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  1. As the title states, I am looking for a few 18+ roleplays from various partners. Extra free time has left me wanting a couple more roleplays in this website, so here I am~! I will describe three roleplays and characters that I want to test drive below, and will cross them out when they are taken c:

    I - Seri. Seri is an agender character of mine who is biologically female. I am looking for a male or female dominant partner for Seri, in a simple roleplay setting to start things off. If I like the pairing, we can expand in to other plots and such.

    II - Chiima. Chiima is a female to male transgender character, with no final surgery added. A male dominant partner would be suitable for him, so send me a PM if interested for a chat on setting ideas.

    III - Tymber. Tymber is agender, but biologically male. However, he is Asexual and once again, a both dominant and submissive partner for him would be suitable. Him being Asexual means that he is not interested in sexual acts, but will give his partner whatever they want if they ask for it, though he will not get off on it.

    I hope I find some good roleplay partners for these characters, and simply to also test new things out c: Kinks and such are allowed, just ask me /\(=w=)/\
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  2. I might be interested, although I don't have much experience as a dominant.
  3. Are you looking for sex scenes in this Roleplay? If so I need to move it to Libertine so you don't attract the interest or participation of the wrong age group - you could earn yourself real life legal trouble and nobody wants that! @_@
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.