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  1. Allise Cambridge walked gracefully to the balcony of her bedroom overlooking her small countryside estate. She stood at the ledge, smelling the crisp autumn air and a faint whiff of excitement mixed in from her own anticipation. In just a few days, she would be returning to Almaria, eager to be back and training to enter the mysterious halls of the school once again. Those just beginning their six year journey at the school, having been notified during the summer of their acceptance to the prestigious school, would be giddy with excitement at finally entering the hallowed halls , where so many of the worlds finest witches, warlocks, and wizards were trained in the magical arts.

    She chuckled, remembering only last year her first experience at the school. She was expected to go already by her classmates and family, who early on had seen an advancement in her magic abilities, and was pleased yet not surprised when she found she had been accepted. Nevertheless, she was filled with butterflies as she prepared for her upcoming school year. She sighed deeply. This year is going to be great. I can already feel it.

    Sign-up sheets: (I will message you personally if you are accepted)

    Name: (Self explanatory)
    Age: (Based on years enrolled)
    What year: (Years 1-6 are acceptable, keep in mind 1st years are 12 and 6th are 18)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Type of magic user: (Witch, warlock, or wizard. Warlocks, though they perform the same magic as other users, do not need a wand to project the spells they cast. They are almost always linked with evil, though this is not always the case)
    Wand?: (Yes or no, depending on type of user. Can also be a staff)
    Physical Appearance: (Can be a picture or description)
    Personality: (How do they act?)
    Backstory: (The best part, in my opinion. Create the scenario that brought your character to this point!)
    Other: (Any other fun facts about your character?)

    Feel free to message me if you have questions. The RP itself is NOT here. This thread is strictly for sign-ups. There will be a list on the thread that says who has been approved.

    While I do allow multiple characters, I am limiting the amount to no more than two. I want this to be an active RP with active characters, which is why I will not let anyone create more characters that they can handle without forcing them into the background. :3


    Sign-up sheet

    Name: Allise Cambridge

    Age: 13

    What year: 2nd

    Gender: Female

    Type of magic user: Witch

    Wand?: Yes

    Physical Appearance: Allise is a short girl, just breaking 5'3" at age 14, with long brown hair almost to her waist and big blue eyes. Despite her size, her personality is huge and boisterous around people, making her seem taller by comparison.

    Picture: (Optional)
    Allise Cambridge (open)


    Personality: Allise is loud and boisterous, being nicknamed in her hometown "Firecracker" for her explosive attitude. She can be quiet at times, especially when she is nervous, to which she stands still as if paralyzed and cannot move. She is great at making friends, and when one is in danger, she will not hesitate to help.

    Backstory: Allise Cambridge was born in England, but moved soon after to grow up an only child being raised by her mother and father in various areas around the world, including homes in Ireland and Australia. She moved often because of her fathers job, and learned to make best friends quickly to always have someone to talk to, no matter where she was in the world. Allise, still a young child, soon realized her magical potential. She would often have tantrums as a child, and when these would occur she would almost always cause a small magical occurrence, such as a book levitating and her goldfish teleporting around the room. Her mother, realizing her potential as a witch, enrolled her early at Almaria. However, during this time of joy, something was bound to go wrong. Her mother soon became gravely ill with an unknown disease, and became bedridden, forcing Allise to be home caring for her while her father was busy earning money for the family.

    When the time came for her mother, Allise was devastated. Her mother was her rock. She could share anything with her and know it was their little secret. No longer burdened by his sickly wife, her father was able to get a better paying job, but that meant her father would be gone on business trips most of the time. After being home alone for so long because of her fathers absence, it came as a great relief for the both of them when her acceptance letter came in the mail, Allise having a place with people to watch over her, and her father no longer having to leave her alone for so long. Allise had never had a real interest in magic, but because her mother practiced it, she wanted to keep her legacy alive by attending Almaria.

    Other: -She has 2 cats
    -She learned to play the violin
    -She speaks fluent French, because her dad has French roots.

    Rules and Regulations (open)

    -Max of two characters per person. Exceptions may be made later on, depending on how many people join.

    -NO god-modding or invincibility. I realize your characters are magical, but they are students. No beginning level magic student of any age will be able to have any sort of OP abilities or become invincible.

    -Romance is allowed between characters, but nothing smutty or over PG-13. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. If anyone is caught doing this, they will be removed from the RP immediately. This is an RP for all ages, and I don't want to scare away any potential joiners.

    -Any questions can be answered by PMing me. When in doubt, ask me or post your question in the thread. Do not assume you know the answer.

    -If you realize you have to be gone for a long period of time and the RP has started, PM me and we will work out something for your character to do while the RP progresses. Don't worry, it won't involve killing you off... maybe. :3

    Again, if you have any questions, PM me or post it in the thread.
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  2. I have a question. What is the difference between a warlock and a wizard?
  3. A warlock is any magic user, boy or girl, that does not use a wand to perform magic. They are thought of as different because they do not need a wand to perform spells. Sorry for any confusion! I will update this in the thread. Thank you for pointing this out. :)
  4. Name: Lillian (Lelli) Dewpoint

    Age: 17

    What year: 5th

    Gender: Female

    Type of magic user: Warlock

    Wand?: Nupe.

    Physical Appearance:
    Noble, stately, proper, royal, vacant. Lelli looks peculiarly similar to the estate in which she lives, as if she's been there so often and for so long that their lives, both hers and the house's, have taken on the same visage. Lelli stands just a bit taller than most girls her age at a thin and lanky 5' 8'', her wrists thin, her thighs slight, neck slender and fingers careful. Her hair is as orderly as long wavy hair of brown can be, and her eyes, analytical bazaar colored things, hide behind lashes like dusty curtains. She walks as if she's got a pair of glasses on her head and often clasps her hands tightly in front of her stomach. The only disorderly bit about her is a cluster of light reddish freckles smattered across the bridge of her nose, and she seems secretly unhappy about their existence.

    Not one to speak unless spoken to or without a grave or snarky thing to say, Lelli isn't one for idle conversation and in fact rarely engages with people. If one didn't know her - and quite honestly, few do - he might think she was simply too arrogant, too raised upon her high horse, to deign to speak to a "commoner". As nice as it would be to say that this was untrue, I can't. I can't call it factual either. Lelli walks the thin line between observant and judgemental, and what eerie thoughts she has stay strictly within her own mind.

    Lillian Dewpoint is an enemy of little, friend to few and mystery to all. Her backstory, if it can even be called that, flaunts an awful shroud and frustrating sense of vauge. Most of what is known comes from the rumors of the small town in which she resides, the most common one being that "nobody knows that girl - why heavens, I doubt her own parents know that girl!" (or at least, as the neighbors would put it). Only a few things can be agreed on all around. Not many people go to see her. She supposedly lives alone in a large and otherwise abandoned estate, run only by who-knows-who. She's always been alone, will most likely die alone, and perhaps, as far as anybody knows, won't ever die.

    She's often seen toting around a notebook and a tooth-beaten pencil, but it's unknown whether or not she actually writes in it.
  5. Accepted! I'm excited to build on the notebook, maybe finally see what's inside..? Anyway, you are accepted.
  6. name: Gaylemindise(Gail) Harbenger
    wand: transforming sythe.
    phys: short dark brown hair(pixie cut with bangs). Mocha skin,hazel eyes(glow with magic use. About 5'4. Dresses in cargo pants and crop tops,with combat boots.
    personality: Very reserved due to being shunned fears rejection. Very outspoken when working on her poetry. Often fades to background or goes unnoticed.
    backstory: her family though witches and not evil have the misfortune of being gifted in the power of death. Therefore being feared and thought to be bad luck. Othes in magic society even call her Jinx.
    Other: she carries a black leather bound grimoir said to hold her poems if darkness
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  7. @LMTWubstep, you are accepted. However, how can she be 13 and in the 6th year? Change that and you are accepted.
  8. Are you still open for sign-ups?
  9. @Mackenzie , yes we are! The more the merrier :)
  10. Name: Monica Renée Hadley

    Age: 15

    What year: 4th

    Gender: Female

    Type of magic user: Witch

    Wand?: Yes

    Physical Appearance: She has long, naturally wavy black hair that reaches passed the midsection of her back when worn down, which it usually is. It's also quite messy due to her tendency not to brush or comb it. Her skin is dark and she has an even complexion with no blemishes, beauty marks, or freckles in sight. Her light brown eyes are quite narrow, with long eyelashes. Her lips are big and she usually dons a crooked smile (to match her crooked personality, of course). She's around 5'2" tall.

    Personality: Monica is cunning and fond of trickery, and prefers tricking her opponents rather than dealing with them physically. Shes a habitual liar, and is pretty good at it, too. She's a bit of a brat and she lacks a sense of fair play, being most likely to cheat (whether it be on a test or a game) if she believed she could get away with it. Monica, while not always eager to fight someone, enjoys seeing friends fight each other. She often tries to create pointless conflict between others solely for her own enjoyment. She's disrespectful to her peers, both friends and enemies alike, always making them the butts of her jokes or otherwise mocking them. However, she holds her tongue around superiors (when they're present; she does mock them as well when only her most trusted of friends is around).

    Backstory: She was born to a long line of witches and wizards. Her mother and father, a witch and wizard (respectively), are both very successful and strict people, expecting their children to follow in their footsteps, be extremely successful (not just after they graduate, but in school as well).
    They have another daughter, Mariah Rose Hadley, that goes to the same school as Monica, but is a year younger. They always favourited Mariah over Monica, since she was more like how they wanted Monica to turn out like. Monica's parents always had high expectations of her, and since she she didn't feel like she could live up to them, she wanted her parents to know how much they were stressing her out. She tried to prove it to them by acting out—once she got to the academy, she befriended people she knew her parents wouldn't like, got into trouble often, etc.—but that only made them more strict… which only served to make Monica more rebellious. Soon, it wasn't even about proving anything to her parents anymore—it became her personality.

    • Monica's "hatred" for her little sister is completely one-sided. Her little sister looks up to Monica and loves her greatly, but Monica ignores her at school. Before Monica started acting out, she and Mariah were actually inseparable, but they grew apart.

    • She's sensitive about her height. Connor, her best friend, calls her "short stack", a nickname she loathes.

    Name: Connor Matthew McKellen

    Age: 16

    What year: 4th

    Gender: Male

    Type of magic user: Wizard

    Wand?: Yes

    Physical Appearance: Connor is quite tall, standing at around 6', and has a lean yet muscular build, due to the fact that he plays various sports. He has pale skin, with light freckles dotted across his nose, but they aren't noticeable unless you're really close and are looking for them. His hair is dark brown, almost a borderline black color, and is naturally wavy. It reaches past his shoulders to his upper back, but he usually wears it in a messy lower ponytail. Connor's eyes are a dull brown and are usually slightly narrowed or bored-looking and he has straight eyelashes. He usually dons a slight frown or a disinterested expression on his face. He sometimes wears glasses (because he's supposed to), though not very often.

    Personality: Connor is quite smart (though he doesn't do his homework very often) and has a great deal of common sense, and greatly disapproves of Monica's deceitful ways (he also thinks she's an idiot, but he still likes her). Strong and silent, Connor rarely speaks to people other than her, but when he does, he doesn't say much and the things he does say are usually witty or sarcastic. He's a bit insensitive, irritable, and blunt, and has been referred to on numerous occasions as an asshole, which he is. He's polite to people in authority positions (though the sincerity of his politeness is debatable; he tends to chuckle whenever he hears Monica bad-mouthing any authority figures), though he tends to ignore the new children brought to the island unless they directly address him. However, he can be caring when the situation calls for it (when someone is hurt, etc.). While he seems to be emotionless, he does have strong emotions; he just keeps them inside. Sometimes, when greatly angered, he lets his emotions take control (and later regrets it).

    Backstory: Connor lives in an apartment with his mother and younger half-brother, Damian. His father and mother split up a long time ago, and Connor doesn't really care about him too much, since his mother has a partner that both Connor and Damian like. Because of the absence of a father figure and be and Damian's life, Connor had to grow up a bit quicker and was the "man of the house" from a young age. His mother always wanted the best for him and his brother, making sure that they always had what they needed. She made sure Connor and Damian befriended the other kids in the apartment complex (which they did—Connor plays football and basketball with the other boys whenever he has free time, sometimes letting Damian play, too, if he wants). Damian isn't a wizard like Connor is, and was extremely jealous when Connor could go to the Academy and he couldn't, but he loves his brother all the same.

    • He's insecure and thinks that he's a pretty ugly bloke, so but he covers his insecurities up by being a sarcastic asshole.

    • His feelings for Monica are purely platonic, as she kind if reminds him of his brother. He once called her "Damian" on accident, but she didn't seem to notice.

    (( I suck at backstories, sigh. But I hope this is okay! ))
  11. Aww don't say that :3 @Mackenzie , you are accepted!
  12. I took the time to write this up before seeing if sign-ups were still taking place. Although, 5 characters doesn't seem like a lot to me. :/ Anywhatsit, I'll leave this here. Anything that needs to be changed can be. :P Hope it's all good.


    Name: Immanuel Scott

    Age: 14

    What year: 3rd

    Gender: Male

    Type of magic user: Warlock

    Wand?: Not a wand, but a staff.

    Physical Appearance: Immanuel is of fairly average height, standing at 5'7". Although he doesn't work out, he is still quite toned and fit because of the work he does for the academy over the breaks. He likes to keep his black hair short and neatly trimmed so that his bangs don't hang in front of his sapphire blue eyes. Immanuel is almost never seen without his staff, which is 4' long and has a small orange spherical crystal embedded in the top of it.

    Personality: Immanuel is a kind and compassionate individual who will do what he can to help the people around him that he calls his friends. However, Immanuel comes off as cold and perturbed to those he has not taken the time to get to know. Much of his personal time is taken up by studying more advanced magics as classified by the school, more often than not, getting him into trouble with the higher-ups. He understands the stigma associated with being a warlock, as most end up doing or just generally being evil. He has learned to channel his magic through a staff for this reason.

    Backstory: Immanuel always found the fact that he had magical ability astounding because of his family's lack of people who could use magic. He discovered his gift on his 8th birthday after his mother dropped his birthday cake. Immanuel's quick reaction time made it so the cake just barely levitated above the floor. Sadly, his parents disowned him and sent him to live in a boarding home for the magically gifted. It's still a sore subject that he doesn't like to dwell on. Immanuel received his invitation to the Academy on his 12th birthday and has been living (is this a thing?) on school grounds since then.

    Other: Although most academy officials know that he is a warlock, Immanuel and most of the paperwork done for him says that he is a wizard. It's quite hard to tell because he rarely preforms magic without an implement of some kind.

    Over the summer and breaks that the academy has, Immanuel normally stays there and helps out around the school as he really doesn't have a home to call his own. However, Immanuel would gladly stay at someone's house if invited. (Really only applies if you plan to have us RP the breaks and downtime of the academy)
  13. @tathgon

    You are accepted! And you are correct, 5 isn't very many characters. I am hoping to get up to 7-8 before starting the RP, but for anyone else who has already joined, feel free to make another character! Max of 2 per person. Maybe I'll ask someone to make a banner to get more people...
  14. I want to join just give me time.
  15. I am joining, just working the kinks out of my CS and I will post it!
  16. I wonder if she is a bit of a mary-sue. I hope not.

    Name: Yacintha Blommesteyn
    Age: 15
    What year: 3th ( 1st year repeater)
    Type of magic user: Warlock
    Wand?: no

    Physical Appearance: Her length is 5'6 and she often wears casual clothes that are on the dark or natural coloured side.[​IMG] (it's a selfportrait of somebody else)

    Personality: She is quickly irritated since she often can't express herself. She thinks a lot and isn't a conversationalist, talking requires a lot out of her. When she does talk she is honest and would never lie, it only brings trouble. Her classmates know her for her silence and her love for games. She will even do the most childish thing in existence as long as it is a game. She is a forest dweller and you can often find her in forests or the greenhouse caring for the plants. She isn't a caring person but she feels responsebility.

    Backstory: Yacintha is from a traditional family line of forest witches and wizards. Her parents weren't strict or rich, but they did have a lot of rules and forests in their possesion. The rules were bendable and forests were everchanging, but the family stays the same. That's why it came as quite a suprise that Yacintha was a warlock rather than a witch. And if being a warlock wasn't bad enough her words started to gain meaning. Whatever she said became literal, if she told someone to die out of anger then that person would die, if she said pigs could fly while she was near them than it would fly.. Her parents saw no other solution than forbidding her to talk. When she got accepted in the academy she still didn't allow herself to speak. Her first year was entirely spent on controlling her 'gift' and speaking the right way. Of course this caused her to repeat her first year since she learned nothing else than to talk. She still thinks quite long before she anwsers and tries to be carefull with what she says. Only people with patience can be her friend but she hasn't found anyone like that.

    Other: She has two sisters (Acelya and Mintisa) and one brother (Cyrano). All the family names have a connection to plants. She rather lives in the forest over the breaks than go home. At home she has the urge to yell at her annoying siblings and in the forest she can do whatever she wants, especially singing.
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  17. @groundporkchops , take your time! Better to have a good CS then to rush and not have it be as good as it can be.

    @loviebeest , you are accepted. I like how you added the fact that her whole family specializes in forest magic. :)
  18. May I join??
  19. Yep, go ahead!
  20. Room for another? I'll try to have my sign-up sheet up sometime later today.
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