Allonsy, Fellow Kin!

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  1. How do you do writers and wizards!

    I'm The Doctor.

    I mean, Nathaniel.

    No, Nate.

    No, Nathan.

    No, Natty.

    No, Knight Thaniel.

    Hi everyone! I am returning here after years of absence, and definitely a veteran of roleplaying! I've been roleplaying for oh...roughly 10 years. I stopped on a one year hiatus because I am busy with my acting career. I joined this website about three or four years ago. My account was removed due to inactivity, and I do believe this site has changed hands some. I went by the name of Sinc. But now, I currently reside near Los Angeles and have been building my acting repertoire with 2 plus years theatrical experience, but roleplaying and writing is how it all started believe it or not! I love using my imagination and the art of story telling. Writing was a major passion of mine until I dabbled into live theater. Then one sort of started to consume me, the acting one. But I have come back to my original love of writing and roleplaying and literary exploration.

    Words have power. Such great POWER. And to be able to share a story with others, and to know you made an impact by simply doing what you love, and loving what you do is immense. There's something about writing that only your soul can understand, something about being devoured into this other world, this nether realm. And the mystery and excitement of the next journey you can come across. I am very anxious to start writing here and meeting new companions.

    Yes, I am a major Doctor Who fan. Kudos if you get the references.
  2. Welcome back to Iwaku Nathaniel.
  3. Hi Thaniel! >:3 Welcome back to the community!
  4. I have a cousin name Nathaniel. He always wanted us to call him Nate the Great, but it never caught on. I thought it was stupid. Anywho! Welcome BACK to Iwaku :D I don't remember you so yeah -shrugs- ANYWHO!