Allison Dominguez

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  1. // Message me if you would like to participate. Must be okay with short replies. One on one roleplays. I will play as other characters in the scene.

    Allison Dominguez is a young, very popular singer/songwriter. Unknown to her fans, she also has an unusual sexual side. She lives in a large apartment on the outskirts of town. Anyone especially interested in being close to her is welcome to live with her as long as they are willing to share her. She loves both dominant and submissive partners. The dominant ones are free to move about the apartment as they please and do whatever they like with the submissive. The submissive must stay in the back room and do as they are told. The dominant are still required to stay inside the apartment at all times but it is entirely up to them when they will have Allison to please them in any way they like. Only exception is they must stop when it is time for her to get ready to go somewhere related to her career.

  2. I'm interested.
  3. Message me.
  4. I can't I don't have 10 posts yet
  5. What do you mean 10 posts?
  6. Because I just signed up for the site and I don't have permission to pm
  7. Wait nvm I found the start conversation I didn't think I coukd make pms yet but yet I was thinking off a different website.
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  8. lol is this a group rp?
  9. Well I'm trying to base it off a group roleplay I used to do on Facebook but here it would be one on one in messages. We could just play multiple characters.
  10. I like it. Sounds libertine. Get it? Made myself laugh. Anyways I'm interested.
Thread Status:
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