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    Mhm... Hey... Everyone. My name's Thomaz, I'm 24 years old, and I was born and raised, and currently live in Brazil, of all places. Anyhow, feel free to just call me "Thomaz", or "Tom", for short. I... I don't think I have a preferred setting, but, yeah, at least for this one roleplay, I really do want a deep plot-- around, well--- romance, obviously. Something that me and my partner will get as immersed as possible in, something..."Splice-of-life" styled, ya' know? With... Well, your fair amount of... "Tragedy", I guess it's the word, and "sadness" in general, that I'm expecting to portrait well in, you know, the whole "deep immersion" idea. You'll probably get that once you've read the character description. If you even go that far, that is.
    And well, yes, I do plan this to be a... "Bucket of tears", as the tag on the creation of this post lovely depict. So... Expect tragedies, depressing poetry, classical music, and, well, a lot of feelings that may or may match the ones... I really feel, whenever that matters or not. Probably not. Yeah, it doesn't. Nevermind then. Next up:


    As a role-player, I've done many genres before: Action, romance, adventure, you've mentioned it, I've done it. I'm not an expert, though, by ab-so-lu-te-ly no means. Now, if I had to choose a "favorite" or just one that I like the most, I'd have to stick to romance. There are very, very few experiences as "soul-touching", as I like to say it, as of when you find a good partner to roleplay romance with. I've done it before and... It's... Indescribably good. And... In my opinion, "libertine", or more "erotic scenes" come side-to-side with the confidence in one another, just like in a real relationship, I'd imagine. Though, if my partner enjoys them, I'm not that type that'll refuse it, but I usually don't like focusing on them too too much. Specially with this character I'm planning on using.

    So, yeah, I guess that's pretty much all there is to it. I'm all up for discussing possible "how-do-our-characters-meet" ideas, and stuff like that, so, I guess, if this interests you at all, just post whatever where, and we can discuss details through PMs, maybe? And also, yeah, as the title suggests, I am looking for a female partner... And... Er... I really don't mean to sound discriminating, but... How do I phrase this politely? I'd prefer if the "roleplayer" itself was a female, a girl. I know I shouldn't care for these types of details, I really do know that... But... It's just my person preference. Sorry if I offended anyone with that, I'm really sorry. I mean, my character, and myself, that mattering or not, are heterosexuals, so, you know... Yeah...
    And, being honest to God here, I'm not expecting even one reply on this, I don't think I'd find this interesting at all if I was a girl myself... But who knows, it might just be worth a try.

    So, yep. TL;DR: "Splice-of-life", "bucket of tears", romance, female partner, open for libertine, though that won't be the focus of the RP by no means whatsoever, anime-styled physics and scenery, possible involvement with music and poetry... And... And... Yeah... Yep, that's it. Sums it up pretty good. So yeah, thanks for reading for all my nonsense.



    Name: Christopher Goldman.
    Age: 24, almost 25.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Nationality: English, born and raised in London.
    Description: Christopher doesn't differ much from your stereotypical "shy guy". He's very reserved, has few-to-no friends, enjoys reading, and absolutely adores music. His passion for the sound of a grand piano is his most valuable, and "ethereal" characteristic, per say. As of a "side-effect" of being so reserved, rumors do tend to be created about him. Mostly about the lost of his parents... And the "recent" lost of his significant other, Rachel White. His somewhat "eerie" walks at night might have helped the rumors too, though, those he reports to just be the simplest way of "taking his mind off of things" he was able to find. As I mentioned, his girlfriend, and so-they-said, his future wife, died, in a horrid, horrid car accident. Since then, and --to be expected, really-- he changed. Before the incident he was quite the generic, rich-but-nice everyday guy, smiling whenever he could, watering the flowers in the garden, which Rachel had planted, in fact, walking the dog, and the like. After the incident, though, he became extremely lonely. He avoided every single type of company provided to him, he despised it, every attempt, he despised it. And only then the walk at night began. No one knows where he goes, but it's far. Even with his "decent" physique, he always comes from wherever he goes sweaty, as if he had walked a lot. Anyway.
    Now, after almost two years since the accident, he's a bit more "open" to people, he's still... "Triggerable", I guess it's the word, but if the person is nice enough, he is now somewhat able to create a "ratherish" pleasant conversation. Oh, it's also worth noticing that he doesn't work, he doesn't need to. His family is wealthy enough to supply him enough for him to live in what some may consider "luxury". He lives a very boring life, spending most of his time reading his so beloved romance books and poetry, and, as most of his neighbors are already very aware, playing his most adored possession, his Grand Piano, his white-painted Steinway Arabesque.

    Likes: His piano, poetry, romance books, apples.
    Dislikes: Crowded places, enforced social interaction, blood.

    Fairly good-looking; Decent, but not the "body-builder" type physique; Scar in the left cheek, always hidden by a bandage of sorts; Deep, green eyes; And the usually messy, "black-as-the-night" hair, as Rachel would say.

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  2. Believe it or not I'm REALLY interested in this if you want to discuss it just PM me =^.^=
  3. I'm interested pm me! :)
  4. Small side note: Posting a CS will really really help me choose. Thanks for the replies, anyways, you two--I really wasn't expecting it. :3
  5. Name: Evangeline Bishop
    Age: Just turned 23
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Australian, born there and lived there most of her life
    Description: Evangeline might seem like your typical "happy-go-lucky girl" putting on smiles wherever she goes. The only thing is: the smiles are all an act to keep people from asking her if she's alright or if any thing's wrong. The truth is that she has no one that truly matters to her. Her parents died when she was 17 when a burglar murdered them, and what friends she may have, she doesn't trust at all. She normally shrinks back into her music and art, ignoring everyone and everything as much as she can. When her parents first died, she went to live with her uncle and was silent for the better part of two years, never speaking unless it's absolutely necessary. Her uncle ended up starting to physically and mentally abuse her just to get her to talk though she never would. Physically and mentally quickly turned into sexually and that's when she finally got the nerve to leave for good.

    Since then she's gotten a job that pays just enough for her to pay the bills and have enough left over for her to buy groceries but that's it. She rarely goes out and due to this, the occasional rumor that she died circulates and quickly turned into suicide though none of it is true. The very seldom times someone decides to stop by and check on her, and most other times, she can be found in her room, either painting or playing her violin which normally emits a sad and slow tune. Even six years after the incident, she tries to stay away from people as much as possible though she does talk more than she used to, but it's very rare for a smile to show, if it ever does.
    Likes: Violin, painting (or art in general), silence, foxes
    Dislikes: Loud noises, fights, talking about her past, horror movies
    Appearance: image.jpg
    Not completely horrific, but also not the best looking in her eyes; Petite but not anorexic; a long scar along her back where her uncle cut her; smokey grey eyes; and long blonde hair that normally stays up.​
  6. E-Erm... Oh, God... I feel horrible having to actually choose... I really do. But... Yeah, @Lexie's sheet just interested me a tiny bit more, and she appears to be a tiny bit more experienced, and... I'm looking for that too. I mean, the tag does say "advanced", doesn't it? Ehe~ I'm so very sorry, @Wintermoon, maybe next time?

    So, yeah... I'll PM in just a sec, @Lexie.