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  1. I swore to myself that I was NOT going to watch the movies after reading the books. (The ending tore my heart right out of my chest....)


    Why must they do this to me?!?!

    Anyone else looking forward to it? Or is anyone else like me who swore off the movies after reading the books, but desperately clinging to the idea that they might change the ending?
  2. What if it ends up being an overhyped trailer? :P

    Though the movie does look interesting.
    Would probably wait to see some reviews first though personally.
  3. *Hasn't dared to watch the movies cause most other young adult book adaptation has fucked up so royally* *Has also not finished the last book, not sure I dare now when I know it will probably end in my heart being torn apart xD*
  4. You'd have to watch the first two of the series first. XD

    Divergent was awesome. I only watched the last twenty minutes of Insurgent. I promised I wouldn't watch the movies after reading the books, but my hubby turned it on and forced me to watch....
  5. Oh, it's a trilogy. XD

    ... I'd probably pass then.
  6. First movie was decently entertaining. Always willing to watch a movie with action. By the way, what's with the trend of all YA being trilogies? I don't read YA, but I'm still curious.
  7. Because a quick beginning, middle, end is all YA have the patience for?
  8. The cynical part of me can't shake the feeling these movies only exist because the producers want to try and fill the void/ ride the success of The Hunger Games instead of making the movies because they feel like it's a story they want to bring to life.

    The difference between stuff like THG and Harry Potter verses almost every young adult book series adaptations is you can clearly tell when something's a passion project that were created with love for the source material instead of a cash grab.

    That said, no idea what to make of the whole Divergent series because I haven't seen or read any of it, but the premise seems kind of a dime a dozen.
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  9. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I will soon, hopefully.

    Honestly, I didn't really like the first movie all that much; they made some major changes to the plot that were unnecessary and I didn't appreciate it at all, plus the overall execution of the entire film just didn't sit well with me. Because of that I never bothered to see the second one, despite Insurgent being my favorite book in the trilogy. I have a lot of problems with the series as a whole if I'm honest, I don't think it's as good as some people make it out to be. I still like it, but only slightly. Regardless, I might go see the film just to feed my curiosity, and I might go buy a copy of Insurgent to watch in the meantime. Probably not, tho, I don't really care that much.
  10. It's definitely not one of my favorites, but there are a few things that I like about it. Other stories always make the heroine so reliant on their counterpart for every little move they make. Hunger Games didn't do that necessarily, but I always felt like Peta never really fit with Katniss through the entire series. I love the chemistry between Four and Tris, although I could just be biased because now all I picture is Theo James.

    The premise of nearly every YA book anymore is the same, and the Divergent series doesn't really go out of the way to change that. However, I do like the idea of a world divided on multiple levels that it seems unlikely that it's going to ever come back together. You have the factions inside the wall, divided from the world outside, which is pretty divided itself. Honestly, it's a lot more realistic.

    I think the main reason I liked the series was because it was a lot better written than some of the YA series I have read, and the focus was never entirely on Tris and Four. I absolutely love them as a couple, both in the books and on screen, but I hate when that's all it's about. But then again, everyone has different perspectives, so what I think about it is probably completely different than what everyone else does.

    However, I think the majority of us can all agree on one thing: Theo James is pretty damn cute! >_>
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  11. At least it's not Maze Runner, which I find to be terrible and garbo.

    I have yet to read and/or watch the movies.
  12. I didn't think Maze Runner was too bad, I was interested throughout.

    And then the ending happened and I learned it was trying to set up a trilogy of dystopian future novels with evil adult authority figures being toppled by teenagers. Again.

    New tropes and templates plox.
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