Aloha! *waves*

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  1. Greetings everyone!

    So I'm new to Iwaku and found the site just through Google after searching for a roleplay forum to join and after setting up my profile, thought I'd come introduce myself!

    I'm Chloe, I'm 16 years old and I hail from West Yorkshire (that's in England). I'm a full time college student studying Video Games Design and I'm a really arty person o.o

    [insert a photo of me with Sips from the Yogscast!]

    In my free time, I enjoy writing, photography, digital art (paintings, photomanipulation, pixel art + animation), reading (manga and books), singing, playing video games and watching waaaaaay too many tv shows, anime episodes, youtube videos and films :3

    [insert some of my artwork to show you guys!]

    I absolutely love travelling too! Throughout my life, I've been to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portuagal, Turkey, Greece, Greenland, Rome, China, Australia and will be going to Paris (Disneyland!) next January.

    [insert a photo from Rome last year!]

    I have a Tumblr page, a DeviantART page and Skype too so you can be nosey if you want to! (If you wanna add me on Skype, I'd rather get to know you a little first though!)

    Oh and I also have a three-legged dog called Archie so yeah...

    [insert a photo of Archie here!]

    So yeah! That's a quick sum up of myself! Anything you wanna ask me? Go for it! I'll be happy to answer pretty much anything :3

    -Chloe ♥
  2. Welcome!

    I LOVE everything you posted; art, your dog (I am jealous), just everything about your intro is awesome!

    Need help? We have a community hub, don't message me as I'm insane and will lead you down the incorrect path. But more than willing to be a chat pal! Hope you enjoy roleplaying here!
  3. hi im norevenge aka "Cyborg cynic" this place is great even though im form England and lol people are scattered around the world who get involed in rp its still fun as theres always activity going on on iwaku yay.
  4. You are artsy indeed Chloe, very nice! I envy you because I'd love to travel as well. Someday I could probably visit some of those places. Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you'll enjoy your stay and have fun in the community :)
  5. wow oyour so lucky to have of met one of yogscast Chloe that must of been so cool
  6. Thank you so much everyone! :D
    And @norevenge, I met Sips, Sjin, inthelittlewood, Strippin, Sparkles*, DaveChaos and Kaeyi at Insomnia last summer! It was awesome! I got everyone's autographs too!
  7. OOOH pretty pictures !

    Welcome to Iwaku! I'm looking forward to seeing you around :3
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! Here have some (imaginary) muffins! Hope you'll enjoy your stay in these forums, cos I know I am. ^^