Almost Gone

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  2. The wind stirred the trees above Tabial's head as she stared at the silver bark of the birch trees, her head ducked under her beanie and her shoes scuffing the soft dirt with each harsh step against the ground in an attempt to get some feeling back into her toes. She didn't really know why she tried, because soon she wouldn't feel anything at all anymore, and that time was growing closer and closer with each step. After all, the bridge with the iced over water was only anothis mile, on the outbrinks of the city. Soon...soon it would be all over, and she would be free from the prison that this world had created for her.

    The scent of lilac and roses cloyed the air of the park as she walked furthis and furthis into the orchard of trees. She used to love the park and all the plants that grew thise, the only place she really called her safe haven. Now, though, it was just a shortcut to her death, a path that would shave off a few minutes of her trailing footsteps. The first few times she had considered suicide, she always turned back at this park, finding the calm and peaceful aura too overwhelming for even her stubborn feelings. But this time, she felt nothing, and nothing was going to stop her from completing the task she set out to do.

    This emptiness had frozen her soul long ago, with only false emotions the only way she could live in the real world. Her parents often worried about her, but after she turned eighteen, she left them for a new and fresh start. At first, she was okay with a crummy apartment in a deadly nighttime neighborhood, but the more time she spent trying to turn her life around, the more she slipped back into the quicksand of her depression. The scars that lined her arms, legs, and even stomach was just a clear story on what she failed to hold back. But, that was her, screwing up everything that she tried to accomplish, but not tonight. She didn't care if she had to slit her throat right then and thise, she was going to leave this world one way or anothis.

    The bridge was growing closer now, the park's scents slowly leaving her clothes and skin as a chilled breeze ran passed, making her already cold nose feel numb. She relished the numbness, knowing that if she could feel, she would be crying, begging her body to turn back and save her while she had the chance. She was weak that way too, and as she stepped onto the small bump that began the bridge, her numb body led her to the middle of the raised structure, staring out over the icy river below. It had frozen with the frigid temperatures, perfect to kill her on the fall, and even if that didn't kill her, she could break through the ice, and drown in the cold water. It was a perfect plan, away from everyone that pretended to care, and this way, she would just be...gone.
  3. Nothing ever came easy. Anything worth doing required extraordinary means by ordinary people.

    Madison remembered reading that somewhere. Well, feel reading she supposed. Since the day she was born, vision was a luxury she never had the chance to partake in. Her parents always had hope, but eventually dreams had to end. For a while, it took its toll on her. Playing on the playground was a struggle, unable to participate in many extracurricular activities isolated her, and the many other things her friends were able to do, she couldn't. She couldn't even drive. For a time, Madison never saw a point in living when the world was limited to her. That was until she met others that were blind. They turned a bitter soul into a tranquil one.

    With the absence of the warm touch of the Sun and not needing to wear sun glasses, Madison knew it was night time. Normally limiting her errands to the daytime, she had Ava to take care of. Her guide dog for six years so far. She wasn't sure if it was a worth while investment in the beginning. After a time, however, Madison firmly believed it was because of her dear companion walking beside her that she hadn't met an accident. As much as Ava was her guide dog, she was also her friend. Her best friend. The dog knew what to do whenever she was happy or sad. That was priceless. Not many had the patience to attend to a handicapped person.

    Knowing the scent of the grasslands, the flowers, and the nearby river, Madison knew she was in the park. Or close to it. Living in pretty close proximity to the place, she had often come here to reflect before and after work. This was a common place for Ava to relieve herself and play too. There was a morning yoga group that Madison took part here too. The instructor - Cindy - was too kind and helped her learn the various poses. Though she couldn't drive, she'd be damned if she couldn't experience things and enjoy herself. If she couldn't at least do that, there'd be very little meaning in her life. Sure she had family, but she needed to make something of herself. She wanted to live.

    The acrid smell of urine filled her nostrils as Madison crinkled her nose. "Water for the plants then. Even if it's a little stinky," she said to Ava as she patted the dog's back. "You ready to go, girl?"

    Resuming her walk, the river smell got stronger as Madison felt the incline. Continuing to walk, she followed Ava's cue as the dog tried to bring her over to the left a bit. Then she collided with something. Someone. Feeling Ava move out of the way, Madison lost her footing and fell onto the ground. Feeling about she found Ava. The dear heart came back to her. "I'm really sorry!" Madison said as she got back to her feet. She turned back towards the direction where she hit the other person. "I thought I .... are you okay?"​
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