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  1. Heyo ^-^

    This is a MxF partner request. I'm a guy and want to play the guy. I am willing to try whatever plot you want to try or any of the ones I list below. I really don't mind whether I play character A or B in these scenarios (I'm switch so yeah) Any humanoid characters are fine (elves, nekos, I really don't mind). It's likely I will play a human but I can change if you wish to suit your preference or the plot. Time period and setting is completely flexible. Assume this is open unless I post saying otherwise. I will post at least once per day, so the same for you would be great. My posts vary in length but will never be one liners. I'm in GMT but am usually up for some people in America. Here are the plots I'm fond of if you have none of your own.

    1. A is forced to take care of B after an accident that is the fault of A. Romance ensues.

    2. A and B seen each other across a bar. B approaches and A although reluctant at first begins to like B

    3. B has been sent to 'deal with' A (take that however you wish). B finds themself unable to got through with the deed

    4. A finds B at an auction. After purchasing them, A reveals they bought B because they want B to fall in love with them.

    5. Two strangers are on a train. A asks B if they would pretend to be their partner for A's parents one time. B agrees but things get serious.

    That's all! Reply here or PM me ^-^
  2. I am interested in your 5th idea very very much!
  3. I love the 4th idea! Just PM me if you would like to discuss details
  4. Ok, pm me if interested
  5. I like 2, 3, 4, and 5. If there's a specific one you wanna do out of those four I'd be up for it. Just PM me if you want to RP any of them. :)
  6. I'm interested in 1 & 5. Are you still accepting Roleplay partners?
  7. Yep, PM me ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.