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Original poster
Thought I should introduce myself. So, hello, and nice to meet you all! I've had experience in roleplaying, but I hope I can further my 'skills'. Again, nice to meetcha'. *Waves slightly, a bit nervous*
Hello Miss Plaid. >:3

I'm just a random tourist Rory, one of the admins of the forum. What sort of storylines do you like the best?
Hello Rory! Hm, my favorites would have to be either Horror or Adventure storylines.
Hallo and welcome to Iwaku! :D

You name reminded me that my brother and I used to call calico/tortoise shell kitties "plaid cats" cause we didn't know how to describe their colors... XD
Hi Plaid, I'm Ozzie. Nice to meet you! It's awesome that you like horror.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
We are all about bettering ourselves here and most of us will admit that we're still striving to make ourselves better writers.
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's good to meet you.

While roleplaying is our main focus, we do have other sections that merit a look, such as the General section that houses fun topics like this one about your favorite Halloween costume.

If you have any questions, please do ask!
Happy roleplaying.
'Allo 'Allo 'Allo! Welcome to the forum! still kinda new myself so you're not at all alone!
Welcome Plaid! Don't worry, someone will be around to get you set up in roleplaying. Maybe. I think? My name's Stephanie Elyd (you can call me one or the other) and I'm a cbox lurker. They talk about RPGs there too, if you're interested. Find a niche! Have fun!
Hi, Plaid!
I think you'll like it here. My experience thus far is that the people are pretty much awesome, and seem more than willing to help out new members.
I'm still relatively new myself, so I won't be offering you any help what so ever.
However, I will offer you friendship and endless chatter if you want. :3
Oh um well, it seems I am a little late *hangs head in shame*

Late greetings from the Unofficial President of the Unofficial Newbie Welcoming Committee. :D
Thanks for the information, I didn't know their were other sections!
And thanks to everyone for welcoming me! I appreciate it, it certainly makes me feel more comfortable. *Smiles brightly*
hey hey hey :) the names ed nice to meet youuu :p