Alone in the dark

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    Cassandra ran deep through the forest. Her breathing hard and tears rolling down her face. Her blonde hair was dirty and tangled. Her brown eyes dying for a way out of the forest. She wore a long red dress that was now ripped to pieces. She yelp when she tripped over the root of a tree. An eery scream escaping her mouth when the creature grew closer to her. She tried to crawl away, but her dress was caught on the root. Desperately she clawed at the dress. Pulling and tugging. At the same time she freed herself the creature swiped his deadly claw. She could hear the cloth rip around her stomach, and could smell her blood drip from her body.

    She let out a desperate scream and her eyes filled with water, blurring her vision. She could see the shadow of the creature moving in for this kill. With the little strength she had left. She kicked it in the throat. Throwing of her heels and running deeper into the forest. Moving past the pain she felt in her stomach and feet. The sticks and rocks cutting the bottom of her feet. She could see a light of in the distance and pushed herself to move towards it. It wasn't long enough before she could see a road.

    Thunder filled the night sky and she could feel water start hit her skin. It wasn't long before she was covered in rain. She was only a few feet away from the road when she tripped over her own two feet. She was beyond tired and too weak to get up. With one last breath she closed her eyes hoping that someone would find her in the forest. Hoping she would be alive when they did.
  2. Chad listened to the rain pound with vigor against the roof of his cottage as he sat in a chair, a book in his hand that he was now too tired to pay attention to- he had read it twice before, anyway. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, drifting. He dreamt of places that he wasn't alone anymore, that his girl wasn't long gone from terminal cancer, that she was right there, waiting- He awoke with a start, confused as to what had woken him. The hair on his neck was standing straight up and his body felt cold all over.

    He grabbed a flashlight and an umbrella and headed outside, the door squeaking like a demented mouse as it swung shut. He stood there for a minute, training his flashlight on the road, listening. Chad moved forward and stopped dead, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. For there, just inside the beam of his flashlight, was a body.

    He ran to it, abandoning the umbrella on the porch as he jumped down the steps and ran to it, dropping on his knees to see it was a girl. Shit," he swore, feeling for a pulse, relaxing only slightly when he found one- she was covered in blood. He picked her up, noticing how light she was, and ran back up, using his foot to kick open the door, thankful that it opened inwards, not outwards. He tracked mud throughout the house, not bothering to take off his shoes as he put the unconscious girl in the bathtub, looking for the wound.

    It wasn't hard to find. Her torso was the darkest, gleaming in the harsh light. He tore her shirt away from it and left for a moment to wash his hands, quickly. He returned and probed the wound, searching for any dangerous wounds. He sighed with relief when he found no organs in view at all. Whoever she was, this girl had been very lucky. He got to work on cleaning her up, using the sink and a small tub and washcloth to clean her off, then grabbing a first aid kit and bandaged her still bleeding torso tightly, knowing he would have to redo the bandages every hour or so.

    He picked her up again and laid her on the bed in the guestroom.
  3. Cassandra was off in a daze dreaming a wonderful dream. She was out in the meadow dancing in the wind and watching the flowers blow with it. Her hair swung around her face her blue eyes dancing with happiness. She could hear laughter off in the distance and turned to see her mother. Quickly she turned and ran. Keeping her eyes locked on her mom tears rolling down her face. She hasn't seen her mom hadn't dreamt of her mom since she disappeared that day. Quickly she ran into her mothers arm closing her eyes to fight back her tears.

    When she opened her eyes once again she gasped and pulled away from her mom. Her eyes went wide as she glanced around the meadow. The flowers and tress were dead. Drooping over her. The sky was black and she could hear a death wrenching scream. She turned around to see what she thought was her mother. The body wasn't facing her she could only she the back of the woman. Slowly she walked over to it. When she was about to touch her shoulder the woman turned and Cassandra screamed. The woman's face had been eaten away. Flesh hung from all end if it. "Cassandra." The voice said heading towards her.

    Cassandra woke from get dream with a scream sweat dripping from her face. She looked down at her belly to see it bandaged. Where was she? She started to look around and that's when she noticed the man. Quickly she crawled back as far as she could from him. Hitting her head on the headboard. Quickly her hand flee to the back of her head. Her eyes closed for a minute. When she opened them up she looked at the man once more. "Who..where..who are you? Where am I?"
  4. Chad had returned to change her bandages, as he had been doing for the past few hours. He held his hands up in a universal gesture of peace. "Easy, easy," he replied with a small smile. "I've just been helping you heal- your fever only broke a little while ago, around five minutes." He moved towards her, only a step. "I have no intention of harming you," he added.
    He ran a hand though his brown hair, his hazel eyes showing his concern as he took another step forward. "I need to check your bandages again. I'm Chad, by the way."
  5. The man's voice was very calming and she soon began to relax. She looked out his window to see the forest off in a distance. "I'm still near the forest?" She said in a panic springing from the bed. She quickly headed for the bedroom door. She was extremely sore and very lightheaded. Everything around her was like a blur and she paused at the door grabbing her forehead. She waited a moment and then turned to him. "You shouldn't have brought me here. He will find me and then he will kill is both." With that she headed for the front door. She didn't want to go back out there, but she k ew she couldn't let the blood of an innocent be spilled, because of her. She headed back outside. She wasn't sure what it was. If it was the fresh air or the panic that ram through her body. All she knew was a sharp pain hit her side. Quickly she fell to her knees grabbing her side. She could feel her warm blood running from the bandage. "If he smells my blood he will surely come for me." She thought to herself.
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    Chad ran after her, kneeling beside her in the rain. "I believe," he told her quietly, "I can take care of myself." He sighed when he saw her blood seeping though the bandages. "You shouldn't have moved so quickly." He picked her up again and carried her upstairs, laying her again on the guest bed, elevating her feet to counteract the shock. He felt her forehead. "Your temperature has spiked again," he muttered, almost to himself. He left for a moment and returned with a damp cloth that was cool to the touch, laying it across her forehand. "I'll need to get you saline, to counteract the shock." He paused for a moment, thinking back on what she had said.
    "Who is it that hurt you?" he asked her softly.
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    She simply laid there unable to resist him. When he asked her who attacked her she shuddered. " wasn't a person. It wasn't human." She sighed and closed her eyes trying to fight back tears. "I'm not sure what it was or what it wants with me and my family. My mom said something about a book. She said it showed all...i dont know." She finally said surrending in a whimper and turning to her side. She kept the side with the wound revealed so he could tend to it. Covering her face with her hands. What would be the point in telling him. "He wouldn't even begin to believe me. I barely believe me." She thought to herself.
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    Chad tilted his head to the side slightly as he carefully re-bandaged her wound. Placing a hand over it, he paused and watched as his hand lit up, very briefly and he knew the wound had closed again so she wouldn't bleed. He knew he had taken away some pain, too, as she had relaxed slightly. He dabbed her forehead with the washcloth and spoke again to her gently, sensing her hesitation, but, as always, not her thoughts.
    "What did she say? What book?"
  9. Cassandra sat up softly and looked deeply into his eyes. She gave a soft sigh and looked down to the bed. "Its a book full of...mag..magic. So my mom says. It has stories of all the creatures. Angels, faires, vampires, etc. She said that my kind is also in the book. That's when he attacked her. He stated at me and kept calling me the guardian. I...I dont know. I..its to much to take in." She didn't know if she should believe her mother or not. It wasn't like she could answer her questions anymore. She was dead. She glanced up at the man. "You probably think im crazy dont you?"
  10. Chad shook his head. "Quite the opposite, actually. I believe every single word you've said, know every word. Except I know nothing of a book, but I know you are, indeed, telling the truth." He tapped his forehead with a smile. "Built-in lie detector," he joked halfheartedly. He sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at her almost unblinkingly. "You might've realized, for instance, that I am not human. Not human anymore, that is." He looked away. "I was, once. Long ago." He switched his gaze to his hands, waiting for her to respond.
  11. Cassandra gave him a concern look. "Yes I can see that you are not human, by the way you reacted to what i'm telling you." Ever so slowly she started to crawl away from him. Slowly making her way of the bed and simply standing in a corner by a light. If he tried to come near her she would simply smash it against his head. After all it would be worth a shot. She placed her hands against the corner of the wall as she kept her eyes on him. "I also know that everything that hasn't been human so far has caused me a lot of pain and trouble, and if your not human than what exactly are you. Do you have any idea why I would be a guardian of a book I know nothing about." She glanced at the window wondering if she should jump out of it. It was then that she thought about her scar. Quickly she looked down at her side to see it had been healed completely. She glanced back up at Chad. "Did..did you do this?" What a stupid question to ask. She thought quietly to herself. Of course he did.
  12. Chad nodded slightly. "Yeah, I did," he said quietly. He felt her fear of him, and he stood up, backing away as if she were a wild animal ready to pounce. He shrugged off his jacket, then his shirt, showing a lean, hard muscled body. "What am I?" he murmured tiredly. He closed his eyes, and wings sprouted from his back, pure white with streaks of emerald green. "I am dead," he told her.
  13. Cassandra didn't know what to think as he took his jacket and shirt off. When the wings flew from his back her eyes grew wide with awe. Slowly she walked over to his side. His body was lean and muscular. His wings looked soft and elegant. She bit her lip wanting to touch then, but figured she shouldn't. With a sigh she sat on his bed and closed her eyes finally feeling safe. "I have to go back to my house. I have to find that book. There's something in it that creature really wanted to see. If it's something that can cause him to do had things. I can't let him find it." She said standing. She stood up slowly and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "Thank you for helping me, but I have to go. Sooner or later he's going to come back and attack hear. I can't Wisk you getting hurt.
  14. Chad was shaking his head before she finished. "I will protect you, " He replied stubbornly. "It is The Code to protect those in need of protecting. And, he continued, flashing a smile, "I'm already dead. I don't believe it would be too easy for me to die a second time. At least, not now." He looked away, acutely aware of her hand on his shoulder. He thought for a moment, of things that could have been and things that never will.
    He looked back at her, his wings fluttering slightly as if a breeze had stirred the feathers. "I can take you home, at least," he added.
  15. Cassandra have him a look of surrender. "Fine. You can take me home." She said flashing him a smile. It was than that she was relaxed enough to truly glance at his body. Her eyes wandered from his eyes to his elegant wings. They than traveled to his broad shoulders and his muscular body. She arched one of her eyebrows and bit her bottom lip. She soon realized that she was staring a little to hard and snapped back to reality. She shook her head hard and ran her fingers through her hair. "Maybe umm..uh..maybe you should put on a shirt...someone might see and you wings..look at your wings." She sucked in a breath as she felt her cheeks grow red. She glanced at the door and thought to herself. "Could I make this anymore awkward?" She though to herself

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    Chad laughed lightly, raising an eyebrow at her. "You know," he said. "I don't have a car." He smiled, his lips curving upward mischievously. He knew she had been looking at him from the way her aura grew pink and her emotions stirred in her mind- and he looked, too. Although her long, blond hair was dirty and her red dress was shredded, almost showing too much. Her brown eyes were large and beautiful, full of the life he used to know. He knew his own eyes from looking in the mirror, looked like they had seen too much. They had. He thought for a moment.
    "I don't think I caught your name," he told her. "You know mine, so I'm hoping you'll lend me yours."
  17. Cassandra looked at Chad and gave him a warm smile. "My name is Cassandra." When she heard his comment about not having a car she shrugged. "We can walk its not bother to me." That's when she thought about something glancing at his wings. Did he mean fly? She gave a hard swallow before speaking again. "Because im deathly afraid of heights." Her voice growing softer with each word. His wings were elegant try, and she wouldn't mind being held in his arms. Still she hated heights and there was no way in hell she was going to let him fly her around in the air. Trying to get the hunt across she opened the front door slightly. "Shall we start. My house is far if you dont take the woods. And were not taking them."
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    Chad refrained from rolling his eyes and followed her outside, still shirtless. Once they were far enough away from the house he picked her up and pushed off from the ground. He watched her aura turn an ugly amber color and said, "I will never let you fall. It's just too dangerous to walk, even outside of the woods." He hovered in the air, remembering the last injured girl he had encountered, many years ago when he had still lived in Ireland. He recalled the Siren had also been deathly afraid of heights- and of him, the way he made her feel, as Sirens could not handle love as easily as lust.
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    When Chad grabbed her waist and jumped into the air she couldn't help but scream. As an automatic reaction she grabbed the back of his neck pulling herself closer into his arms. Her nails digging in the back of his neck. "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" She yelled over the wind rushing through her ears. "You have lost your mind. This is way more dangerous this walking. I could fall to my death up hear." She wasn't listening to anything he was saying. Her body was trembling uncontrollably. her blonde hair flying all over the place. She didn't know what to do so she closed her eyes and tried to think of happy thoughts. She knew he wasn't going to put her down any time soon so she began to think of her mom. She thought about the song her mom use to sing to her every night. With a deep breath she began to hum the song quietly. Slowing soothing herself into a calm state.
  20. Chad sighed, sensing where to go from the path her aura had left in the woods, starting at a house far off in the distance. As expected, she screamed and was truly terrified, her nails opening wounds that healed minutes later, as they were small wounds and he was flying. Her body trembled, but suddenly her aura turned to a hesitant blue and she was humming an old song to comfort herself. With a breath, he began to sing with the perfect pitch and tune that came only from years of practice.

    "My love, won't you stay home tonight/ nothing is here but you and me/ it'll be alright...."