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  1. Alright, Quiet Musician, here's our OCC for this RP.


    Here's my charrie, again. I'll probably post the other characters as well, but they're side charries. Also, feel free to just go crazy with filling charrie spots when they come up, like for the people our group will run across, or the problems that will drag them away. I have a ton of them, but am not sure if I'll run them all or not. I tend to keep a stash of them in my back pockets for such occasions....

    And just an FYI, I'm posting my original intro to this story cause - it's just easier. I didn't want you thinking I was going to just repost all the old stuff. Nope, just the OP. I'm horrible at collecting all my thoughts for my OPs for some reason, but once I start - there's no stopping me. XD!

    Kerinna (Keri) Gott


    22 year old female
    Build - Tall and curvaceous – 5’7” and mostly leg; hair is a dirty blond, with light blue eyes and fair complexion.
    Orientation: Straight

    Occupation: Hearbalist/Healer Student working part time after hours at an old rundown doctor’s office, and works full time at the Kitchens as the Inventory Record Keeper.

    Possessions: Has a journal where she writes her thoughts and another for all of her herbology notes, a few study books and letters from her mentor she keeps nearby – helpful quotations and reminders about new plants discovered that should never be forgotten. She also carries a metal box with a sample of the original formula her mentor created that has proven successful in breaking down the cause of the overgrowth of the earth’s plant life.

    Likes: Helping those in need. And, in spite the fact that the world was overran by then, she still liked the neutral plant life that were born to nurture and heal. The few created were visions of her mentor, and his knowledge of life before The Fall is how he was able to harvest such healthy greenery.

    Dislikes: People who move their lips and lies fall out, and rain – she’s not thrilled about the damaging rains that continues to spread the toxins the plant overgrowth has created.

    Her Fears: To die before she can save her family, and to die by this disease caused by the very plants she adore.

    Personality: She use to be full of life and a total goofball, but after her parents’ and her sibling’s passed due to the plagues attacking mankind, and she took responsibility for her and her surviving family members – Clair (14) and Jack (10), Keri has turned into a really harden, pained, no nonsense young woman to keep things in line.

    She fights to maintain some resemblance of a happy family, as well as, fights to keep poachers, renegades, and scavengers away from the settlement that has been her home for as long as she can remember. Her focus is now to keep her little family alive...but after her and her mentor, Dr. Derick Heinsmen, discovered something amazing dealing with the Allsky, Keri realized that the only way she can truly keep her family alive, is to help keep everyone alive.

    Strong sides: She's strict, not so much to avert fairness but enough to command control in a situation and maintain stability within the box she lives in. Being in control of her situation is what she takes pride in, but it falls within the category of nurturing & organization, not authority. Her control comes from within the realm of care and cultivation of plant life and siblings.

    Weak sides: A strong leader, but her inner struggles and her lack of knowledge about the rest of the world are her weakness; lowering her self esteem when faced with a situation outside her normal control. Anything outside of her comfort zone causes a lack of control which she is uncomfortable in confronting alone.

    Skills: Has skills in herbology and mineralogy for medicine, and has developed a method of harvesting plants without the complete use of water or soil throughout its maturing. Keri is also an intermediate nursing student under Dr. Derick.
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  2. Tsu'tey Windrider

    24 Year old male
    Build - He is unnaturally tall, standing at about roughly 6'10. He is very muscular and well toned.

    Occupation: Hunter for the what remains of the Windrider Clan. He is also one of the scouts to discourage intruders from trespassing on his tribal lands.

    Possessions: He has a long bow that is five feet in height. He always carries with him a hunting dagger made of bone and a combat knife that he received as gift from his brother before he passed away to disease.

    Likes: It's actually safe to say that Tsu'tey doesn't have many likes. For him and his clan it's all about survival. He will verbally say that he is fond of something, but rarely ever will you hear him say like. It's known that he is fond of fruit and hunting.

    Dislikes: People who are uneducated about the land of which they walk. He also dislikes ignorance and people who kill animals without a care. He hates those who waste things. Especially food and animals carcasses.

    His Fears: To lose his sacred lands and those he loves forever.

    Personality: Despite Tsu'tey's hardened look, he has a very good sense of humor. He is amused by watching trespassers fall victim to his traps and by those who are actually curious enough to learn his customs. Tsu'tey is mostly quiet and prefers to let his actions speak louder than his words. He doesn't tolerate stupidity and is wise when it counts. He does not offer advice or help unless asked. He is very observant, almost unnervingly so.

    Strong sides: Tsutey is a great hunter. He is agile and a quick thinker. He is very brave and loyal to those who can gain his trust. He never leaves anyone behind and believes that everyone always has a choice.

    Weak sides: Tsu'tey has a horrid time conversing with those outside his clan. He also likes to be carefree and sometimes it gets him into to tight situations. He can be a little reckless and finds discomfort in unfamiliar territory. Tsu'tey is quick to kill anyone that is selfish or anyone that he deems to be useless.

    Skills: As stated above, Tsu'tey is a skilled hunter and tracker. He is good and finding fresh water and harvesting it from what his people call safe trees. He is also good at telling whether or not an animal is safe to eat.
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  3. Awesome! Tsu'tey is really interesting, and will be a complete contrast to Keri.

    Hey, I see the possibility that he'll dislike her at the start, but I'm curious about how he'll feel about her when he learns about her quest to save the planet from the overgrowth.
  4. Hey, I've been thinking about this a bit. Since you're not incorporating the bioluminescence, which was one of the oddities that turns Keri off at the beginning about the guide. Instead, Tsu'tey's tribe is the unique thing here.

    These native tribes that have been around even before the fall of the earth, were not know. No one knows that they exist. So, when he does explain who he is to them, Keri and Castor both will be uncomfortable about trusting their lives to him.

    Keri will soon realize that his people have become masters of this new, distorted land and they happen to have their ways of successfully managing the Overgrowth. I think his people's ways of survival will become part of the cure for the earth she's carrying to the city to be accessed.
  5. I'm sorry I made things a little complicated. Actually, Tsu'tey's tribe is dying from the bioluminescence. They aren't immune. As I mentioned above, Tsu'tey's brother died to disease. They've just managed to fight it for a long time. Tsu'tey might be able to help with the cure however.
  6. You know, I like that. At first, the concept of the biolumi was a mutation that is highly shunned by the Sheltered, but revered by the Survivors of the land. But, with this, biolumi is part of the disease of the Overgrowth, a byproduct of the Allsky. It's not something glamorized by others and is actually dangerous to humans.

    The Sheltered have no clue about this disease, but it has hit them in its basic form - which doesn't glow like what is seen across the land. So, Keri's cure for this disease in its entirety (the Overgrowth) is not actually completed. What she's hoping she can learn in the city is what is actually missing that can make her cure successful. Tsu'tey is the key to this element.

    I'm actually wondering, depending on how long it takes for them to travel across the land to the city, if Keri ends up contaminated with the mid or high level of biolumi that Tsu'tey's people struggle with daily. But, since she is not a Survivor, her body is not capable of handling such an attack. The Sheltered has weaken immune systems that have not evolved like the Survivors who have lived within the Overgrowth for generations. Therefore, the need for a successful cure becomes more vital for the very person with the formula for such is dying of the very illness she's hoping to fight.

    (Um, I see a twist in just this part alone between scientist and Keri, as well as the scientist and Tsu'tey that might make things difficult even more later on....)

    Tsu'tey then is faced with a difficult choice - supporting this cure in the way it's required of him to. Possibly a sacrifice that pulls him from his people, or that might mark him as tainted in his people's eyes? I believe this all depends on what transpired between our charries and what happens throughout the story. But anywho, such thoughts are brainstorms - and your input is very much grateful. I would love to hear what you think and what ideas you have.

    Oh, and about this disease, what will be the symptoms, the drawbacks to the body at the basic to the advance stage? If you have ideas on this, feel free to bring them to the table.

    Okay, brainstorming is over... I can go on and on, for there's so many interesting pathways we can take with just what basic background and plotting we've already established. Anywho, loving everything so far, and if I have some ideas on the cure, I'll definitely post them here too.
  7. Tsu'tey's brother had symptoms such as drowsiness. This was the disease in basic form. And from that it became a fever. At it'd final stage, the organs began to fail or shut down. It's a slow death overall as Tsu'tey brother was sick with the disease for a month before it finally killed him. However, it is important to note that not everyone in Tsu'tey's tribe has this disease. It spreads through contamination of water, food, etc. Of course this disease may mutate, but I will leave that open for later discussion.

    As far as the city is concerned, is there a set distance of travel you had in mind. I was thinking maybe like a week or so, but I am not really sure. I suppose it might be difficult to write about their travel over the course of a week unless you wanted to plan events ahead of time. I do have some ideas, like Tsu'tey perhaps teaches them to hunt or how to avoid burglars and slave traders. Things they may not know. Also, what direction is it in?

    I am also curious about Tsu'tey's payment. He is not really looking for money. He is looking for a way to save his people. He believes that by working as a guide he will receive some clue as to how he can cure the people in his tribe. Depending on how our characters interact with each other, might it be possible that Tsu'tey makes Keri or her friend promise that they save his people in case he falls victim to disease or the Overgrowth?

    I like the idea of Tsu'tey becoming an Outsider even to his own tribe, but I find it to be slightly counter productive since he received his father's blessing to go on the quest and that his entire tribe is depending on him to bring back a cure for the disease. If Tsu'tey wasn't allowed to go back, wouldn't that also mean his people would reject his help and eventually perish from sickness?

    They are just things to consider.
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  8. So, basic form is drowsiness. Middle stage is fever, and final is organ failure/shutdown. Alright. Where in the stages would you consider the slowly increasing illumination to occur? I was thinking this mutation comes within the middle stage - if the person survives the fever, the result is the development of the small bubble like clusters that form in various places on open skin, in areas that are normally not covered. Due to the never-ending darkness the Allsky causes, blocking out the sun, this disease creates this biolumi mutation that is a blessing and a curse for animals and humans. It gives light at will, but destroys the body slowly. When the biolumi develops, that's when the disease is at its full effect, and the final stage begins the end. If that sounds reasonable, then we have a timeline somewhat of the development of the disease that we can calculate our charrie's adventure with. That is, if we decide to allow Keri to become infected.

    Speaking of being infected. Contaminated food and water... If they're capturing wild game, which is already contaminated with the biolumi disease in various stages, Tsu'tey will know how to spot the good from the bad, but when they're forced to separate, due to whatever situation we come up with, then she might end up having to hunt for herself. His lessons on safe animals didn't quite stick in her mind. Therefore, we have a way she ends up contaminated. I just don't see her getting sick with Tsu'tey is around. So, if this occurs when they've been captured by raiders or whatnot, then the time between their separation and their reunion will be the beginning to the middle stage of the disease's development. Therefore, in a sense, there's a race to the larger city, hoping that whatever she had with her for the scientist will be exactly what's needed for this cure.

    ( Break in thought here - I need to send my thoughts to you on the raider concept. I'm using parts of one of my old RPs, Dog Eat Dog, in order to develop the twisted situation behind the entire story. A lot needs to change with it, so I'll make sure to send it to you for collaboration.)

    Distance travel and the other cities - I have that under the Dog Eat Dog RP as well. I'll send that to you, or just post it all under the OOC for discussion. I had a map, but I need to find it again in my files. My thoughts back in the day was that the distance between the bastion and the big city is about a week or less. But, with the issues that arises (scavengers stealing things they have to retrieve, wild animals and mutated plants causing them to move off path in order to find shelter, and the biggest issue - raiders kidnapping them for unknown reasons, which throws their time frame completely off schedule) it'll take longer to reach the city than expected. I'll send you the deeper story set up, like I've mentioned before, and we'll use your ideas to alter the set up to make this story unique and completely twisted.

    Oh, and just an FYI, Castor is either going to be a CAG (Come and Go Charrie) or a Kill Off. I'm not quite sure about what to do with him, but he's a twist in the story that may or may not happen.

    I like this idea. Keri and Castor can continue to bring up payment, and he can continue to express what he rather have instead. This confusion can help the beginning emotions that they two will have about choosing this particular Guide. He doesn't seen to be qualified, and stereotypes are tagged on him because they don't understand. Cultural differences can bring about conflicts between him and Castor (who rather take lead on the entire journey), but Keri, being more understanding about unknowns, plays the peacekeeper. Possible...


    Oh true, I didn't see that in my blind rush of thought. True, that wouldn't work, but if you want to keep the idea of making a tough decision or becoming an outsider, then we ca come up with something different.
  9. I'm actually wondering about your thoughts if I was to bring an animal companion into this roleplay. I feel like it would typical of Tsu'tey to have a canine or a hawk by his side to assist him in hunting or on his travels. Tsu'tey would share a spiritual connection with his animal companion. I am leaning more towards him having a canine such as a wolf or a fox (I'm thinking fox). He could communicate with his animal companion by understanding its sounds and actions.
  10. That would actually be perfect.

    In my initial layout of this story, the Guide has a spirit as a companion, more like an angel. She communicated with him and told him of things that formed his future and the future of those with him, which helped tremendously when protecting a traveling caravan. His many successful tours across the dangerous territory, as well as the tons of heroic stories the travelers told of his miraculous saves, was what granted the old concept of the Guide the title of most accomplished Guide. But, due to the fact that he spoke out loud to the spirit that helped him, most people figured he was a bit crazy because to them he spoke to thin air.

    You can go with the animal companion, and even have Tsu'tey talk to his fox out loud like he's human. That can stir up more confusion and doubt with Castor and Keri, and he can see how these two different people deal with this mystery about him. Castor will be more frustrated about it, but Keri will eventually calm down and become curious about who Tsu'tey is talking to.

    Other than that, will his fox have the biolumi? Most of the animals of the Overgrowth are biolumi, but some have had a positive outcome of this mutation without being a carrier of the disease, and others have not. It became more of a disease for some, and they in turn have become carriers of that said disease. So, that I'll leave in your hands.

  11. I actually used your original concept for Tsu'tey animal companion. For the fox, it is a positive mutation and is thus not a carrier of the disease. However, she can be seen by Castor and Kerianna. She just can't be understood by them seeing as she speaks only in Tsu'tey's tribal tongue.
  12. Awesome!

    Oh, is it possible for tribal tongue to be taught to Outsiders? I think it would be really neat deeper in the story, for Keri to learn tribal. I can see how it can be of use when they are captured; to communicate around hostile people without alerting them of what they are plotting. If it's not too much of a tongue-twist, she might be able to pick up some words, or at least, learn enough to understand his words.
  13. I won't say no at this moment, but I feel that it is a language that is sacred to Tsu'tey's tribe. If he comes to trust her, maybe, but I feel like in order for Tsu'tey to teach her anything that she would have to have a special bond with him and his fox. It's very rare that Outsiders would be taught Tsu'tey's native language because of how secluded they are from everyone else. On top of which, Tsu'tey comes from a tribe that completely distrusts Outsiders.
  14. K

    And I seriously just lost my post.


    I'll try it again today... Sorry about that though.
  15. I am sorry that you lost your post. They were doing maintenance on the site yesterday. I will eagerly be awaiting your response.
  16. I've done some rethinking. Actually I've done a lot of it. After roleplaying a little bit about the Biolumi, I've decided against it being something harmful. The way it was described makes it seem harmless and almost helpful in some ways. I figure if that is the case I will make the disease that Tsu'tey's brother dies from similar to the one the people in Rivertree are suffering from. I will say that he got the disease from an animal that carried the it. Thus explaining why Tsu'tey and a handful of others in his tribe don't have the disease.

    Also, I've thought about some plot twisters. I know before you talked about the possibility of raiders kidnapping them. I figured we could incorporate that into the story as well. Did you have any thoughts on how or when that should happen?

    You mentioned Castor as being a Come-and-Go character or a kill-off, but I like the idea of him being there as support for Keri. Seeing as Tsu'tey and Keri have a little bit of a language barrier. To add to that, I feel like when Castor gains the friendship of Tsu'tey, Tsu'tey will more likely put the burden of his people on him rather than Keri.

    Anyway, I'm feeling like it's time the group have a little bit of fun, so I think I'm gonna have Tsu'tey show them some fun in the wild when he recovers. Does that sound okay? Are there any questions? Suggestions?
  17. Okay, yes; I'm loving your ideas and I agree to them. It turns the concept around to something different, more than before.

    Um, when it comes to raiders, I say we give out group time to travel, getting yo know each other and building trust with this pressing danger pushing them further off track.
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    Welcome back!
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