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    Character Name:
    Ava Gemeni




    She is good at surfing, building things, and is very fast at running.

    She's not strong. At all. In fighting she's one of the first to be taken out, but her running skills and being agile helps so that she won't get pumbled.

    General Appearance:
    She is very much like her mother in appearance. She has the same facial features as Lilo did at her age, same tan skin. The only differences are that, since her father had blonde hair and blue eyes, Ava has the same. Her blonde hair and blue eyes, along with her tan skin, got her teased a lot as a child, but she quickly got over that.

    Again, surfing is something she loves and has a talent for. Building things as well. She can build something with very little instructions. She's also very good at talking her way out of trouble.

    She is very clumsy. This tends to get her in trouble a lot actually. She's constantly falling and tripping over things. She also is horrible at cooking.

    She's claustrophobic. Tight and small spaces, as well as being in the dark, scare her. She doesn't know why, but this is just a major fear of hers.

    Character Biography:
    Background of how Lilo had Ava: Lilo Pelkai and her husband Hampton Gemeni. When Lilo graduated high school, she went off to college, where she met Hampton. Since both were going to college for Astronomy they hit it off rather quickly and fell in love. Though of course, after college, Lilo had to return home to Hawaii. Much to her surprise, a month after she returned, she got a call from him. He had missed her so much, that, if she would have him be there with her, he was going to move there. She agreed and the two hit it off right where they left off. Unknown to Hampton though, Lilo was working for a group called the United Galactic federation, along with her 'dog' Stitch. It was only after they were engaged that Lilo revealed the truth to him, wanting him to know about her secret life before they were married. After the initial shock, he came to terms with it and they were married a year later when Lilo was twenty three. Hampton even just a few years after their marriage, began helping with Lilo's work and even joined the federation himself. When Lilo turned twenty five she gave birth to Ava and had to keep her work on the down low, even keeping Stitch out of sight, to protect her daughter. Never once in her life did she ever let Ari know the truth. She feared it would put her daughter in danger, something she would not risk.
    Ava's Biography: Ava was pretty much an average girl. She grew out kind of an outcast. With her tan skin and golden blonde hair and blue eyes, people made fun of her. They always either said she dyed her hair to make it that color or spent too much time in the sun. Though, despite her sadness in being picked on so much, Ava found comfort in her mother, who told her differences are what made us unique. Her mother made her feel good about herself so that bullies didn't really bother her. Despite having an average American father, she was very much raised in her Hawaiian culture as well. She grew up knowing all about Ohana and what it meant to be family. During the summers, while her parents worked away from home, she would actually spend her summers out in Hawaii with her Aunt Nani, who taught her much about their culture.
    When Ava turned eighteen, a month after she graduated high school and while she was out at her Aunt's house, she got news that both her mother and father had died in a 'plane crash'. The devastated girl couldn't find it in her to return home after that and stayed in Hawaii with her aunt. Her parents were both buried in Hawaii as well, that being her mother's birth place and her father stating in the will he wanted to buried with her. In the will, Ava was left an old house in Hawaii, where her mother used to live. It is there that Ava will be moving into and where she will be staying for the remainder of her college life in Hawaii. Little does she know that there is a little blue alien in that house and the two are about to cross paths and start an all new journey.


    It was so hard to believe that they were gone. Her parents had been such a big part of her life and now she would never see them again. Their funeral was nice, she made sure of that, but it was difficult for her to sit through. She felt everyone glancing her way with looks of pity and such. She didn't want that. But they did it anyway. The only ones who probably really cared about how she felt were her Aunt Nani and her husband David. She visited them every summer and had been with them when she heard the news that her parents were gone. They had done their best to comfort her and though it didn't help really, it was nice that they put their best efforts in.

    But soon, she would just want to be alone. Alone to think. Alone to grieve. Just alone in general to do whatever she wanted without another person saying she needed to act a different way. She wanted to get over her parents in her own way and in her own time. That was why, when Nani approached her with the will of her parents and said they had left her some old house there in Hawaii, Ava was willing to take the place as her new home. Obviously it would need work, as it hadn't been lived in in many years, but she could do it. It would just take time.

    And so, here she was, riding with her aunt in her car to this house and when they pulled up, she looked up at it, studying it form the distance, "What's the big sphere?"

    Nani grinned and shrugged, "You're parents were astronomers. What do you expect? It's where they studied the stars at night in. This also used to be our house when your mother was a little girl. Even then she was interested in the stars. She would spend hours with that thing opened up, just staring up at the sky at night." She smiled and lead her inside, "I know its a little dirty. But its still very sturdy. Not much work needs to be done other than some cleaning."

    She nodded, "Yeah. That alone will take days in a place like this."

    Nani nodded, "Yeah, but we'll get it done. Unfortunately, I can't help today. I have to be at work in half an hour. But I'll come by tomorrow morning to help you out." Her aunt hugged her and kissed the top of her head, "Love you, Ava. You take care." She nodded and hugged her back before watching her leave, the young woman alone in this new place. She sighed in the silence and looked around, "What a weird place." She smiled, "Heh, but then again, my mother wasn't exactly normal, so this place fits her well."

    She figured, before she started cleaning, she should explore a bit and walked around to each room, looking in. Then, came the last room. The bedroom up in the sphere. She went up to the room hesitantly, an unsure look on her face, looking around as she walked around all the boxes and such piled in the room, rubbing her arms, "This place is creepy. No wonder they moved away from this place." Of course, that wasn't the real reason her parents moved, but she didn't know that, all she knew was that this room gave her the creeps, yet she found herself too interested to not explore around in it, moving boxes and such as she looked around, a curious look on her face.
  2. Name: Stitch

    Also known as Experiment 626


    Stitch was devastated learning that Lilo had died in a plan crash. He knew why he hadn't really seen her in years was to protect Lilo's daughter but he never had really gotten to meet her. He had called Jumba and Pleky to come to Lilo's funeral the three hidden in the trees but still there to pay there respects. Stitch was in tears but not as bad as aunt Pleky who was just balling. Stitch noticed there was one person everyone seemed to be trying to cheer up the most he wanted to go try and confert them as well but knew what Lilo might say.

    Soon Stitch went to see Jumba and Pleky off for there return home. He would then return to his own home and grieve his own way. Lilo had left him her favorite doll when she left and he had his first book with her picture in it from when they had there adventures and the day before she let.

    Stitch sitting soon heard a car pull up then went to where Lilo told him to hide if he ever needed he peaked out the window seeing Nani. Immediately he grabbed his few things and Jumba's computer and went to hide. What he would do when he was hungry Stitch new he'd have to be really good at staying hidden.

    Stitch heard Nani leave but he stayed not sure if the girl with her had as well. Soon he heard footsteps in the house he stayed in the room he and Lilo once shared. Hearing someone enter he throw his book and the doll in a box and climbed high trying to have an advantage to stay hidden and out of sight.
  3. "This place is going to need a lot of cleaning up." Ava whispered to herself as she moved about the boxes. She didn't want to get rid of anything in here though. After all, it did belong to her parents. But, then again, maybe she could just move them all down to the basement. That way it would still be here, but it wouldn't be taking up space in the observatory. She didn't know what exactly she could use the observatory for, but surely she could find some use for it. And so, nodding to herself, she set to work, carrying everything, box by box, down to the basement, which took quite a while.

    Soon though, she was done and smiled to herself, going back up tot he room with a broom in hand, as well as a clear container that carried other cleaning supplies. She began sweeping the dusty floors, when she heard a slight scratching sound on the wood of the floors, growing a little nervous. Ava hated animals such as mice and rats, so hearing that sound and knowing a house as old as this might have them, she was terrified. Carefully, broom turned upside down as if to swing it, she began searching about, tiptoeing through the room until she heard the sound again, this time coming from under the bed.

    Maybe she could trap it? moving quietly over to the clear container of supplies, she dumped it all out, carrying the medium sized container with her as she made her way fearfully other to the bed. Then, she hesitantly bent down, not enough to see under the bed, but enough to poke the broom under it, giving a loud and high pitched squeal of terror as the creature ran out and as fast as she could slammed the clear container down around it, sitting on top of the container so that hopefully it wouldn't get out.

    Huffing and out of breath, she looked down to see it wasn't a rat. At least, she didn't think it was. It looked more like a strange dog. A wild dog that had snuck into the house? How had it even got in here? Of course, she had completely forgotten about the doggy door. She would have to seal that thing up later. For now she had to figure out what to do about this thing first. Maybe she could call somebody? She nervously looked around, seeing she had left her phone across the room and there was no way she was going to reach it without letting the thing out. Great.

    Maybe she could make a run for her phone? She looked down at the thing inside. Was it fast? She hoped not. Looking back to her phone, she hopped off of the container and dashed toward it, scooping it up and then, seeing the thing had gotten out, she rushed over to the bunk beds, climbing up to the top one. Surely it couldn't climb up there, right? After all, dogs couldn't climb that well. Then she began dialing Nani's number. She only got voice mail, but at least she could leave a message for her to get there as soon as she got off of work, "Nani?! You have to come here as quick as you can! T-There's a... a thing here!"
  4. Stitch had noticed the girl begin to clean so he had begun to slowly make his way for under the bed. He knew if it was Lilo's daughter as Lilo may wish he had to try and continue to stay hidden. It took a while more than he hoped being where she started and seemed to go. Finally before the last box was gone he had made it under the bed.

    He waited hoping she wasn't coming back but then heard steps once more. He didn't move or well not for a while. Stitch sat till he was curious and hopeful that the girl left. He went to peak out and seeing her he scurried back hoping she didn't see him. Stitch wasn't thinking of the noise he might had made. Then he tried to see if she had left yet avian once more seeing he was wrong. Yet again he scurried back under hiding farther in behind in the bed. This time he soon saw feet approaching the bed.

    Stitch was silent or as silent as the alien could be. He was still breathing slightly but he hoped not enough to be heard. Soon she saw it seemed he girl bend down to try and see under the bed Stitch moved backing as far into the wall as he could. Then he saw the broom stick moving a bit then finally Stitch had to get out. He went as fast as he could on all fours trying to escape but then a bucket had caught him. "Ohhh" He commented quietly in the bucket.

    He saw that she seemed to look through barely. He was quiet not sure what to say or do. Act like a dog came to mind but he wasn't sure. Sitting Stitch tried to think of a means of escape maybe lift the bucket but then he may reveal Lilo's secret and Stitch didn't want to do that. He sighed and sat down waiting.

    Stitch was glad he chose to wait for soon the bucket was lifted. He then ran as fast as he could disappearing. He had climbed to Lilo's old bed hoping the girl wouldn't follow and hid behind the old pillow now curled up to try and blend in as if he might be a pillow too. Then again maybe he might seem like a breathing pillow.

  5. Ava wasn't sure what to do at this moment. Nani wasn't answering her phone and she had some sort of weird animal loose in her house. Worst of all, it was loose in her house and she had no idea where it was. After she left the message with with her aunt, Ava nervously hung up the phone and looked around trying to see where the thing could have went. She didn't see it anywhere on the floor though.

    Maybe it left and went back out the doggie door? At that thought she relaxed just a little bit. Yes, that's what happened. After all, weren't animals more scared of humans than humans were of them? Well, sometimes. With dogs one never knew, but it was hopeful thinking. Slipping the phone into her pocket she sighed a little. Maybe she should have calmed down before calling Nani. She was probably going to freak when she heard the message.

    Biting down on her bottom lip she raked her long blonde hair from her face and set the broom down beside her, laying back on the bed, head resting on the white pillow. She rolled over, trying to get comfortable as she instead hugged the pillows to herself now. She layed there like that a moment when she realized one of the pillows, which she had thought might be just a fuzzy pillow, was breathing.

    Giving out a frightened squeal she sat up moving to the other side of the bed to see the little blue creature sitting there, her eyes wide as she gripped hold of the broom once more, holding it as if to hit the animal if it came too close to her. Even getting a better look at it now she still wasn't sure what it was exactly. It looked kind of like a dog, but at the same time it didn't look like a dog at all. But if it wasn't a dog, then just what was this thing? Maybe it was a dog that had been in some sort of accident. Well, either way she had to be careful. No telling what it might do. She held her breath in tension as she sat there, hands tight on the broom as she watched it carefully, waiting for it to do something.
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  6. Stitch wasn't sure what to do. He sat curled waiting hearing the girl try and call someone. He wasn't sure if voicemail was a good thing. He tried thinking why he hid here on the bed behind the pillow. Stitch wondered if he might get a chance to hid somewhere better soon.

    He stayed curled with the hope she would leave soon. Perhaps clean, maybe Nani would come back. Stitch wasn't sure what else to think knowing no one really came here. Well not much before other than Jumba and Plekly when he called. Then long ago it was him and Lilo. He just stayed trying to breath as quietly as possible. A waiting his chance.

    Stitch soon felt something on him. He froze but still breathed. He stayed a while hoping she wouldn't realize he wasn't a normal pillow.

    Stitch heard a frightened scream and then felt the girl move. The noise bothered him enough he unraveled he now stared at her. He wasn't sure what to say or do. He though within his mind unsure of telling the truth. Stitch wanted to know what Lilo might think. Finally he sat up a little bravely. He extended his hand to wave. "Oh uh...Hi" He stated.

  7. Did it Ava sat there, clutching the broom tighter in her hands as she stared at it in shock. Just what was this thing? Animals shouldn't talk! It was impossible! Clearly this thing was some sort of mutated dog or something if it was able to do such a thing. The question was, what was she going to do with it? So far if her screaming and all hadn't chased it off, then there was probably no chance of her ever chasing it off. Call animal control maybe? No, animal control might see it and think something was wrong with it and put it down. She didn't want to live with that guilt.

    Well, it didn't seem too threatening. It looked at her in a friendly way at least. Should she try talking to it? Would it be okay for her to do that? Carefully and hesitantly she set the broom down beside her, being sure to keep it in her reach to where if she needed it she could grab it in a second. Then, once it was out of her hands, she scooted just a little closer to it, though she still kept her distance at the same time, just in case, "Ummmm, hi?"
  8. Stitch was silent he wasn't sure how bad he may have messed up. He wondered if Lilo were here if she would be mad. Stitch wondered if there was something else he could have said. Wof came to mind but he was pretty sure most normal dog's couldn't climb or be this high without help. He noticed like him it seemed the girl was thinking. He hoped he wouldn't get into to much trouble being here. When Nani though finds out he wasn't sure what she would say or do with him. He wasn't sure what she would tell the girl either.

    Stitch didn't move closer he just stayed waiting to see what she would do. He watched as she seemed to put down the broom or well enough it wasn't in her hand. He hoped not to get hit again it didn't hurt much but he didn't like when he had gotten hit before. Then he noticed her come a little closer but still stayed away to have distance from him. Then she replied to him by saying hi. Stitch began to think of what else to say. He knew if he asked why Nani brought her here it may seem like he knew to much. He didn't want to ask about Lilo that he felt would just make him sad and maybe end up getting him in more trouble than he was. "Um... Stitch" He said pointing toward himself deciding maybe an introduction would be a little wise being he wasn't sure where to take the conversation.

  9. It took her a long moment to realize that when the strange creature pointed to itself and said 'Stitch' that it was likely it meant that was its name. A strange name for a strange little creature. It kind of fit. Brushing her hair back from her face, she nodded, "Nice to meet you....Stitch. I'm Ava." She said pointing to herself for emphasis just as it had done. She had no idea how itelligant or unintelligant this thing might be, so it might be best to be as simple as possible with it until she found that out. Sitting down now, she sat cross-legged in front of the creature, looking at it with curiosity on her face, about to ask something when she heard her phone begin to ring, Nani's name coming up on the screen. Reaching down she quickly answered the phone and put it to her ear, motioning with a finger to her lips for the creature to be quiet for now, "Hello?"

    "Ava? What's wrong? I got a message about something in the house?" Nani started, her voice full of urgency at the way Ava had sounded in such a panic earlier.

    "Yes there is something in here...It's..I don't even know what it its....Its creepy and blue and it"

    "Blue?...oh no." There was a sigh on the other side of the phone, "Oi...look, I just, I can't leave work right now. But, trust me, Stitch is not going to hurt you. Just, hold out until I can get there after work. And don't hurt him Ava. I have to go now."

    "What do you mean? How do you know its name? Nani?! This isn't making any sense!" Ava said desperately, but Nani hung up without giving her any answers, leaving the girl so confused. Sighing she set the phone down once more and looked to the little blue thing, "Ummm.....that Aunt you know her?"
  10. Stitch stayed with his hand at himself for a long time waiting for the girl to reply then hearing her name gave a smile. He smiled. "Ava" He repeated taking in her name. Soon he heard the phone ring and his ears fell. He knew if it was Nani he may later be in a lot of trouble.

    Stitch then listened to the conversation hearing Nani sound worried made Stitch quiet. Then hearing the two. The word creepy made Stitch glance at himself he only had two hands and feet at the moment so he didn't see what she meant. "Stitch not creepy" He replied quietly. "Is Stitch?" He seemed to be asking himself more than Ava.

    He countine to hear Nani and the sigh made Stitch once more not sure what to think. He felt if Lilo found out she might be mad at him. Then he looked at Ava when she asked if he knew Nani. He gave a nod. "Ick" He replied. "Yeah Stitch knows Nani" He answered. "Nani's probable going to be upset with Stitch now." He said thinking of what lecture he could be given.
  11. When Stitch looked at himself and asked, more to himself it seemed, if he was creepy, because of how she had described him, it made her feel kind of bad. So, apparently he could understand most of the things she was saying then. But she couldn't have said anything to him, such as apologize or anything like that because Nani was still talking to her on the phone at the time and by the time she got off of the phone the subject had moved on to Stitch knowing who Nani was and how, from what he was saying, Nani was probably going to be upset at him, most likely for talking to her.

    But why? Why was Nani going to be upset that this little blue creature was talking to her? And more importantly, how did her Aunt Nani even know such a creature in the first place. Her Aunt had always seemed the type of person that wanted everything to be normal and everything to have a plan. And this little creature definitely was not normal. Also, from what she had seen of it randomly being here and running around like it did, keeping a plan with it probably wouldn't go so well either. It didn't make sense that she was friends with someone that was basically the personification of everything that annoyed her. So many questions came to her mind but none of them were going to be answered until her Aunt Nani got off work, and so, all there was to do was wait.

    "Don't worry Stitch. Nani doesn't stay angry very long usually. Everything will be fine." She said, giving him a smile. Now, what was there to do when you had a little blue animal with you? She tried to think, but it seemed her growling stomach chose for her, "Well...Stitch. Nani won't be back for another few house. Let's go get some lunch." It was almost one in the afternoon and she had yet to eaten all day. That was a good idea, right?

    But, could she take him out in public? She thought about that for a moment. Maybe she could pass him for a dog like she had first thought he was. She stood up and went to the door, opening it up, looking down at him, "Well? Is that a yes or no? Or course, if you don't want to, I can always bring you something back?"
  12. Stitch waited while it seemed Ava was thinking what to do. He wasn't to sure himself. He knew it was probable a good thing Jumba and Pleky weren't here anymore. That would had made things a lot harder to hide and well explain. He knew the most explanation would be explained probable by Nani. He would help if he could but more or less he still expected her to have some form of punishment planed for him even if it would be minor.

    Then Ava told Stitch to not worry and he seemed to smile. "Eh" He replied with a shrug. "Not long but enough for a lecture" He replied still not sounding all to for Nani getting off but that he would be okay having the reminder she never stayed mad long. Him and Lilo usually was the longest him more than Lilo he always thought but probable because he was the original cause when the two got into trouble.

    Hearing Ava's stomach growl Stitch looked at Ava and listened to her suggestion on food. He thought a moment then stood. "Alright" He answered. He figured it may not be the best idea but most people knew him around town so the truth coming out couldn't be to bad right? Maybe all would be okay and if he spotted someone who may say something causing them trouble he could just seem to act like the two hadn't met. No harm there right?

    He watched her head to the door then repeat the question. He nodded. "Coming" He replied and then climbed down off the bed and headed to the door. He hoped all would be alright. Or at least long enough for Nani to help explain.
  13. When he agreed to come along, Ava nodded and allowed him to walk along beside her. She at first wondered if this was a good idea. Would people say anything about him? Was she supposed to have him on a leash? After all, if he did kind of look like a dog, then wouldn't that be what they had to do? Yet, as she looked around while they were walking through the town, no body said anything. In fact, there was a small amount of recognition on some of their faces when they saw Stitch. Some of the older people, she noticed, would smile and wave to the little blue creature.

    Strange. Just strange. She looked down at him in curiosity before they finally got to where they were going. It was a small cafe where you ordered you food from the window outside and you could choose to take the food inside to eat, or eat it outside at the tables there. She would have preferred to eat inside, but she wasn't exactly sure if that would fly with the dog like creature at her side. So, once she had the food and had payed for it, went over to one of the outdoors tables and sat down. She set the food down in front of him and began eating her food silently.

    It was getting some what awkward with this silence between them. And one thing for certain, this was sure going to feel like a long day.

    Once the two were finished eating, she began leading him down the road to the house once again. Once she was there, she looked down at him, "Alright, now, I have cleaning up I have to do, so just, relax? Or whatever else you want to do."

    With that, she went to work, cleaning and wiping things off, trying to get the house back into working order. The house was rather big though, and so it would take a long time before she would actually be done with it. After a while, she decided that was enough for the day and made her way outside, having not really looked around outside when she first got here. Out in the back yard, she found an old, but still in good shape, hammock. She smiled at this and went over to it, lighting the touches that were beside it and sat down on it. This was a really nice place to think. She sighed and leaned back, staring up at the stars before she reached in her pocket, bringing out a small family photo of herself and her mother and father.

    "I see you found our favorite spot." Ava looked up to see Nani walking over to her and she sat down in the Hammock with Ava, looking at the picture together, "Lilo and I loved to just sit out here together."

    "Nani, what's going on?" Ava asked quietly, looking over at her aunt, "What is...Stitch? And why is he here?"

    Nani sighed, "Let me tell you a little story. Well, a big story actually. You see, right after our parents died, I kind of had to step up and be a parent and a sister to Lilo all in one. But, that also meant I had to work. A lot. And so, I had no time to really spend with Lilo. She got really lonely and didn't really have any friends. So, one night, I thought, 'what could be a better friend to her than a dog?!'" Nani laughed, "Boy was I in over my head, because of course Lilo would choose the strangest dog in the whole place. The lady even said he had been hit by a truck earlier that morning. Oi, was I freaked out."

    She shrugged, "But Lilo wanted him, so I got him. Well, she payed for him after borrowing money from me, but you get the gist. That little monster was horrible. Stealing food from the fridge at night, made me loose my job, made it so I couldn't find another job. I wanted to just toss him out or at least send him back to the shelter." Sighing, she smiled and continued, "But, your mother wouldn't have that. She went on to remind me that Stitch was ohana and that he belonged with us no matter what he did. Turns out, what he was ended up being more of a problem than anything he did. You see, Stitch was...different. He's not a like we had thought. He wasn't a dog. Never was. hard as it may be to believe, is a genetic experiment made by an alien."

    Ava looked at Nani like she was crazy and Nani held up her hands, "I know, I know. Its weird how I can say that with such ease now, as though its perfectly normal. But, I've also been around him for years now. Long story short, the people who made him and people that wanted him locked up, came here to try and take him away. But, once again, your mother was stubborn in wanting to keep him, and to be honest, I didn't want to see him go either." She laughed softly, "Lilo guilted the alien trying to take him, saying how she bought him and the alien would be stealing if she took Stitch away. And so, they let Stitch stay." She looked over at Ava once more, "He's been apart of our Ohana ever since. He was very important to your mother. The two of them were together so much. Even after you were born. Your mother never told you much about her work, did she?" Ava shook her head and Nani continued, "Both your mother and father worked for the aliens, along side Stitch, for the United Galatic Federation. In other words, this big alien council made up of a bunch of weird aliens bent on protecting peace in the universe. Those times you were left with babysitters or with me while your parents went on business trips? That was her going off with Stitch and your father on missions."

    She paused, sighing once again, placing a hand on Ava's shoulder, " was on one of those missions that....that you parents....died."

    Ava looked at her wide eyed, her eyes filling with tears, "W-what....but you said it was in a plane crash!"

    Nani hugged her, "I know, I know, I just....didn't know how to tell you the truth. The three of them, your mother, father, and Stitch were infiltrating a ship. I wasn't told exactly what happened, but...there was an explosion and.....they didn't make it."

    "Then how is he still alive?!" Ava said, gesturing angrily toward the house where she knew Stitch was.

    "Stitch is indestructible. The only thing that can kill him is water because he can't swim in it. Ava....I know this is hard for you to take have to realize, Stitch, he's Ohana. He's Ohana to me. He was Ohana to your mother. And, he's your Ohana too."

    "I don't want any more Ohana, Nani. The more Ohana, the more....the more chance I have of loosing someone again..." She whispered, sinking back down into the hammock, staring down at the picture of her mother and father again.

    "Oh, baby." Once again, Nani hugged her, "You can't be so stuck on loosing people that you shut yourself off. If you do that, then you'll always be alone. You have to let new people in. You have to try, Ava. Promise me you'll give this a chance?"

    With a sniffle, Ava nodded and Nani kissed her forehead before standing up, "I'll come back again tomorrow to check on you." With that, Nani began walking off, stopping just a little way from the house to see Stitch there. Kneeling down, Nani smiled at him and petted his head gently, "Hey Stitch..." She looked over her shoulder to where Ava was, the girl crying softly and holding onto that picture with a death grip, then looked back to him, "Look....what you did...yes it was what we had decided against...and right now I can't say if it was a good thing or not, but.....but maybe it was. I won't be around forever. And with Lilo gone, that would leave Ava all alone. And it would leave you all alone too....maybe....this was meant to happen? Instead of you two being alone, you two would have each other. Maybe, in the end, Lilo would have wanted you two to know each other....just....Take care of her, okay? She really needs a friend right now." Despite how this was not supposed to happen. How Stitch wasn't supposed to ever be around Ava. Maybe this wasn't bad. Maybe this was how it was meant to be. So that neither Ava or Stitch wouldn't be alone? She wasn't sure, but having Stitch watch out for Ava would definitely make Nani feel better, "Will you do that for me Stitch?"
  14. Stitch figured being in town was fine and when they entered he felt he had been right. He waved to those who waved and just walked past those who just seemed to give some acknowledgment of him being there. He was glad no one asked who the two were with or at least not yet.

    Stitch watched Ava go get her food and he had grabbed him some as well. The man didn't seem to ask if Stitch was with her or alone and just seemed to cover his. Then Stitch followed Ava to where she picked and carried his food and sat it down at the table. Soon after Ava had begun Stitch was settled and did the same. It seemed to stay silent for a while.

    Stitch didn't have really anything to say. He expected a few questions but instead the seemed to eat in silence.

    Stitch followed Ava back toward the house. When Ava mention cleaning but he didn't have to he seemed to smile and nod. "Okay" He replied.

    He watched for a while as Ava cleaned then saw her go outside he stayed not sure really what to do. Then feeling she may be out there a while he went back upstairs went to the box he had put back his things and once more grabbed the book with the photo and went back down stairs.

    Stitch figured Nani may be here soon but wasn't quit yet ready to go look he figured the two may prefer talking alone for a while. Stitch sat and read his book he seemed to re-read it a few times. Then looked at the picture when him and Lilo were together the had a few one of his favorites was when it was him, Lilo, Nani, Jumba, and Pelky in it. From Lilo's childhood.

    Stitch while looking at Lilo's picture remembered the latest mission they were meant to go on. When she was younger he always managed to save her. He continued to for a while until now. He was not able to at least for Lilo being his size was now to small to cover her completely. He sighed and put the picture in the book and once more traveled up stairs and put it up. Coming back down he wiped his hand at his eyes tears had been there but now he felt he really messed up. Lilo had been trying to keep him from Ava and now Stitch felt he screwed up. A second time.

    Stitch feeling Nani had to be here went outside and saw the two at the hammock so he sat like he did when Lilo and Nani had there sister talks. He smiled when Nani petted his head. The his ears drooped at her first words on it being against what they all decided. Then hearing the rest Stitch looked up at Nani. "Stitch didn't mean to go against what Lilo wanted." He stated a little quietly. "But you think it may be okay Stitch accidentally did." He repeated her words well sort of. Then at Nani's question Stitch nodded. "Stitch will look after Ava." He replied with a smile.

  15. "I know you didn't mean to. Sometimes these things just happen. I'm sure Lilo would have understood." She was sure of that. After all, Stitch was Lilo's best friend. They couldn't expect to keep him from Ava forever, "Thank you Stitch." Nani smiled and petted his head one last time before standing up, "I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Keep her out of trouble until then. " With that Nani left, leaving for the night.

    Ava stared down at the picture in her hand for the longest time as she sat there. She heard the soft voices of Stitch and Nani talking, but she really didn't hear what they were saying. She was too caught up in her own thoughts. Of how she missed her parents. Of how she wanted things to go back to normal. She wanted anything to see her mother again and hug her, or to go out on father-daughter nights with her father. She just wanted things back to the way they were. Where she was with Ohana and everything was okay. She hugged the photo closely to her and closed her eyes tightly.

    She missed her mother rather terribly and as much as she loved Nani, her mother had always been able to get her out of any slump she had. But she supposed all she had was Nani now. She continued to cry softly, holding the picture to her.
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  16. Stitch nodded. Tomorrow afternoon. That shouldn't be to much trouble should it. He was glad Nani spoke to him it made Stitch feel a little better. "Okay Nani. Stitch will watch Ava. See you tomorrow." He waved.

    Stitch turned after Nani had left and he no longer could hear the car. He could see Ava where Nani had left her. He wasn't sure but felt he may should go see if she was alright. For a moment he held both hands together as if he wasn't sure taking a breath he went over near her but keep distance like he did with Lilo when she was upset and he wasn't sure what he should do. "Ava going to be alright?" He asked quietly still staying what he felt was a respectful distance.
  17. Ava said there, her eyes closed tightly and holding the picture close to her, when she heard someone speak to her. She opened her eyes and looked up to see none other than Stitch standing there. She looked away for a moment and nodded, "I...I think so." She motioned for him to get on the hammock if he wanted and waited until he had crawled over to her, curling up in her lap.

    Carefully and hesitantly, the girl rested her hand on his head and began to stroke his blue fur, brushing most of the dust off of him that had gotten on him from the house in the process. Then, after a moment, Ava picked him up and found herself hugging him close to her, feeling tears escape her eyes once more. It wasn't for any reason really that she hugged him. Even though she hadn't heard Nani say that to Stitch, it was pretty obvious what Nani had said to him had been true. She right about Ava just needing a friend. Someone to be there for her.

    And it seemed like Stitch needed the same thing. After all, he had just lost his best friend and a huge piece of his Ohana. Them two being kind of shoved together, this was best for both of them. They could be there for each other when no one else really could. Just like now.
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  18. Stitch didn't say anything after she said he could join her he simply crawled on up to the hammock and sat a moment. He tried to think what to say then felt her hand pet him a moment his ears naturally dropping a bit letting him feel some comfort. Then he simply stayed still letting Ava lift him when she went to hug him he moved his arms to hug her back. He had needed one since the indecent with Lilo. He had never said anything to anyone about it. Even now he was rather quiet when she began to cry. Stitch moved his head more into Ava. "Stitch sorry" He said in a whisper.

    Stitch felt that Nani may be right maybe the two did need each other. He did know he wasn't going to let anything bad happen to Ava or at least not if he can help it.
  19. Ava continued to cry for a moment longer, hugging Stitch close to her and when his head nuzzled against Ava, Ava nuzzled her head against his as well, a small yet sad smile on her face as she tried to get herself to stop crying. Finally she sat him back down and began wiping the last of the tears from her face, "And...I'm sorry too Stitch." She looked down at him, "She was my mother, but she was also your best friend. You must miss her just as much as I do." She once again ran a gentle hand over his head, thinking back to her mother. Her mother had always been such a happy person, always finding the bright side of things. Ava had always wished to be like that, but she must have had some of her father's personality too (or as her mom used to say, she had some of Nani in her too) because it was usually hard to do that.

    Yet, in this situation, she was able to find one good thing out of all this grief and that was Stitch. Growing up and moving around a lot with her parent's jobs had been tough, with her really unable to keep friends long. And she was never allowed a pet, due to restrictions at some of the places they would stay not allowing pets (after all, they didn't just want to get one, only to have to get rid of it during their next move). So, having Stitch here with her was not only a good way for her to have, hopefully, a lasting friend and pet all in one, it would also help to make her less lonely and maybe get her mind off of missing her parents.

    Carefully, so as not to knock him off of the hammock, she stood up then reached down to pick him up and hold him close to her as she walked toward the house, "Come on Stitch, let's go head to bed. We have a long day of cleaning up the rest of the house tomorrow." Walking inside and up the stairs, she made it to the observatory, the only room she had cleaned completely and had washed the bedding in and set him down, "Alright, you can sleep....well, where ever you want I suppose. I don't mind." With that, she crawled into bed on the top bunk, trying to fall asleep.
  20. Stitch continued to hug Ava. He felt her head soon nuzzle his he was quiet for a while once more. Hearing Ava's words he thought a moment what to say. When Ava asked if he missed Lilo Stitch nodded. "A lot" He replied simply not sure what else could explain how much he missed Lilo. There was so much of his life he wasn't sure he could imagine without her. Now he still wasn't sure but he knew he would make sure to take care of Ava like Nani asked being he messed up which to him he felt like was the second time.

    Stitch was fine that he met Ava even when he wasn't suppose to let her see him. But it was a secret Stitch never was sure how he would keep. He loved her just as much as he had Lilo. He smiled at her feeling the same confert Lilo had given him. He hoped Nani was right that he could stay with Ava and all would be fine.

    Stitch watched Ava get up then when she picked him up he smiled. He listened t her and nodded. He didn't like the idea of cleaning but knew now that she knew of him and that he lived here. He of course would need to help. He always did help Lilo. When she mentioned he could sleep where ever he wanted. "Okay" He said. Stitch went got his pjs on like he always had when Lilo was around or by himself. Then headed up to the top bunk and noticed Ava. He wasn't sure if he really might could sleep where ever but he maybe he could. He went up and laid down close to her head.
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