All's Fair in Love and Terrorism

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    • The War on Terror is never fun to talk about. Countless lives are lost around the world and tempers flare at just the thought of the aggressors. But who are these aggressors? Who is the person behind the black mask and the gun? Who is to blame, really?

    • One x one between XWhySoSeriousX and Vorian

    • Fatin Abu Zaman
      Natalia Elizabeth Hunts
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  1. [​IMG]
    Fatin Abu Zaman
    Fatin stepped off the plane and into the gate of the Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. Taking a moment to stretch his legs and straighten his well tailored western-business suit, he looked first at his watch and then at the masses of people checking their phones to make sure they hadn't missed anything imperative on their nine hour flight home from London. As he stepped out of the gate tunnel and into the airport proper, his ears were assaulted by innumerable rings and buzzes of cellphones screaming for attention. People all around him were hurriedly reading their little screens, shocked painted plainly on their faces. Then, one by one, they looked up the the CNN broadcast playing on the television above gate tunnel.

    "BREAKING NEWS: Reports of an attack on a satellite broadcasting facility on the island of Hawaii. Armed men stormed the facility after a power outage. Multiple hostages and an unknown number of dead."

    The anchors on TV wore the same expression as those around Fatin in the airport. As the news temas cut to analyst after analyst, asking what this means, Fatin walked hurriedly through the airport, following the crowds of people. Suddenly the TVs all across the airport went blue and a strange staticy sound penetrated the entire building. When picture return just a minute later, it wasn't the face of bumbling news anchors that greeted the airport goers, or the entire American population, instead they were met with a computer generated figure, dressed in an all white three-piece suit. The figure stood against a black background, causing his most striking feature to stand out. the figure had no face. His head was simply a white oval. Although no mouth opened, the figure began to speak.

    "Americans, I am sure that by now you have heard of the attack on the satellite facility. While you all may be confused, perhaps even scared, I assure you, you have nothing to fear from me. I am not your enemy. I am simply a messenger, a harbinger if you will, and my message is for the leaders of your country. I speak not of your president, not of your Congress, I speak of and to those in the dark. The hand that signs the check and plays with the marionette that your country has become. You know who you are. And, so do I. You may think you are untouchable, hidden behind hundreds of millions of civilian lives, all of whom had nothing to do with the horrible crimes you have committed. You think your shield of innocence will protect you. I am here to say that it will not. Innocence never stopped you from achieving your aims, nor will it stop me from achieving mine. Citizens of America, I do not expect you to realize what has begun as of yet. But you soon will. My only hope is that once you do, you leaders will have already learned what I will teach them. Until we meet again."

    The screens went blue again and in another minute the new broadcast returned. No one moved. The anchors were speechless in their chairs, the people around Fatin stunned into paralysis. Then, all of a sudden, everyone rushed into motion. Fatin followed a massive crowd toward the airport exit after sending a single text message. He hurried to baggage claim like all of those around him and started toward the exit of the airport.

    As Fatin eared the exit, something caught his eye. Something in the crowd as wrong. A few people were pushing the opposite way from the masses, not going toward the exit but instead...they were coming toward him. Fatin looked up to the sky through the large windows, stopped walking and sat down. He watched five men dressed in various levels of professionality circle him. Then a woman, beautiful and fierce looking, approached him. He stood to greet her and the men surrounding him drew their pistols. He raised his hands in a show of submission, then stretched out his hand to the woman, "As-salamu alaykum, I'm sure you already know who I am, so lets not waste anymore of your taxpayers' time. Lead the way madame." Fatin said in a smooth but subtle Arabic accent, his natural voice.​
  2. image.gif

    "That I will do..." She said giving him a smile as she moved behind him and held both of his wrists behind him then gave him her acting bracelets and started reciting his rights. "You have the right to remain silent for everything you say can and will be held against you, so please Mr. Zaman, say everything I need do that we can make this easier on both of us..." It was clear that she wasn't afraid of him, but everyone that had a gun trained on him had been. She could see the fear in their eyes and honestly it as hilarious how she was the one without a gun and less afraid than the people holding them. Natalia became pushing him outside the exit and turned seeing everyone clapping, even when they hadn't known what was going on or why this man was being arrested. But after the news broadcasted and seeing an Arabian man stepping off the airplane could make people believe he was the personnel that caused it, they had known nothing but still assumed that he was the one who did it.

    The escorted him out the airport and placed him into the van outside that was waiting just for him and instead of getting in the car that was waiting behind the van she got into the van with him and told everyone with the gun to get in the other ban behind them. She wanted alone time with this man before anyone else could, because people were unethical and they would do something hasty to get what they needed. But Natalia had read up on him before they had come to apprehend him and she had figured that he could had handle anything that was thrown at him, no matter how unethical it got.

    "So I'm hoping that your ride was nice, I have a question though, was London as beautiful as I heard it was" she asked just striking up a normal conversation as if they were two friends that hadn't seen each other in a while. Natalia crossed her legs and leaned back against the cold of the van and sighed pushing some hair out of her face. She was the only person that could interview him because everyone had been afraid, they were anti-terrorism and yet everyone was afraid to ask a terrorist a question, so they tasked her with the job of extracting the information and putting him up for the rest of his life. Or if they decided it, pulling the plug on his life.

    "You have a lot of explaining to do, but I'm pretty sure you know is it as soon as you get off a plane an attack happens on a broadcasting facility, and then after we get word of that attack we get a broad cast...I don't know how you did it, but I know you did you can make this easy and just talk to me..." She said clearly, and precisely. Natalia hadn't raised her voice nor had she threatened harm his life. This was how she had to act because acting unethical would just lead to him shitting down even more than he already has, at least she had a chance to get him to open up to her this way.

    "Now I can get unethical and shoot you in the leg or put a knapsack over your head and drown you, but something tells me that you're a man who knows what he was getting into before he got into it, something tells me that even if I put you in the worst physical pain ever, you still wouldn't talk...and that's a good trait to have it really is...persistence to keep your mouth shut is very good trait...but we won't talk about this here...we can continue this conversation when we get you in an interview room" she said and it was as if it was rehearsed cause as soon as she said something, they had pulled up right where they needed to be. The SWAT team had opened the van doors and she hoped out of the van and let the men grab him and pull him into CIA headquarters where she would be interviewing him.

    She walked briskly in front of them as her heels clicked against the floor and her jacket moved back and forth as she continued to walk until they reached the interview rooms. She let the them escort him until they reached the room then she turned with a smile stepping behind Fatin leading him into the room. "I can take it from here...we'll take two coffees, make them sweet" she said before she shut the door behind them and moved him over to the chair letting him sit. "Now how about we talk like adults, tell me what I want to know and you get out of here. simple right?" She question giving him a smile as she sat in a chair across from him.
  3. Fatin returned her smile. She really was beautiful, and he had to acknowledge her lack of caution. Last time the CIA "captured" a terrorist in the homeland he blew himself up. HE sat back in his metal chair, feigning comfort. Ms Hunts, I assume you're not married, let's not pretend like you won't take me away to somewhere that doesn't exist no matter what I say or don't say. I know what your job is just as much as you do."

    He stood as the door opened and a young man with two coffees entered. "Thank you," Fatin said, "I would shake your hand but..." he giggled his cuffs behind his back. The CIA barista said nothing and turned to walk out of the room. Fatin sat back down in his chair and looked at the woman sitting across from him. The humor, along with all emotion, left his face. He picked up his cup with his now-free left hand and sat back, waiting.
  4. She let the man leave after giving him a slight node then turned her attention back to Fatin. "Why do you assume that I'm not married, I could be very happily married with two golden retrievers likely women my age" she said joking with him knowing full well that she was no where near married, or even trying to get married. "What about you Mr. Zaman, any one waiting for you at home with dinner made?" Natalia brought the cup up to her mouth blowing on the hot drink a little before taking a small sip tasting the sweetness of the French vanilla.

    "But you've caught me red handed, yes it's my job to apprehend you and make sure that you don't threaten the lives of Americans on American soil, but before I can send you to that far away place where no one can find you...I need you to tell me how and why you've attacked that brocating facility in Hawaii, and I need to know if there will be anymore attacks like that anywhere else...Fatin, if I may call you that...I need to know this and you're the only person with this we can make this easy or I can get unethical and waste both of our time cause I know I'm not getting it out of you that way..." She said then sighed noticing how serious he had just become.
  5. Fatin kept his face blank, speaking in a neutral tone, "We both know I am not the only one who can give you that information either. You could always ask your mole. He can tell you about the next attacks, yes, there are others. That is of course depending on whether or not you trust him to be your man."

    Fatin stood up, turned around and attached the handcuffs back around his wrists, speaking as he did so. "Ms Hunts, your continued reference to what you consider to be unethical is laughable. Or it would be if I had not heard the joke hundreds of thousands of times before. I suggest you come find me in whatever black hole you put me in after you fully understand the gravity of your situation. I hope your colleagues leave me with enough motor function to respond by the time you get there."

    Fatin walked toward the darkened glass window and looked up and through it. "I won't answer any more questions today." he said.
  6. "Okay...that's okay..." She sighed and looked down at the table licking her teeth. "But one thing..." She turned and looked at him without getting out of her seat then stood up walking to the side of room opposite of him. "I don't know what happened to you to make you this way but I'm one hundred percent sure that whatever happened made you bent on revenge." Natalia had to get him to talk, and if it wasn't today then she had to get him to talk soon. "But why fight for something you can't change Mr. Zaman...I don't know what happened, but I do know that whatever it was left you a scarred man..." She said with a soft smile and a shrug of her shoulders.

    "But I'm just a stupid American woman hiding behind my shield of innocence...with no information, no wits, no intelligence..." She leaned on the role crossing her arms over her chest and one leg over the other as she stared at his back. This wasn't going the way she wanted to go, but she knew after reading his file that this would be no walk in the park.

    "But please Mr. Zaman...answer me one tell me that there can be another attack right? How will you live with yourself after that attack hm? What if you kill a young boy's father in that attack, or a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife...what if you kill a child in this attack? How will you live with yourself knowing that you know the information that could help me save these people but you won't share it cause you're just so hell bent on your personal revenge...cause you're so selfish...Hm Mr.Zaman...tell me, I've got all day and a whole bunch of curiosity"
  7. Fatin sighed, not at her comments, but at himself for falling for her trap. He remained facing the glass and spoke evenly, clearly.

    "Natalia Elizabeth Hunts, I certainly hope you have said what you said in hopes of goating me into a response. If that was your goal, bravo. If not, and you are truly so base as to categorize every enemy of the state you come across as a radical oppressor than I must say I severely misjudged you."

    "My personal revenge ended long ago. I know that nothing I do will bring any dead back. I do what I do not for myself, and certainly not for God. You're correct when you say that I can not change the problem at the heart of my fight. That is why I do not fight to destroy your nation or your people. I know you've read whatever file your people have compiled about me so I know you know I grew up in this country. I have no anger toward the American people. It is they for whom I fight. And I am not alone. That is why, no matter what hole you put me in, no matter how many finger nails you rip out of my hands and feet, no matter how much sleep you lose over your work, there will be an attack in accordance with the broadcast."

    "We fight so that when we are done, people all over the world will finally have a voice. That goal means silencing the ones who now speak in the people's stead. You are correct when you say that people will die. Neither I nor my colleagues plan death as our goal in any so-called attack. But this is conflict and inevitably people die. When you ask how I will live with myself when those deaths occur, I do not know. I will have to ask your military commanders for advice. Maybe I can even ask you Ms Hunts."

    He turned so that he was looking her in the eyes, "Ms Hunts I have no illusions about your wit, intelligence, or the struggles you must have faced to get into this very room. The knowledge that every time you walk into your morning meetings, the first thing your male counterparts notice is not your hard work nor your dedication to your job, it is instead your body. That is to say nothing of the harassment as you climbed tooth and nail through the ranks of your agency. Not to mention the swarms of locust disguised as men that must have followed you throughout your days in school. The sideways sneer of a look you must feel on your back as you walk down the street. And yet here you are. No Ms Hunts, I have no illusions as to your strength. Do you have any as to mine?
  8. She almost felt her heart stop as he talked to her, he spoke as if he had known if he had known everything that she had been through. But she wasn't backing down...she wouldn't be here if that's how she operated.

    She laughed a bit and shook her head before her small chuckles turned to full blown laughter. "You speak to me as if you know everything about what I've been through..." She shrugged her shoulders and moved away from him just casually walking around the room as she hummed a little tune. "You're right though...I've be stared down, undressed with so many men's boss even went as far as actually asking me if I would disobey my protocol to sleep with him...but it's like each attempt made, makes me more dedicated to get my job down...more dedicated to prove to every man that I encounter that I don't belong in the kitchen baking cookies..."

    But she quickly stooped and looked up at him raising an eyebrow. "But what are you trying to prove big and bad you can be, or are you trying to prove to yourself that what you're doing is actually right...maybe you're doing all this because you're trying to prove to yourself and everybody else that you're still human, a morally right and good person" she looked him dead in his eyes as she said this, then she went back to walking around the room placing her back on the wall across from him with a small smile on her face before she started chuckling again. "You're funny you know and you're orginization"

    She laughed shaking her head before she stopped all of a sudden and just looked at the ground. "I do not doubt your intelligence, not one bit...but I do doubt your common're trying to "free the people's voices" Mr. Zambia all you're doing is killing innocents...did you even think this plan through...Mr.Zaman America isn't some dog that's going to roll over when some threat comes into the picture...America will get mad, and do you know what happens with America gets mad? Do you not know history at all..." She laughed again and finally looked up at him with a smile on her face. "America thinks an eye for an eye, you blow up a broadcast facility...well we'll blow up one of your get more dangerous, and we send troops, we'll spilt atoms to make you submit" she emphasized her last words then looked away from him for a bit.

    "You aren't freeing these people's're going to be the reason that they stay silent because they'll be dead...You aren't helping anyone, but I'm pretty sure that you and your organization tells them self that because they don't want to feel bad for what they're doing...Yes Mr.Zaman I've killed men, but I never have a say in the choices that my higher ups make, yes I can quit my job but I want to help people whether that be a woman in America, a child in Iraq, or a man in Jordan...if you actually want to help people, you'll tell me who caused this attack so that I can take that person down and stop a future war that breaks out because your organization blows up something more important...please Mr.Zaman...if you actually have a heart to help these people then you'll help them in the right way...and not the way that gets millions of innocent people killed" she looked up at him with soft but forceful eyes to match her soft and forceful voice.
  9. Fatin shook his head. "Whose eye will America peck out? Whose this time? I was behind the attach on the station. I sanctioned the release of the video. And I am going to watch subsequent attacks against your higher ups."

    "We are not a country. We do not live and work in one place for you to aim. Mrs. Hunts, you sound like you're making the same mistakes your country made in Iraq and Vietnam. You are not fighting a country. Your country's vast military can not defeat us. Rather those who will do the actual work will be people like you. Instruments like you."

    "Yes I know my history. Your country moves into regions and demands a shared state of mind and forces it in the name of democracy when the locals aren't recieving. You create more extremists than your u could ever kill every time your hellfire missle hits the wrong house."

    "Maybe I have studied your people's history, maybe I know you get angry, maybe I know you take an eye for an eye, and maybe I know you more often than not take the wrong eye. And maybe that's what I want. Watch your leaders carefully in the next few weeks. The real ones."
  10. This was probably the first man that she had interviewed who actually got under her skin. Maybe she was afraid, afraid because he was right. But she couldn't let him see that...she couldn't let him see that he was affecting her. She sighed and stayed silent for a second trying to think about were she was going to go next. He had said everything that she already knew, but she couldn't lock him up on a hunch.

    "Why...can I ask you why Mr.Zaman...person to person, not Agent to terrorist..." Her voice had calmed down and she finally became curious with his actual intention. Freeing the voices could be one of them, but what if there had been another.

    "Why risk people's lives, when you don't know what outcome is, or many people you could hurt..." Natalia crossed her arms over her chest and stuck one of her feet up on the wall ready to hear what he was going to come up with.

    "You're so passionate about what you do...when what you do could potientally ruin a nation, maybe even two...maybe even could ruin people's lives and you just don't care, maybe I was wrong about you Mr.Zaman...I mistaked you for being a man with a heart, a man who actually had a moral code"
  11. "You speak of these lives like they aren't already devalued. That these countries aren't already degredated. But you're right. I am essentially gambling with lives. But the gamble is one of desperation. I am not content with the status quo and if others didn't feel the same than I would simply be one man, frustrated and alone. But I am not alone"
  12. She knew that this conversation was getting them no where now, he was justifying his actions as a noble cause and she was fed up and annoyed with the whole conversation. "Well, you know I have to arrest you know since you've told me the information that I already need...but arresting you would probably get everyone you work with upset which means another attack...while you're enjoying your stay behind bars...cause that's where you'll be now...I need the rest of the information such as where you'll be planning attacks next or who else is involved in your noble cause"she said with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. Natalia had already known that he was in charge of that attack, but she couldn't arrest him based on instincts...she needed what he had just given her so their interrogation for the day was over with.
  13. "Oh the plans for the next are already in motion, it's out of my hands now. Well, mostly." Fatin smiled at her, again noting the striking confidence of her beauty. "You'll have to come and see me again, whether you realise it or not." He said with the faintest hint of flirtation, "I hope I can still talk by the time you get here though."

    He stepped closer to her and then turned toward the door. "Lead the way" Fatin said evenly. He was readjusting himself and preparing for the long nights in an American black-site prison. He was a suspected and probably already convicted terrorist, they would take him nowhere else.

    As two black clad soldiers lead him down the hall away from the interrogation room, he looked over his shoulder and his eyes met hers once more. There was something brewing inside their deep brown. He opened his mouth to speak but changed his mind and looked forward to an armored van awaiting him.
  14. What was going on in that man's head, she couldn't figure out what these mixed signals were and she definitely wasn't happy with them. But as he turned over and looked at her once more she couldn't figure out what she was feeling. Was it anger for the way he thought or was it the feeling of being guilty because she was the one putting him in a cell and throwing away the key. She quickly broke off eye contact as she pushed some hair behind her ear and went on her merry way.

    This wasn't the time to be stuck in her emotions, she had a job to do...and a boss to speak to. Natalia quickly smoothed her black blouse and made her way to her boss's office hearing her heels click against the ground with every move she made. Why did he think that way, helping people by risking others lives...why not help everyone in a peaceful manner. She sighed with her thoughts and as she reached her boss's office she brushed through her hair, buttoned an extra button on her blouse, and gave a soft knock on the door.

    "Hey Mr.Montoya...Its me I wanted to speak about the man I just interrogated for the attack on the broadcasting facility" her voice was soft as she waited for him to redoing a bit of fear in the pit of her stomach. She hadn't always had the best experiences with him...but she refused to let that get in front of her job.
  15. The office door opened and Agent Hunts began speaking about the man she had apprehended recently. Sighing to himself, he asked in his coarse and sharp voice, "Did you get anything out of him? You spent a lot of resources on that mole."

    He semi-unconscious slid his eyes over her as she stepped fully into his office. Hunts may be a tad more troublesome for her own good but she certainly wasn't bad at her job. or bad looking.
  16. She had pretended like she hadn't seen him scanned her and stuck her hands in her back pockets as he asked her what she had gotten out of him. "He told me what we already knew, that he had something to do with the attack, but I'm assuming that this organization is way bigger than what we thought it way...maybe thousands or even millions of people that are following this man and doing anything he tells them to...when he says jump they say how high"

    Natalia bit her lower lip moved pushed some of her hair behind her ear and tried to find a way to tell him the next bit of information. "He said that there was already another attack in motion but he became defensive, wouldn't tell me where or who's in charge of the attack" she hadn't looked up at him until she was done with the statement feeling a bit ashamed that she hadn't really tried more to get the information out of him.
  17. "Then get the information. I didn't work for this operation to be black-booked for you to tell me you can't get the information. Don't prioritize stopping the attack. If it's already in motion our best chance is to go after the operatives. Start at the top and find out who is leading the cell now that Fatin is in And do take good care of him." Montoya said threateningly.
  18. "Yes sir..." Her voice was soft as she looked away from him. His tone was threatening and she knew not to get on his bad side. If there was going to be an atttack soon she couldn't wait until tomorrow like the plan had originally been. She had to go and see him now to try and extract the information from him. "I'll get the information..." She felt that his version of taking care off, didn't mean what it was supposed to...but she wasn't the type of person to land a hand in someone while interrogating so she would just make him believe that she was going to handle it that while. "I'll get in that right this second" she nodded her hand and walked back to his door breathing out with a soft sigh. Going into his office had probably always been the most stressful moments of her life.
  19. Fatin sat in a holding cell in some military base in the Appalachians. The helicopter that had taken him from DC had stopped suddenly and they moved him to a temporary cell. It had been over three hours since the stop and Fatin was unsure of what it meant, did they decide to change his destination? Had their been an arrest against his organization? He didn't like this. He was in the dark even more so than when he was being interrogated earlier. American counter-terrorism was predictable, but dangerous when they strayed from their norm.

    After what might have been six hours, two people approached his cell. As they got closer, he recognized the woman's walk. It was the same way she had walked up to him in the airport nearly two days ago. Agent Hunts.
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