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  1. *NOTE!!!* :: Skip to the listed sections to skip over the paragraphs and get the gist of what is posted below. <3

    ...and quite a selection of the different possible tags because I have no idea what kind of plot I want exactly but that's some of the sort of stuff you can find when having me as a partner. Honestly it varies depending on setting, plot, and desired characters, but I'm trying to at least give you all some sort of warning.

    Alright, sooo... I honestly don't have anything too specific I'm looking for right now. My main concern is that if you Roleplay with me you at least make a good attempt at proper grammar and capitalization and whatnot. Even that can be overlooked, however, so long as you do not use chat speak in posts {I do not enjoy dealing with this and is one of the fastest ways to lose me as a Roleplay partner}.

    The second thing I ask is that you at least post a good paragraph for your posts. I know that we are all of different levels and writing styles, however I do not do script RP {very short posts or "one liners"}. I also ask that you have a basic idea of God Modding and Power Playing and try to avoid doing that in major cases {if you are leading a character and it makes IC sense for my character to follow that's fine... maiming my character without giving me any chance to respond and retaliate to the attack is not.}

    As far as activity goes as long as you post a couple times a week I am happy. I know I will not be able to post every day one hundred percent of the time, especially with my irregular sleeping habits, but if its been a few days I ask a message be sent to me so I know what's going on. Just something like; Hey, I'm busy or not doing well but I'm still interested in the RP... That is perfectly fine.

    Alright, moving on. As a preference for roleplays I do enjoy romance plots. They do not always work out smoothly of course, and just because romance is involved does not mean that sex will be. I am fine writing smut scenes {though perhaps a bit rusty at it now-a-days} or fading to black depending on my partner. I also prefer male x male > female x female > male x female. I do not mind any sort of pairing or sexuality involved, including herms and transgendered characters, however I do not have much experience RPing with herms, especially in 18+ scenes. Not sure how much of a difference it would make but... The information is out there anyway.

    As a warning I do like to put my characters through a bit of hell, whether in their past or present, physically, emotionally, or mentally. I do love them, but not everything is sunshine and butterflies. Likewise not everything is literally dragging them through hell until they are so broken that they're a drag to Roleplay with. Balance in good and bad for the RP, between the characters, and balance in plot and sex {if applicable} is necessary.

    Now... the only other thing I should mention is I do prefer fantasy based genre, however I don't mind delving into others as well! I am especially interested in trying something of a Horror genre, perhaps with a likeness to Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

    So... in short these are my expectations.

    What I'd Love To See!

    -Proper grammar / spelling / capitalization attempts
    -No chat speak in posts
    -At least a paragraph per reponses
    -A couple posts a week if manageable {letting me know if you can't post is greatly appreciated!}
    -Knowledge and understanding of extreme GM / PP and avoiding it in the Roleplay
    -Plooooots <3
    -Romance if possible [Any gender and sexuality mix]
    -Balance of more plot than sex if you want 18+ material and don't fade to black


    -Horror Genre {Something Silent Hill or Resident Evil - esc, with OCs.}

    Other than that, really, just hit me up with a conversation or post below and lets get to planning some awesome Roleplays~
  2. I think the silent hill idea sounds interesting.What did you have in mind? And are you basing it off the movies or the games?
  3. I wasn't really basing it off anything to be honest, haha. xD It was more thinking I wanted to do something along those lines, but with our own sort of twists and all since my knowledge I feel is limited. {I beat Shattered Memories and watched Silent Hill 2 but I feel I don't have enough of a grasp upon the whole storyline and all}.. It was more coming up with an original idea that follows the same sort of concepts. Perhaps people being brought there to study the psychological effects upon them when faced with such situations, and test survival skills and whatnot, as well as how capable the characters involved are able to cooperate in dire situations to survive everything.
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