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    Allise walked through the huge double doors of the school, taking a deep breath of the musty air and smiling. She was so happy to be back, to start classes. The whole experience was so exciting for her. After all, it's not everyday you learn how to use magic and cast spells.

    Suddenly, she felt a deep feeling of dread. What if she messed up? After all, she has only been here one year. She knew almost nothing about the school yet. She took a deep breath to calm herself. She looked up at the castle looming over her. I can do this. She said to herself as she stepped gingerly inside the grand castle.
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  2. Immanuel woke up as the blinding sunlight came in through the window of the library and landed on his face. He had been studying levitation, which he never seemed to get right when targeting objects other than himself, and the creation and maintenance of pocket dimensions. He picked up his head from the desk and looked around drowsily. Immanuel didn't see anyone around and saw that his staff had fallen onto the floor. Why would I need to look around? Classes begin today or tomorrow, after all. No one should be this far into the school yet.

    Immanuel quickly picked up his staff and attempted to levitate the books that were on the desk back to their shelves. It probably took him more focus and effort than others to do, at least others who had learned how to levitate objects. He believed that it was taught to the second years, but with all the different spells and magics that he had been studying on his own time, he wouldn't remember exactly when. He managed to get the books to their shelves and left the library to wander the halls of the academy. Even though he practically lives here, the academy never seems to stop being a place where Immanuel can discover something or someplace new.
  3. Yacintha was walking trough the big hallway with four flowerpots in her hands and humming along the way. She was barely managing to keep a hold on it but she made progress while she was balancing the pots. This year she had decided to come out of the woods a bit earlier than usual. Her plan was simple, place the plants in the dormitory, make sure they are there before anyone else and no one could complain. The difficult part was reaching the rooms on time without dropping the pots and killing the plants in the process. In every pot was a stalk from different trees and they were fragile, Yacintha had carefully chosen the trees that were most fit for her raising them.

    She reached one of the many doors and while trying to open it, it happened. She lost her balance and a pot fell out of her hands. Just on time she managed to balance it on her foot, safeguarding it from death. Now the problem was that she was stuck in an awkward position, her butt between the door and the post while balancing on one foot and the other pots slowly slipping out of her hands. For a moment she considered magic, no spells came up, calling for help, who would be near. She sighed as she considered the use of words. Yacintha looked around her and then whispered to the plant that was almost falling from her feet. "You are sturdy, use your own roots and walk with me." Her vision got a bit blurry around the edges for a moment while the plant reacted to her words. The roots shot out of the pot and made holes in it, they kept growing over her foot untill they reached the ground and could support their own weight. Slowly Yacintha pulled her foot from under the pot and regained her balance, pushing the door open while getting a good grip on the other pots. While walking trough the hallway the plant and pot obediently followed her, causing her to worry. What if I meet a teacher and they see this. I will be punished or worse kill the plant. I will never finish it then. Her worry made her look more suspicious since she looked around way too much.
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  4. Caleb awakens and stretches. It's the start of another year, and maybe this one will actually be interesting. He glances at the magic books on the desk. He had agreed to use magic in class (or be expelled, the principal had given him a choice) but that didn't mean he was gonna use it any other time. Caleb swung out of bed and got ready, grabbing all the things that he needed and putting it carefully in his bag, no point in being unorganized on the first day, though there were no promises once it hit the half-way point of the year. The summer had been nice and since Caleb lived here he knew a few others but that didn't mean he didn't miss learning new things.

    He walked down the hallway and saw a girl, looking somewhat suspicious with a group of plants following her.
    "Any reason you seem to have a parade following you" He asked with a slight smile
  5. All the pots had almost fallen when she had tried to advance to the dorm rooms. Yacintha looked around her too check for people and sometimes looked at the plants following her. It was already the third time she checked behind her when she noticed something. The pot with the elder tree stalk was missing. She realized that this was one of the bad case senarios she should have been prepared for. Immediatly she started looking for it, the other plant merrily following her.

    She had searched for a while now and still couldn't find it. Those stupid elder trees, they are so stubborn. Always thinking they know better, how can a young stalk know anything? Yacintha looked around again, hoping that this time she would find it. "Any reason you seem to have a parade following you" She almost jumped out of her skin from suprise. Quickle she turned in the direction she had heard the voice from and saw a boy smiling at her. Flustered she started waving her hands and signaled the plants to stay behind her. "What? This? This is nothi..." Yacintha shut her mouth before she could utter the powerfueled word. For a moment she said nothing while her mind raced trough the words she could use. "This... Uhm... Is for a little project of mine?" Even she herself noticed how unconvincing it sounded, but it was no lie. "Maybe you can help? I ...Uhm... Lllost? one of the plants, it's an elder tree. I don't know were it went." On purpose she stretched some words out to feel if they had power or not. Yacintha also didn't know if it was a good idea to trust a stranger, he could just tell one of the teachers.
  6. Monica walked into the doors of the academy before turning around with a slightly frustrated sigh. "Oi, hurry up, McKellen; we're already late," she called before continuing to walk. She heard her fried grunt in slight annoyance as he carried both hers and his bags. "Maybe you could carry something for once?" Connor suggested with a roll of his eyes as he gritted his teeth. He earned an, "I'll think about it," from Monica as she didn't even bother to glance back at him. "These things are extremely heavy. What's even in your bags anyways?" Connor finally set them down in the hallway, carrying only his bags now as Monica rolled her luggage beside him. "Only the bare necessities…" Monica replied nonchalantly, waving him off with her free hand (as she carried all of her bags in one hand or on her shoulder).

    Monica carried her things up to her dorm and dropped them on the first bed she saw before heading back to the hallway to meet up with Connor once again. As she walked, she wondered who her roommate would be. Last year, she had gotten a girl by the name of Asia Robertson—whom she didn't get along with. She hoped the person she roomed with this year was actually interesting to her instead of boring as Asia had been. Monica had been so caught up in her thoughts that she hasn't realised she had bumped into someone. After saying a quick apology, she looked up only to roll her eyes. "Oh," she said. "It's only you." Connor raised an eyebrow. "What a way to greet the guy who carried your bags into the school, Short Stack," he said, a hint of amusement in his words. Monica ignored that and walked away, making a ghost of a smirk appear on Connor's face as he followed her, his long legs making him catch up with the shorter girl in no time.
  7. Caleb raised an eyebrow at the girl, but decided not to question her story. He glanced at the plants and then around "Was the tree in a pot holder? If so maybe its leaving a trail of dirt" He said an started to walk around. " So what kind of project do you have on the first day of school?" He asked the girl while looking around a corner. He stopped to think for a minute, "Have you checked the courtyard or the greenhouse? If its an elder tree then it might be looking for somewhere to rest after the long journey down a hallway"
  8. Yacintha was suprised that he was willing to help, more suprising was the fact that he had practical ideas as to where to search. "I haven't checked the gree.... those places. It's bad if it goes to the greenhouse, there is an ivy there." She didn't say anything further about it, afraid that there would be too many words that would cause trouble. "It's a project appointed by my family." No words this time. Relief washed over her for a moment when she realized she hadn't watched her words and nothing happened. "Let me handle something forst, it was stu... not smart to do this before." She leaned over the plants that were still following her and she started whispering so soft that she could barely hear it herself. "Go to my room, hide when there are people. Stay focused." At those words the plants ran away and Yacintha turned around again to smile at the boy. "They are just like little chil... Damn it... kids." She ignored the fact that she still didn't explain anything and started searching for dirt.

    Meanwhile the plants hurriedly run in a line like ducklings to the dorms. They avoided doors because they couldn't open them and they climbed walls outside as the only solution. They hid when people where near and came out of the shadows when no one was in sight. They quickly found the open window of Yacintha's room and went trough it. They entered and were suprised by a person already being there. As soon as they saw the person they hid under the bed. Sadly enough they didn't know that they were easily seen from under the bed.
  9. Caleb smiled slightly, "Your a witch who hasn't quite figured out how to keep spells out of their vocab right? But that sounds awesome, i wish i had a project of taking care of things" He said and walked around. "Found something!" He said and knelt down. Their was a patch of dirt in the corner of the room. He frowned slightly "Though i don't see anything following it. This might just be one of your other plants mess" Caleb got up "Theres no way they could like open doors is there?"
  10. For a moment she stared blankly at his comment. Oh I know how to keep them out of my vocab. Next time I will call out a whole circus, instead of attempting to call a greenhouse with children. My 'gift' doesn't allow me to not use power words so why not just make the best of it and have some fun while we are at it. Of course Yacintha said nothing of what she tought, it was too sarcastic for somebody who was nice to her. The fact that there were too many risky words didn't help along either. Instead she just commented on the second part he said. "I have to do more than just caring for them." "Found something!" Her fleeting thoughts quickly left and she looked at what he found. It was true, there was a pile of dirt but no trail. "They can't open doors but the can snea... lurk around someone who opens a door. I don't know if it's di... ground from the elder tree tough." Actually Yacintha had a small spell that she had learned from her parents to identify wich plant had used the dirt. The problem was that she didn't like to blatantly flail around the fact that she was a warlock. Maybe a little lie is alright for this once. "I know a spell but..." A loud crash could be heard and Yacintha was sure that it came from the greenhouse. "That idiotic plant, it knew that it shouldn't go near the ivy." She was lucky that there were no words this time. Quickly she gave a smile to the boy, "Feel free to follow." and went in the direction of the greenhouse.
  11. Allise walked around the castle, walking slowly in an effort to take in her surroundings better. She closed her eyes, listening to the sounds around her, when she was surprised to find what looked like an elder tree in a pot, running around on legs made of roots and leaving a trail of potting soil behind it. She watched it, surprised, and found herself following it down the hall, keeping a safe distance away in case the errant plant did anything out of turn. Although, the plant was already walking around on two legs, so what else could possibly happen?

    The plant kept walking, and eventually made its way outside before it headed toward the greenhouse. Allise sped up now, attempting to catch the tree. She knew from her Herb and Plant studies class last year that ivy has parasitic affects on elder trees, and that letting it so much as come in contact with the plant could have catastrophic results on the plants health and well being. She started to speed walk, quickly catching up with the slow tree and gently picking up the pot it was (more or less) rooted in. "It's ok, little plant.Go to sleep and return to your rightful place." As she spoke the magical words, the plant stopped struggling to get free as it once was and stopped struggling as it's roots retracted and it stopped moving, returning to it's stationary state. She gathered more soil from the ground and added it to the nearly empty pot as two other students ran up to her, an older looking male and female. She guessed them to be third or fourth years.

    "I found this little guy roaming the halls. Is he yours?" Allise asked affectionately, standing up and holding out the pot with dirt encrusted hands. The girl took the pot gratefully and smiled. "I'm guessing the answer is yes. I'm Allise, by the way. nice to meet you both." Allise said politely, holding out her hand for a shake toward the couple.
  12. Caleb frowned slightly "wouldnt someone notice a tree trying to sneak past them?" He is about to ask what the but was leading to but then hears the ruckus. "Might as well follow you and see whats up" He starts walking only to be stopped by a girl, probably a few years younger then him. "Oh, hey thanks. Mine name is Caleb. Nice to meet you" He says and shakes her hand. He glances at the tree and sees that its soil wasn't as full as the others, meaning some of it must of fallen out, which still begged the question of how someone would not notice a tree behind them
  13. At arriving at the greenhouse a girl stopped her and showed the pot. Relief washed over Yacintha like a mother who found her lost child when she took over the pot. "Thank you Allise." She almost sighed the words and it made her realize how worried she actually was. "This chil... youngling thinks he is like his mothertree, big, strong, invinci..." She cut of her sentence with that, not bothering to find another word for it. "Obvious choice to call them elder tree, they know their ways. Like lurk... sneaking around someone." For a moment she frowned at the word before she smiled softly at both of them. "I'm Yacintha, nice to meet you and thank you for the help." Suddenly she was reminded about an accident that happened with other plants last time she was visiting home. "My mother would ki... punish me if she knew this. She hates it when I don't handle plants right." For a moment she had the feeling that she forgot something, untill she remembered it. "THE OTHER PLANTS!!"
  14. Caleb listens to the girl speak, "That's a really interesting name" he says with a smile. He glances at the plant and sees why its called the elder tree, it looks like a grandpa kinda. however much a plant can look like one anyway. He flinches slightly when Yacintha yells
  15. "Thanks." Allise smiled at the boy. "I'm named after my mother's..." She was cut off by the girl screaming about her other plants. "There are more of these lite buggers roaming around? If you want, I can help you find them before the other students arrive." She looked at the girl, who still had a look of fear on her face. "If that is ok with you, of course."
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  16. Cecilia hummed happily while she lugged her staff on her right shoulder, her owl Soya soundly asleep on her left. Walking through the school, she couldn't help but notice how big the halls were but of course they were nothing compared to the trees in her homeland. Behind her, her luggage simply floated carrying itself while she headed for the dorms. Finally, she was here like many in her family before her. Now it was her turn to become great and make her parents even more proud. On her shoulder, Soya let out a short hoot before opening her eyes and stretching out her rather large wings. "Looks like someone is awake eh..?" She commented before petting the large owl.
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  17. Immanuel was surprised that he hadn't run into anyone during his walk around the academy halls. I find it odd that I haven't found any first years simply ogling over the magnificence of the academy's size... or just lost in the halls trying to find the dorms. Doesn't matter. I just need.... to... A loud crash resounded down the halls, in all likelihood near or at the greenhouse. Great, already something needs to be fixed. He began to make his way over, finding a small trail of dirt heading there. "How many times is this now..." He whispered and shook his head, walking into the greenhouse as Yacintha shouted something.

    "Bringing plants into the academy again?" Immanuel asked, the tone of his voice flat, almost uninterested. He didn't really even direct a glance at the three students who were there and looked around to see what had broke. Having something be broken before his school year began, unless somewhere he was directed not to be, meant some type of discipline was to be in order. He didn't want that.
  18. Caleb glanced up at the new voice, it was one of the other students who sticks around in the summer. If he remembered correctly, this guy was one of the people who the school put in charge of stuff. Classes hadn't even started yet and caleb felt like he was gonna be yelled at for just being around. "Uh, its not really her fault. The elder plant kinda snuck away from her and ended up here. But it seems like everythings gonna be ok now." Caleb said with a smile
  19. Yacintha looked at Allise who just offered to help search for them. She shook her head and hold the pot a bit tighter. "No, that's alright, I think they are in my roo... place already. I just completely forg... didn't remember about them for a moment." She was suprised when she heard a voice she knew well, the voice made her want to turn away and run. "Uhm hi Immanuel." Pissing off Immanuel was not a good idea, mainly because he had a connection to the schoolstaff but also because thay were both third years and often saw each other. Caleb started to defend Yacintha, wich she appreciated but felt like unnecesary. "This time it are tree... different plants. My parents got permission from the school as long as it didn't cause.... Wait a moment, that lou... noisy crash, what actually broke?" She started looking around when her vision stayed on one of the glass pannels of the greenhouse. Oh great. I think I need a restoration spell.
  20. Yacintha spoke to the other girl saying that the other plants were in her room already. She started to sound spooked when beginning to talk to Immanuel. The male student interjected and tried to defend Yacintha, which was noble but unnecessary. He had already received word that she was able to have the plants. Yacintha still spoke, Immanuel noticed, while shifting to other words when she was halfway through them. "Still trying to figure out what causes your words of power?" Immanuel asked, trying to sound a bit more human but he really didn't have much interest. That's when he spotted the broken panel of the greenhouse.

    Immanuel raised his staff, pointing it towards the broken panel. The crystal at the end of the staff began to glow brightly. He noticed it was brighter than if he was using a restoration spell, but was unsure if the others would notice. "Renovo Hyalus." He said, the glass shards that remained in the panel being the focus of the spell. They began to grow and mend together, slowly regenerating the glass panel without attempting to find all the glass shards. He would find those later, but the panel itself was more important of a repair. The plants don't exactly like to be exposed to environmental changes such as the difference in humidity between the greenhouse and the air outside it. I hope it will regulate itself and not be too much of an issue.
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