Alliterative Name Game

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  1. Err...uh...*sweat drops* Yeah, we might have to take some more time on a squad name lol!

    But all of the others sound beautiful~
  2. Zebralord Zypher
  3. Alucrative Archy
  4. “You don’t trust me?” Anya looked hurt as she turn away angrily.

    Alena snuggle against Alexander, “Liar.”
  5. “How do you know him so well? “ *arthur asked curiously

    Alexander smiled * “good, that means you’ll always come back to me.”
  6. Archetypal Asmodeus
  7. Mauled Myrnodyn
  8. @Mobley Eats you forgot to post for my character.......for Sam
  9. His post was him leaving the room if I recall correctly. I totally missed the part where you said keter was leaving or else I would have posted much sooner. ^^;
  10. As the partition doors closed behind him, Uluro let his shoulders relax. As Ku'Rhom, a telepathic link could be a casual thing, but the kind of examination Rio offered him was a more personal affair. It meant lowering his guard, and opening the doors to his thoughts and memories, letting her walk the garden paths of his mind. As he opened himself his senses peaked. Before she spoke it, he could aleady sense her regret. It was endearing, the little echoes of emotion, wounded pride, determination. He knew what it was to make mistakes and found himself forgiving her.

    Being large, as he had come to think of it instead of most everything else being small, posed challenges. Uluro watched as Rio tried to adjust her seat to better match him, but the particular chair beside her seemed ill-fitting to the Ku'Rhom form. Hoping it would not disturb her concentration, he chose to sit instead upon the floor, with his legs crossed. There his height would be halved, and seated she might more easily reach him. At her feet, he let the tension leech from his body and readied himself for his guest. In the dim light Rio's pale skin took on the blue color of the display screens.

    "I dreamed that there were three gates on a world made of glass. I cannot remember another dream, but that one feels familiar though I do not remember having it before." It took him another few moments to set himself in order. "Would you like to come in?" was the phrase he had learned with, and the one that told her he was ready for the link.
  11. Lovely Loveless

    ((haha have fun with mine name *evil laughter*))
  12. 4ever 4got10 angl. o_O
  13. Loving Little Lolita Lady Loveless!
  15. Mushymushy Miru?

  16. Andre

    (Ah the AA pals XD)

    "I am sure she will calm down soon." I reassure her with a small smile. "She's just...well, I don't think she exactly has anything better to do besides worry about this place." She offers her help and I cannot resist the urge to smile. I lift my hand up and give her hair a gentle ruffle.

    "Well it seems the only people in my family who believe in ghosts is my mother and me. Well, considering the reason for that is because we both see those ghosts. Um...I am surprised that we both can to be fairly honest. I didn't expect this to be a genetic thing but that could be a coincidence. My guess is that it could be a possible mixture of the two. I really don't know." Thinking about this unsettles me. I still can't believe half of this is real. It's like someone took a grip on my reality and flipped it to a one eighty. its all...upside down. I feel like all my intelligence has gone down the drain and I am left a fool.

    But isn't it odd? The moment I am a the moment I am happiest. Why is this? My brow furrows.

    "Ha." I chuckle softly and roll my eyes "I suppose I do have leverage. I never did think of it that way before. That'll be useful in my quest later on." I claim with a smirk and I briefly shake my head "don't worry about her for right now Vi. I promise it's not an issue."


    "I am sorry for scaring you." I tell him gently as I glance up at him. I smile approvingly as he confirms that I was indeed, awesome today. Perfect. That was exactly what I was hoping for from him. "I am just glad I didn't burn a hole through him or anything. I can't believe he is related to Itzlie at all. They just seem way too...I don't know. Different I suppose can be the right word for that." I shake my head and bite my lip.

    "That's right. I recall you telling me that. I can't believe they would get into such an odd subject. Although I will admit it is interesting. I just don't think I could ever get involved. It would make me too upset. Especially if...well...I can't imagine the other article they found would be any happier than the one they found on me. It would just...I don't particularly like going into conspiracies if you get my drift. Considering I was apart of one for a while."
  17. "When something is wrong with them." He answered quietly.
  18. “You made them what they are. Mother made me what I am..”
  19. Lucius opened the door and peeked at the person.
  20. "I'll wait."