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  1. The rain trickled down lightly on the cars and sidewalk on this sad and lonely Saturday night as the young girl ran. It wasn't easy being homeless, especially when your running from cops.
    Freezing water splashed in her shoes as she kept running, the cold hurt but it wasn't enough to make her stop.
    The police sirens grew louder, she had to think of something quick before she was screwed. Then, right in front of her she saw the answer. Rows and rows of cars were parked outside a cafe called "The Souffle." She looked up at the sky, silently thanking God and ran inside the building.
    This particular cafe' was packed. This was a good thing, if there was more people then they were less likely to notice a homeless girl running from cops. She tried her best to casually walk into the girls bathroom, halfway there she found out she didn't need to. People were too busy chatting with others, not having a care in the world. God did she envy them. With a sigh, she opened the bathroom door and closed it, locking it behind her.
    She dug through her pockets and found some squished up pizza she stole. Her mouth was watering so bad she didn't care if it was gross, she was so hungry. As she gorged it down there was a knock on the door. "What?" the girl snapped.
    The muffled voice behind the door asked if she was done yet and the girl rolled her eyes. "Hang on a minute" she said then took one look in the mirror. She was beautiful, but sometimes beauty has a price to pay...especially when your father was interested in you. Her hair was chopped off and short, she had no choice, she didn't have a brush. However it was once beautiful and black. Her eyes were a light green and her lips were full and beautiful. She had an average body but grew skinnier over time. Four's been four months since her father raped and beat her...four months. Her mother thought she was a whore and told all of her family members....four months of struggling. She wanted to break down and cry, but there was no time for that...she needed to find a place to sleep tonight.
    She walked out ignoring the rude girl that pushed her aside to go to the bathroom and sat down alone at a table. She sat there looking at her warn out gloves. A woman came up to her and asked her for her order, she ordered...she wasn't going to pay the bill of course. She was going to run again like always. Running was how she survived. 52613e6268b33b148b3736710fd0f59e.jpg
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    A teen boy, one whom had just arrived at the Cafe, it was his first time alone since he had moved out of his house as he had turned 18 and his parents told him he needed to "fend for himself" by now... He had a decent job, but since it was the weekend, he had a few days off, something he had come to enjoy. The sound of the bathroom door opening caught his attention, despite the noise in the Cafe that almost drowned it out and he watched as a young girl, perhaps around his age, soaking wet, and she looked a little like she had been crying... He watched with curiousity as she ordered her meal, and decided it would be worth his while to talk to her, getting closer he saw that the clothes and gloves she wore weren't in the best condition, though despite all that she admittedly looked quite cute to say the least. Though he tried not to let that last thought get the better of him as he approached her a little hesitantly. "Hey" He spoke to her, just about loud enough to be heard above the noisy Cafe, it's one of the qualities he didn't like as much about The Souffle, it was a little too popular...
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    Valerie sighed in exasperation as she searched for something to eat in the menu. She couldn't think straight since what happened earlier. She messed up, and badly. She was lucky that her boss let her get away with only a warning. She reached for where she kept her badge, feeling its texture from under the jacket. She kept it on the spot that was usual for agents to wear it, together with the belt. Finally, she only orded a coffee.

    Suddenly, she heard the noise of sirens, police sirens to be exact and the girl that seemed to be in a hurry to the bathroom. Narrowing her eyes, she kept her eyes locked on the bathroom door, not even looking at the waiter that put her coffee on the table. When the bathroom door opened again, the girl left, she noticed how red the girl's eyes seemed to be, but made no comment. Tooking a sip from her coffee, she saw a boy approaching that girl. Fortunately, she had good view of them from where she was sitting. Valerie made a note of how the girl's clothes seemed to be old and battled. For some reason, she didn't have a good feeling about this, her cop instinct was telling her to go interrogate that girl right now, but something else was making her stay put.

    Anyway, she took a sip from her coffee and picked up her iphone, pretending to be entertained with it as she watched the couple.
  4. "Umm...hi" the homeless girl said without looking up at him, " names Pheobe" she stated hesitantly. It's been so long since she talked to anyone at all. She kept staring at her gloves, so much has changed since she left her parents...they never taught her anything. She dosent even have her social security card, birth certificate or records of insurance. Her parents kept them from her, Which was illegal but she was still to afraid to go back there and hated herself for it. Pheobe sighed and glanced up at the boy, then she looked again and blushed. He was very handsome. She then heard some giggling. She turned her head to see two girls smiling at him and waving, the girls seem to be flirting with him...figures.
    "You must be at the wrong table" she found her voice shaking, what was wrong with her?
    She then saw 3 men come into the bar, all wearing red. "Shit" she muttered and got up quickly. It was three members of a former gang she used to work with. "I'm sorry...but I have to go" she says and walks out fast. As she was walking out one of the men noticed her and elbowed the other guy in the ribs. They all followed her out giving anyone who was watching a bad feeling on what they might do to her.
    "Where you going baby? We're gonna have a party!" One of the fat pigs called out. She knew what that meant. Fear struck her heart as she started to run. The men laughed, "we got a runner" they said as they chased after her.
    She was running again, she figured she was going to cut them off at an old alleyway she used to pass through when suddenly there was gunfire. One of them must of had a gun. She ran faster, trying not to panick, the adrenaline rushing through her.
    For what felt like forever she ran until her legs gave out on her. She skidded behind a dumpster and ducked. Her rapid breaths were filling the alleyway. She lost them...for now.
    She felt warmth on the side of her stomach. "What the-?" she said and looked down, she had been shot. She held her wound. She needed fire and a metal pipe to stop the wound, but first she had to take the bullet out. She yanked her glove off and shoved it in her mouth then removed her heavy jacket. She wore warn out jeans and a dirty white t-shirt that now was covered with blood. She stuck her finger in the bullet wound to remove it. Muffled screams were heard through out the alley. Kicking and sweating she pulled the bullet out. Her face was so pale. She held the wound closed with her hand she slowly got up and kept walking.
  5. Phoebe... So that's what her name is, he needed to find out more, but before he could linger on that too much a few girls giggled behind him "Oh great, forgot to put my hood on." He thought, realizing his mistake almost immediately, he preferred that he wasn't noticed by other too often since his looks attracted far too much attention for his liking. Not surprisingly, Phoebe was inclined to believe that he was at the wrong table, the teen was about to clear things up when suddenly 3 men came in, they were wearing red, perhaps part of some sort of gang? In either case Pheobe looked quite worried, and quickly left, he put on his hood chasing after her as fast as he could wondering if he could take on her 3 persuers... Slowly but surely he was catching up to them, and that was when he saw one of them pull out a gun and fire at her... Worried for her safety he quickly ducked behind an alley and found a loose metal bar on the ground, it was rusty but sturdy enough to be a weapon, running out towards the 3 men again, he managed to sneak behind the one wielding a gun, his footsteps masked by his still going volley of gunfire... He should be running out of ammunition soon, he clubbed the gun wielding man on the back of his head, knocking him out cold, and retrieved his gun. Which he fired twice at the other two men, making sure to miss them; he'd prefer it if he didn't kill them, especially if they were gangmembers. Dropping now empty gun he continued to run as the other two men were distracted by the gunfire that seemed to have come from behind them and eventually came to an trail of blood which he followed until it seemed to become dots when it swerved behind the dumpster. Presumably where Pheobe had found a way to at least slow the bleeding before continueing on. It was much harder to spot the blood onthe floor now that it had become drops, but he continued forwards even after the trail had ended, until he spotted a figure walking down the road, holding it's side. "It must be her..." He thought to himself still trying to run even though his legs were tired, he was alot slower now but he couldn't stop yet...
  6. Pheobe ended up finding a metal pipe and a fire that hobos shared. She then stuck the metal under fire until it was a red orange color and sat down behind an abandoned building. She then placed the hot metal against her skin, closing up the wound. Her screams of pain and agony were heard across the streets. She heard someone coming towards her and she just sat there...she was too weak to fight. She saw that it was the guy from the bar, shit she didn't want him to see her like this. She closed her eyes and breathed. There was no way she could move...not now.
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  7. Hearing the scream the teen began running towards it, his legs were starting to burn which he ignored still forcing himself to run until the feeling became unbearable, by then he had reached an large abandoned building and was breathing hard; by the looks of it, there was once a pharmacy here... Searching behind it he found Pheobe, she was quite clearly wounded, and had seared the injury shut with a hot metal pipe. "Hey... Do you... Need any help... With that?" he said still breathing hard from the ordeal.
  8. "Help? I've already done it..." she was becoming dizzy. Fighting it off she looked at him, "you shouldn't be's not a place for people like you" she said taking a deep breath. "You need..." she began but her head was swimming. She couldn't black out not in front of him, the hospital would contact her abusive dad. "D...don't send me to a hospital" she said then she blacked out, her limp body laying next to him.
  9. He sighed, knowing it probably wouldn't be the best idea to send her to a hospital... But he couldn't leave her alone, knowing the 3 men were probably following her trail of blood right now, he picked her up gently and began stumbling towards his apartment slowly but surely making it there after a few hours of walking. He headed to the back since the front would be filled with people, taking the stairway to the 2nd floor since he knew using the elevator increases the odds of running into someone. Finally making it to his apartment, the door number reading 204, he reached in his pocket for his keychain with one hand, slinging Pheobe over his shoulder for the moment to make it easier for him, and eventually found it, with one key; the key to his apartment being the only thing that was on there. Quickly unlocking the door, he put away his keys and used both hands to carry Pheobe once more, gently setting her down on his soft red couch, sticking a pillow under her head to make her more comfortable... He went over to lock the door, sitting down in armchair next to the couch with a sigh, he needed rest himself, all the runnning had left him quite worn out...
  10. Pheobe woke up in a strange apartment room. Thinking it might be one of the gang members she picked up the nearest object to use as a weapon. Walking through the rooms she noticed the place was nice. She saw the bedroom door and slowly opened it. She heard the shower running and she opened the door slowly. It was the guy from the bar again. She blushed and he noticed she was in the bathroom. "Uhh Uhh sorry! I thought you were a gang member! " she said quickly and slammed the door shut completely mortified. She looked at her shirt, soaked with blood then her worn out jeans. "Great" she growled "smelling like blood along with dirt and sweat makes it all better" she says then starts walking around the apartment. The place was small but nice, she loved small apartments they were always so cozy to her. She ran her fingers along the stove smiling, then the cabinets. She missed being under a roof badly. She took her hand away, of the boy came she wouldn't want him to think she was stealing.
  11. The teen was quite startled when Pheobe walked into the bathroom while he was taking a shower, feeling his face grow hot as he began to blush a little. After she apologized and stepped out slamming the door shut, he realized she was referring to those men back there when she mentioned gang members... Finishing his shower he stepped out and wiped himself off with a towel before putting on his clothes again, and stepping out of his bedroom. He noticed Pheobe was walking around the apartment, with a slightly happier look on her face, but he couldn't help glancing at the blood on her shirt. "You could use my shower if you'd like to." He told Pheobe kindly "I have some spare clothes that you could change into if you want, though they may be a little... Big." He offered a little awkwardly, he figured he'd go buy her a proper change of clothes tomorrow.
  12. She looked over at him "really? You don't mind?" she asked. Before he could answer she ran into the bathroom and took her clothes off. She started the shower as she looked at her wound. It was black in the middle and red all around the area. She sighed and took a shower. Observing his many different soaps she chose one. Rubbing it all over her body she chose a shampoo and rubbed it on her hair. So much grease and dirt went down the drain.
  13. He waited for her, sitting down in the armchair again, he remembered she was injured, and since she had evidently seared the injury shut... The wound might be infected, his medicine cabinet had some disinfectant thankfully, but if things get worse, he's gonna have to stop by the pharmacy too...
  14. As she got out of the shower she noticed some clothes on the towel rack. She put the baggy clothes on and got embarrassed when she left the bathroom filthy. She slowly cleaned it up, not having any idea that her wound was infected. She walked out and smiled, then ran to him and hugged him. "Thank you" she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
  15. His face flushed a deep shade of red this time, it wasn't very common that someone kissed him on the cheek like that. "Er... How's your wound doing?" He asked her, remembering what he had been thinking about.
  16. Pheobe pulled up her shirt, it was infected pretty badly. "I don't think it's suppose to be that red" she stated.
  17. The infection looked quite bad, but it should still be treatable with that disinfectant he had in his medicine cabinet... "Wait right here, I think I've got some disinfectant for that..." He told her before he headed into the bathroom searching through his medicine cabinet for the bottle, he regretted stocking up on so many...
  18. Pheobe looked around as her new friend searched in the bathroom. She looked at her feet and wiggled her toes. She hasn't seen her feet in a while, always wearing her shoes made her feet all red and irritated. The couch was so soft, so nice. Pheobe slowly closed her eyes she felt as if she was home, she knew it wasn't perminate though. So why can't she enjoy it while she can? She curled up with a pillow getting all snuggled in.
  19. Finding some disinfectant after a while, he grabbed the bottle along with some cotton swabs walking back to where Pheobe was. "Just warning you right now, this may sting." He said, wetting one of the cotton swabs he was holding onto with the disinfectant and wiping the bullet wound gently, being carefull not to push too hard. Something told him that he had forgotten to do something... And after a moment it came to him "Oh! Sorry I haven't told you before but... My name's Florenzo." Saying the name made him realize how strange it sounded, but it was his name nonetheless.
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  20. "Thanks Florenzo" she smiled, "you have a nice place," she says. "Four months ago...I was raped and beaten by my father..." she looked so sad when she started talking about this. "My mother didn't believe me...she called me a slut..." she said. "So I ran away..." she sighed. "I've been stealing food to survive..."
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