All's Hell That Ends Well [Redacted]

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  1. Sonera
    The dreamer.
    "But he was a sonera, and forevermore dreamt"


    Hey! The name's Pairjax, and this is a pitch for a way too complex idea of a one-on-one role-play.

    The Pitch (open)

    We're stuck in an eternal dream. In a world of illusions and impossible geometry, you open your eyes for the first time. I'm beside you. We don't know why we're here, but we'll find out.

    Explore a literally limitless possibility of M.C. Escher-esque terrain as we together create a distorted reality of the Hero's Journey. When we wake up, we're in a location where a set of completely illogical rules apply.

    For example: A world where music is always playing throughout the world around us, and matches the tone of the story. In this world, half of the terrain is a tranquil forest, and the other half is a mess of polygons and floating monoliths.

    The goal behind a world is to discover it's problem, and attempt to fix it. Perhaps the people inside the dungeon have never seen a sky, and you must bring them through all the great difficulties of the dungeon they must reach the top of the incredible fortress to see, for the first time, a sunset.

    One this goal is complete, you wake up. We'll return back to the world once we both go to rest. In real life, perhaps there could be slice-of-life style roleplaying, however this will be possible ONLY once the characters realize both are in dream-state, and give each other contacts THREE TIMES. This is because of the way dreams work, in which memory fades quickly so writing down the number will take three tries to complete the entire contact information.

    Every time you re-enter the dream, you forget ever meeting your partner. Once it is complete, however, we both shall recall in full what has happened at any previous time.

    This will be a game of collaboration and cooperation. I expect advanced level writing and no less, because this deals with some complex motifs and your character design is completely open. You can be whatever you want, just give me a character sheet!

    I won't have that much time every day, so I'll eventually create a calendar to show what days are available. For now, stay tuned!

    That is my plan. And hopefully it interests you! If anyone is interested, please let me know and I shall look at all people who notify me.

    Last things: I personally would like a girl as the other character, but that's not really necessary. I will not ever be interested in romance in this unless we've become good friends OOC and I feel it is comfortable for the characters and how they feel about each other (Yes, this includes if it's a male. My character will decide for himself.) And never. EVER. Anything erotic. When I mean romance, I mean friendly, small-time things. I'm a teen, and I'm not interested in doing anything like that in my roleplaying experience.

    My character will be decided later. I want some time to think more thoroughly on that. And it might also depend on the other person I choose, as well. And I don't really know if anyone will be interested in this, so if not I'll just have to give up. I am definitely just an amateur, anyways.

    Have a wonderful day!

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