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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Torsty, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. "I hope so."
  2. Aqua stood almost dumbfounded behind him with her makeshift weapon. Her sensitive ears had heard the two whistles and she'd watched with amazement as the dogs responded and retreated. Those weren't just a wild pack. They were trained and somone had been controlling them. Why though?

    Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she decided she'd ponder those questions later. She had much more important things to worry about now.

    In an instant, she was at Logan's side, fingers gently probing his arm to determine the damage done. "Are you okay?" She asked, trying to keep her voice calm, but still coming off as panicked. Her soft touches could feel the wounds where the dogs teeth had dug into his skin. Beneath that she could feel the off angle of his bone.

    See, look what happened because you hide behind him...

    The voice spoke from her mind and she did her absolute best to ignore it although tears began to gather in her blue eyes. This didn't get in the way of her determination to make sure he was alright though. "The bone is definitely broken...." She said softly, voice wavering due to the tears she was trying to fight back. "We need to set it."

    "Aqua, your hand." Tristan reminded from his place beside her. Now that she was now longer holding anything to block his view, he could see the wound clearly. The cut on her hand was deep and the blood was flowing freely. It didn't seem to bother her. "You need to-"

    "Shut up, Tristan! I know about my stupid hand!" Aqua finally lost it, yelling at the seemingly empty space her friend occupied as she gave up holding back her tears and they began to flow down her cheeks. "I'll get to it later, his arm is worse!"

    What Aqua was failing to notice was how pale she had become and that she was shaking slightly. Tristan didn't grow angry with his friend, but instead stated in a firm, but calm voice. "You already have low blood pressure. You've barely eaten or drank anything for a day or two and now you're losing a lot of blood. You're in a lot of danger here, Aqua. Stop thinking with your heart and guilt for a minute and think with the head on your shoulders."

    Taking a deep breath at Tristan's words, she glanced down at herself, only then noticing what Tristan already seen. And maybe the blurry vision wasn't from the tears after all. She had no way of telling at the moment. What could she do now though...?
  3. Cyrus

    She promises us that it's nothing and my heart is still making its way down to my stomach. She shows me her broken phone and I realize how much pain she must have been when we weren't here. She broke her phone and scrapped her hands against the glass. Unless she dropped her phone and went to grab it, but I had a bad feeling that wasn't the case. She's not like me. Getting constantly injured because of your clumsy personality.

    "My darling." I tell her lightheartedly as I approach her and carefully unloosen my gloves before popping them off. "Er..." Awkwardly I hold them before me as some sort of peace offering. "If you still need to cover up some of the blood...or you just want your own signature Cyrus Booker gloves to make your soul warm like butter...here. Take em. They'll help you prevent scrapping your hands further on your phone anyway." Again I hope I don't look foolish. I considered this an act of care. I've had these gloves for about a year, but if she needed them I'd be happy to give it up. "Besides, I think they'd be rocking on you. You got the looks honey," I chuckle softly. I might as well be the group's sassy straight friend.

    I peek back at Nellie sheepishly. "Er...we haven't seen Helen in a while either have we? We should probably go check on the poor dear too. My guess is she is probably still in shellshock. The poor dear is so fragile."
  4. ...Mm.... Getting close to time to call it a day.
  5. Harmony wasn’t even home.
  6. ok so about 50-70 ish years then ^^
  7. Astaroth flew to Harmony's arms and nestled with Melody.