Almost the End

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  1. The year is 2125
    100 Years after a nuclear war that destroyed the contents of the planet: animals people plants, Earth is rebuilt and the people of it have been mutated leaving little humans. And those who are left want to live alone. The mutation was separated into the parts this is due to the three bombs combining at one spot and spreading encompassing the planet. They include: creature mutations ability mutations and positive negative mutations.If you were given a negative mutation you were out cast from the beginning, your sole mission is to get rid of everything good. there are two main evil leader Mike(north) and Jeff(south)the planet was split in half (north south) for government purpose no specific type of person to a zone. Life is normal or as normal as it will get:) until the two came together and devised a plan to convert people to evil. It went wrong as the people went through the transformation their brain would fuse wrong with the chemicals in the changer. The people would become zombies capable of using their mutated attributes to a very minimal level. Now in this time of need the government and the two creators of this plague have went into hiding remote with the cure. What little zombies that were created quickly spread to encompass more then 90% of the planets population. Of the other 10% who were smart enough to not get killed 5% of them being mutants both good and evil. and the other 5% human. now is a time were types don't matter work together to stay alive and cleanse the planet of these freaks. while looking for clus as to where they are hiding. you cannot be changed by a scratch.
    Character bio:
    Name: Mack
    gender: Male
    age: 20
    Appearance: he wears a pair of cargo shorts with biker pants a black t shirt and a under armor shirt all in black. on his right hip you can see a sword it is about 5 ft long. on the left hip are two pockets that hold some items. on top of his head is a Afro well kept. he has a book bag on his back that is fitted. ON his back are retractable wings due to the mutation.
    Type (human mutant) a mix between a creature and ability mutant
    Abilitiesor element if any & weapons if any: enhanced reflexes and sppeed .. And control over waves and vibrations.. The transfer of sound waves to air waves and more.. .. Weapons a sword gun and a pair of claws that are on the top of his wrist that com out with anger and fear. He is good.

    Mack had been for thefirst month of the out break in hiding staying to shadows not really doing much trying to gatheras much info he could even look for people.. He came across a strong hold of humans who kicked him to the curb cause they thought he was a evil mutant. He felt outcasted he went on a rampage for 2 days killing zombies almost dying twice .. letting a side of himself out that he didnt kno was there. He was surrounded by all types of zombies walkers flyers swimmers diggers but as they all limpped and hobbled toward him he lost controlof his body it falling limp.. Could it be exaustion? He does not know how but he made it how . Safe .. "who is watching over me" he thinks tohimself..

    After 2 months of being alone mack decides to travle to make a change.. He gathers his items needed for the long journey and heads out.. He has an uneasy feeling that someone is watching him .. Could just be his imagination. Mack stops walking placing his hand on the sword feeling the wind.

    Post character below and have fun.
    Character bio:
    Type (human mutant)
    Abilities & weapons: