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  1. Hi and hello. I'm Rhi a 17 year old female Role player. I've been on Role playing sites of various genres and styles since I was 13 and I'd call myself intermediate. I don't care much for flowery descriptive role-play I'm more of a character lover who enjoys long inner monologues. =P

    I'm friendly enough and willing to to learn practice and attempt new ideas. It'd be great to team up with someone from my time-zone, I live in the UK so I'm in quite a different setting to most of you who I'm assuming live in america. But if that's not possible I guess I'll just have to disappear earlier then everyone else.
    Looking forwards to getting to know you all.​
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  2. Hallo Rhian welcome to the site! :D

    *Whispers* Patience is a virtue, especially when people are busy watching tv and screaming at series finales of beloved sitcoms.