Allies or Enemies

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  1. name: Mizuki
    age: 16
    gender: male
    looks: 4-1[1].jpg ((I know it's a girl...but it's the best I could find...I don't have any pics of him up yet TT.TT))

    That's all I'm really telling for now

    Mizuki was sitting quietly in his room. That's all he did lately. The only time he ever even spoke to anyone was when he was asked something, and that was usually only when it was his mom or older brother, his dad never spoke to him, let alone asked him anything. Outside he heard people approaching, he remained where he sat though, not caring if they entered or were just passing by. They probably wouldn't, he'd just gotten breakfast a few hours ago, lunch wouldn't be brought for a few more hours.
  2. Name: Oshirou Ryuunosuke
    Age: 18
    Appearance: unknown 4.jpg

    The smell of the flowers outside brought in by the gentle breezes of the spring woke Ryuunosuke up. He opens his eyes briefly as if trying to decide whether to fully wake up or not. Well, it wasn't like there's something important for him to attend to. He was the second son who's suppose to be a daughter to fulfill some sort of tradition or something, but sadly he's not. He had got something extra, he chuckled at the thought of that. Climbing out of bed, he opened the curtains to the window and enjoys the basking of the sun. He's not certain about the time but it felt like it's early afternoon? He wonders what should he do for the day.
  3. Mizuki jumped at hearing the knock. He didn't say anything, and the door was unlocked. He stood quietly and looked at the door.

    It was his brother, Daitaro, "we're ready to go" He was basically a more manly version of Mizuki. He had short hair and wore a suit.

    Mizuki nodded and walked over, dressed in kimono as usual, "I-I'm ready....."

    His brother nodded and led him outside.

    We rode in carriage to the other kingdom's castle, where they waited to be met by the residents of said castle.
  4. "Master Ryuunosuke, the guests have arrived." A voice greeted the young man as he walks towards the wardrobe and selects his outfit for the day. "Guests? Am I expecting someone today?" He quizzed, his mind searches through his schedule.

    "Yes, they are from our ally. Both of them are waiting for you now." He replied and stood straight.

    "Crap, it's today? Not tomorrow?" His eyes widen with shock while the butler merely nodded at his statement. Ryunnosuke felt like digging a hole and hide himself, he had barely had time to settle anything at all. He decided to pick a purple polo-tee with a black pants and matching shoes with it. His hair was styled in a rather casual way and he looked at the butler and said, "Come on let's go, we can't keep them waiting for any longer."
  5. Mizuki kept his head down as he waited beside his much more masculine brother. He kept his mouth shut, running things through his head. Things to remember to do and not to do.
  6. With his butler leading the way, Ryuunosuke made his way to meet the brothers. In a distance he had spotted Daitaro and someone's that's of a smaller statue of him. "Daitaro, it's nice seeing you again." He greeted the man with a smile on his face. "How's the journey here? Had any meals yet?"
  7. "it was bearable, though it's humid outside. We've only had breakfast today. Oh, this is Mizuki, my younger brother" Daitaro gestured to the quiet male, who stood with his head down
  8. "I see, I will get the kitchen to prepare for your meals immediately. Do anyone of you have any dietary restrains?" Ryuunosuke inquires the two of them. When introduced to the younger brother, he smiled and took his hand before giving it a light peak on it. "Good day to you, Mr. Mizuki. I've heard much about you. My name is Oshirou Ryuunosuke, but you can call me Ryuu will do. After all, even I myself get tongue tied on my name sometimes."

  9. Mizuki nodded, "I've heard...some about you.....f-from my brother mostly.........." Mizuki still had his eyes to the floor

    Daitar sighed, "he's a nervous thanks to our mother........Mizuki prefers simple foods...mostly rice, really"
  10. "Ah I see, that explains it. I was thinking that I was putting on air on something." Ryuunosuke chuckled out loud, he's anything but intimidating--well most of the times he's not. "Simple food huh? Sure I can arrange for that." He signaled for the butler to come closer and leans in to whisper some instruction.

    "I'll prepare a surprising meal for you, little one." He squatted down and looked up to meet the eyes of Mizuki. His eyes were of those of delight. Returning to his position, he asked, "So talking about your mother, how are your parents doing? Oh and silly me, why are we standing around. Let's go to the guest hall shall we?"
  11. Mizuki blinked in surprise at Ryuu squating to look him in the eye. He decided to take a chance and looked up a little

    "they are fine, Okaasan is...her usual is Father" Daitaro almost laughed, following Ryuu.

    Mizuki was quick to follow, staying close to his brother.
  12. "Come on now, it's not that funny." Ryuunosuke glared playfully at the older man. "I can't believe you have to live with him on a daily basis, I wonder how you stand him in the first place." He was talking to Mizuki now.

    They arrived in the main hall, it was huge with designed cravings surrounding them. The place was cozily decorated which goes against the stereotype of a typical hall. "Have a seat, the two of you. I doubt the chiefs will be able to cook something so fast so we might as well enjoy ourselves here. Tea anyone?"
  13. Mizuki almost smiled, ".....Oniisan is actually the easiest to get along with.......and I would love some tea"

    Daitaro shrugged, "I find it funny......except when she goes on her raids....."
  14. "Really? Little one, you think so? Are you certain that you're not under the threat of your evil brother?" Ryuunosuke laughed out loud and glances at Daitaro. "Raids? What do you mean?"

    He turned around and instructed the butler to bring a pot of freshly brewed rose tea with some snacks to go along with it. He returned his attention back to the duo and grinned at them.
  15. "I'm certain.....evil?" Mizuki blinked, sipping at his tea. He was used to green tea, so a different flavor was a little strange to him, though he liked it

    ".....raids.....where she seems to enjoy making everyone else miserable.......particularly Mizuki......." Daitaro glanced at his brother, who had lowered his head again at being mentioned
  16. "Seems like your mum is still the same I'd remembered huh? I'd kinda hoped she would go a little softer on you guys when you're older. Looks like it'll not happen anytime soon. Perhaps you'd like to stay here instead? I'm certain that nobody would object to it." Ryuunosuke offered and reaches out to pour himself a cup of the fragrant tea. He took a sniff before slipping it gracefully.
  17. "if we did, you wouldn't mind Aiko staying as well, would you?" Daitaro asked, munching on the sweets, not really a tea drinking guy. Aiko was Daitaro ten year old son, and Daitaro was only twenty-four.
  18. "Such fatherly love huh?" Ryuunosuke commented and rolled his eyes. "Sure why not?"
  19. "I'm not leaving him alone with that bi- with our mother"
  20. "Now now, that's isn't a very good way of addressing your mother, is it?" Ryuunosuke smiled and commented, though he wasn't offended about it. "So what brings the two of you here today?" He asked, changing the topic of conversation.