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    Hello dearies. It's Laggy here, with ideas. Lots of them. A few of them. I don't know, just read!


    Kaichou wa Maid sama

    Except with the genders reversed. Why? RPing isn't about why, it's about why not!

    Custom Robo

    An Arctic exploration team goes missing in the frozen wastes, only to have their bodies found at the excavation site. They were investigating a strange energy signature being emitted from that location - death by radiation was always a possibility. However, the wounds appear to have been inflicted by...
    A ROBO
    A new kid arrives at Brine Harbour West High School, and your character somehow becomes friends with him. Yay. However, the peace of the general area is disrupted, as people wind up dead with Robo-inflicted injuries, and my character beings displaying some odd mannerisms.

    Infinite Stratos
    So, all's fine and dandy. Orimura Ichika graduated five years ago, world's settled down after the anomaly that was male piloting an IS unit, and everything's back to relative normality.
    Terrence (or "Terry," as he likes to be called) Clark and his team of scientists come out and say they've developed Infinite Atmos units - powered exoskeletons capable of matching IS units in combat and functionality. Watch as the world goes up in arms again, over this development! Marvel as the IS academy is forced to take on a team of seven IA pilot trainees to promote acceptance! Wonder, as mysterious events and strange actions take place!
    (Please note that ecchi and/or moe moments will not be included unless specifically requested)


    Ain't No Rest For the Wicked

    The wasteland's a terrible place. Zombies, bandits, disease, unexploded mines... Nothing was the same after "Virus Z" hit. Sure, it subsided, but at terrible cost. Society's in ruins, cities look like they've been hit with a nuke, plant life is reserved for the hardiest of foliage. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Which is why it makes sense to bring a friend. There's only so much one person can do, after all.
    We'll be playing two wasteland wanderers - they'll be friends, begrudging allies, whatever you like. But there won't be any romance between them - they can get along, but they can't be in love. Don't ask why - not even I'm sure.

    Don't Fear the Reaper
    An immortal wanders the Earth, having lived for thousands of years. He has grown tired of life - his immortality is a curse, and he feels there is nothing left for him. all he wants is a way to end it all. But he has one condition - he must fall in battle. He hears of someone that may be able to forge him a sword worthy of being blessed by the divines themselves, one that can break his curse. Our two characters will wander together, seeking out the materials for this sword, growing closer as they do. Will it be romance? Friendship? A fire-forged alliance? Who knows?

    Leave a post claiming a plot, if you're interested, so I can take it off the list.
    PM me when you've done that.
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  2. I'm not looking for another RP at the moment, just reading through...but there is only one reason why I'm even posting.

    Did you purposely name your two Non-Fan-Based RP's after Songs?
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  4. Ain't no Rest for the Wicked sounds interesting to me. Are you still looking for someone to play it with you?
  5. Nobody's messaged me to play any of these, so they're all free. PM me, if you're up to discuss stuff.
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