepathically.

    Preservation- preserves the current state of an object, can also be used on the dead, but not the living.
    Ruin- opposite of preservation, increase the decay of an object exponentially. Can be used on the dead, but not the living.

    Warding- a ward upon a mind protects it from mental attacks, but can only handle so much battering. There are other types of warding as well. A physical ward can protect the user from minor magics, hexes, or some attacks. A sensory ward can render a person without all of their sense. Can also be cast to keep others from spying or eavesdropping.

    Flame- Cast a small flame, think about the size of a lighter.

    Find water- Allows the caster to locate a body of water.

    • Literate grammar. You don't have to be perfect, I'm a writer and I'm not perfect. Though I would prefer if you at least try.
    • At least 1 paragraph. My own post length will vary, but I will always do my best to give you something to work with. I only ask that you do the same.
    • Help move the story along. Seriously, I've rped with people who only responded to what I had put down.
    • Try to keep up with replies. I understand life, my own work schedule changes weekly. If something comes up or you get writer's block let me know and I'll give you the same courtesy.
    • If you lose interest or can't continue roleplaying, don't be afraid to tell me. I promise I don't bite.
    • Also don't be a prick. We're all here to have fun and write a story together.
    If you're interested let me know, I was thinking of keeping the group kinda small, 3-4 players, only because I'm new to group post by post roleplays. Everything is open for discussion. I have thought a lot about the story, but it's mostly jumbled and in no real order so I'm really just giving the basics. And like I said, I don't bite.
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  3. Hi Hi

    This is really interesting. I do have a few questions though. I believe we are allowed any of the races you set forth, right? Is there a specific Character Skeleton you had in mind or can I just make one I see fit? Do you have a certain starting point in mind? Will all characters be in one group, fighting the same cause or will we be stretched out, some villains and some heroes (in the general sense of things)? Since you said the humans use steampunk-esque technology I guess that could include airships and the like as well, or do you prefer smaller scale? Also, if there are wilds, the creatures in them can be general fantasy beings as well, yes? Like goblins or giant creepy crawlies or things like that?
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  4. Yes, I am also open to new races that fit within a fantasy setting. The ones listed above simply are the most prominent and of course there's nothing saying that you can't have a cross breed, though if you do cross-breed I'd suggest choosing one race or the other for you character to take after. Not all the races are set on keeping a pure bloodline, but at the same time I'd say try to not go too crazy:dizzy: I don't have any character sheets in mind so you are more than welcome to put together your own. I do, however, ask for a back story for your character so their transition into the story will be more seamless.

    I was thinking of leaving it up to the player if they wanted to be part of a group or a 1x1. Either way I plan to have multiple stories (same setting) going at once that affect one another, to give it more of a realistic feel. The effect I'm hoping for is that of a real war where not everything is within your control.

    Human technology will advance throughout the course of the war. It will never advance so far that they reach our level of technology, but blimps aren't out of their reach. When it comes to techonology and knowledge humanity is supieror. Over the course of the war there is little they won't do to gain an edge. And yes, goblins and creepy crawlies are definitely a thing. I will also be adding some of my own creatures as the story progresses.

    As far as a starting point goes it will change depending on where you would like to start. But I do have a basic story starter.

    At first it all starts with the eviction of the Kin from the human country, Darool. During this period people have gone missing, mostly Kin and mostly ones who won't be missed. It's not until two zearocks go missing that questions are asked. Of course the Redcloaks (representing the human race as it's governing body) deny any knowledge or involvement in the matter.
    A group of Kin, lead by the zearocks' daughter, who was there the night her parent's were taken, capture and hold a merchant caravan carrying essential supplies back into Darool. They demand truth from the Redcloaks, but are only met with threats of violence and dismal. The death of the caravan is what finally sparks the war.

    Also because there are no true immortals that can be played (for story reasons and because they'd be incredibly over-powered) Once your character dies you can create a new character in the same area or a new area of the story. Again for story reasons I'm going to say that you can't go back in time with a new character. It's all linear.
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  5. I got very excited as I read your lore. It's always more fun to be a part of a story someone has fleshed out, and nice to see that you care so much about this world you're creating. Please count me in, once I get home (and access to a computer) I'll see about making a character sheet.

    I look forward to writing with you!
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  6. First off that was a wonderful plot write up :D I love detailed RP's that give me lots to work with and this is definitely one of those few ^^

    I do have a few questions though mainly concerning the Travelers race. Are we able to make a Traveler character or are they one of the over powered few you were referring to that we couldn't use? ^^" If we are able to use them then cross breeding with other races is acceptable for them right?

    As a little side note, you can count me in! ^^
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