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  1. Welcome to Magic Island, where all the magical creatures are trapped by humans against their will when they don't behave.

    Every day magical creatures are forced to work for humans! Dragons start fires and heat up hot tubs, fairies are used as lanterns, gnomes are used as builders and unicorns are used for horse carriages.
    Lately new creatures have been coming in and they are very rare to capture, they are worth millions to the hunter that grab them and take them to merchants.

    (You can make up to 3 characters if you like)

    Sarah Blanter was a shape shifter living amongst the streets, she knew about street life and refused to become part of the Human Development Agency, which is a fancy company to make creatures into slaves.
    Short brown hair, an old school uniform with a sweater over it to make her less suspicious to the crowd and a beanie on top of it, she spent every day roaming and surviving, if thats what you call it.

    Sarah sat on top of an abandoned building on a cold Sunday afternoon. Sprinkles of snow made her shiver even more, under her skirt was leggings but that was all she had.
    The young woman watched for a moment as someone was whipping a pair of unicorns to move into this crappy looking stall, you could tell by the look on the humans faces that they were doing this just because they could, which fueled Sarah's anger even more.
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  2. "Ouch!" Exclaimed the man as he lowered his whip, locking the two stalls behind the unicorns before turning around to investigate. "Who-!" A sharp wince came to his face as he found a tiny arrow embedded in his arm, the source of his sudden pain, and briskly plucked it out and threw it down angrily. "That stupid fairy..." he muttered under his breath in frustration. His head flew up from his barely-wounded arm, darting back and forth in a frantic flurry, fists balled up tight in pure annoyance. A small shimmer across the way caught his attention and put his searching to a stop. It was the very shimmer he was looking for, that came from the light hitting just the right angle of the wings of a small, mischievous creature hovering and giggling from a distance. "I've got you this time, fairy!" He shouted proudly, a smirk on his face to match. He shoved his hand into his back pocket to grab for something as he recklessly charged in its direction. The creature simply stopped its laughter and stared at the sheer idiocy of the larger creature before replying to his comment with a small "No you don't." Just seconds before the creature fell weakly to his knees a mere foot or so in front of the small winged female. "Wh-?" Was the only legible sound that came from the man's mouth before he fell over, dead-like. The girl landed gracefully on the ground in front of his face and kicked his closed eyelid with a tiny foot and complained in a mumbled manner "And for the last time, I'm a PIXIE not a FAIRY, you moronic, round-eared GIANT." She added extra kicks with the words pixie, fairy, and giant for added emphasis before dusting herself off lightly.
    ((Her outfit is set up more modestly, though. A dress that covers her stomach and a little past her knees.~))
  3. Sarah watched everything from afar. In her books the author wrote of fairies and how they helped plants grow, tame dragons and loved shiny objects.
    Remembering the days of when she was a child, she threw a penny at an old tree that almost nobody would even walk past...when she returned later the penny was gone. It was a graceful way to say thanks for helping the Earth.
    The young shifter slid down the roof and landed on the ground with her knees bent...she looked around before transforming into a white wolf and sniffed the ground. She could smell the fairy a mile away and decided to follow her.
    In her books fairies only were seen if they wanted you to see them, thats why she turned into a wolf, to sniff them out.
    She noticed an abandoned tree by the little creature and trotted there. It did in fact seem odd that a wolf would have a over the shoulder backpack strapped to its back but being this creature means she could also run faster if needs be.
    The wolf shook her back and a small wrapped cloth fell on the ground. Sarah grabbed it with her jaw and ran over to the tree, placing the item on the ground in front of it. Inside were three pennies and a grape, enough to last fairies a week.
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  4. Alex and Ami walked together. They weren't human, but they closely resmbled the species. They were Shadow Beings, a rare race to see. It's not rare in the sense they were few, but rare because their race was cunning in the ways of dark magic and could hide, blend in, or food humans. Their race lived in shadows so much, they used shadows as forms of hiding, transportation, and for detecting people. And the twins, being twins, possesed the ability to change there appearence to match each other's. It wasn't perfect though. Their eye colors stayed the same. Alex, the twin dressed in black, separated from her twin who dressed in white. She wandered to a nearby cart in the street that sold fruit and watched as the man selling spoke to a rather fat man about local sports. Alex took the oppertunity to snatch two apples and walk off. Though the fat man had seen her. "Hey! You can't take that without paying!" He shouted. At the sound of his voice, the twins took off together with the man hot on there trail. They made it to a small forestry area, a place Shadow Beings loved because of all the shadows. Once in the trees, Alex tossed an apple to Ami, who caught it and they both split up ans took there places in the shadows of a tree. Almost the minute they stepped foot, there body's shank into the grounds, become one with the shadow. The minute there bodies were fully emersed into the ground until they themselbed became there own shadows. In there shadows, they could glide freely along the ground. Though, the weakness of the shadow was any injury given to there shadow hurt there physical form. Yet shadow beings could do the same. In there shadow form, if they injured other people's shadows, it hurt the beings physical form. It didn't take long for the man to appear, but he grew confused and ran off into the forest to try and find the girls. There body's soon emerged from the ground, returning to their physical form. Together, the two turned, took a bite of there apple, and started walking through the forest.

  5. Within the forest was an old cabin that seemed abandoned but never was. The floors were wooden and old, so were the walls as well. A light wood that started peeling a little in certain parts of the wall.
    A raggedy old mattress was in the corner by the window, a table in front of it as if to represent a livingroom. Clothes were in the corner next to the bed and the door, although scraped a little the front door of the cabin could still work as a door, which was closed.

    "Stupid humans...stupid snow..." Batrax mumbled as he put on his warmest jacket, "why is the weather so unmerciful today..." he sighed then walked outside. In front of his home was firewood he collected the day before, he picked them up and set them in front of the fireplace against the wall. Throwing all the wood in he checked to see if nothing was sticking out before he snapped his finger.
    A tiny little flame appeared from between his fingers and he touched the wood which ignited all the wood on fire.
    He could control fire and even make it whenever he wanted, a danderous and useful gift to humans.
    The handsome, but homeless man thought that nothing would wander on the forest, although he didn't dare leave his cabin to explore with this level of cold going on.
    As the shadows danced behind him in the fire he sat closer to the fire, trying to keep warm.
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  6. Alex and Ami walked with there shoulders pressed. The two zipped up there sweaters simultaneously to keep warm. Alex slowed her breathing and closed her eyes, focusing on the shadows in the forest. It was how they detected movement in the area or what was near. Whoever crossed a shadow in the forest she would know. Once they did, she could zone in on there shadow to tell what creature they were. Sadly, lots of creatures resembled humans so it wasn't a perfect was to detect enemies. Ami looked at Alex. "Find anywhere warm yet?" She asked her twin. Alex soon opened her eyes. "Yeah. Sort of. I found the shadow of a cabin. I don't know if it's abandon, but we can try it out. It's several miles north of here" Alex responded. The two exchanged a look and nodded. Besides, if there was any danger they could just use there dark magic to fight or hide. The two started walking north towards the cabin quietly.
  7. Batrax hummed as he brought out some food. It was deer he hunted in the forest, this food would last him about a couple of weeks.
    He sliced some of the meat off and placed it on an old fashion turn-style to roast it. He then sprinkled some old-fashioned seasoning on it before slowly spinning the turn-style. The food was done about 30 minutes later and he brought out some cheese and grapes, putting the meat next to it.
    Knowing he was still going to be hungry he placed two more meat on the turnstile and sprinkled the delicious herbs on the meat.
  8. As the twins neared, they could smell the delicious meat as it cooked. The two had finished there apples by then and dropped the cores on to the ground. "Do you smell that? It's so..." Ami began. "Delicious! I want some.." Alex finished. The two girls sped up there walking. They were eager now, they wanted the food badly. And it didn't take them too long to find the house. They had approached from the back, so they snuck around the corner of the wall, one on either side. Ami pokes her head around the corner first, spotting the deer meat slowly cooking ok the turn-style. Alex peeked over next and set her sights on the variety of cheese and fruit. They both licked there lips. Though they couldn't see each other, they knew they wanted that food now. Ami looked around for a plan while Alex sunk into the ground, her shadow gliding over to the turn-styles shadow. Ami watched. She knew Alex's plan, and she was all for it as ling as she got food.
  9. Batrax quickly looked around for a moment, he swore up and down in his mind that he was seeing shadows move around.
    "Hello?" he asked loudly, "is anyone there?"
    He didn't hear anything and took the meat from the turnstile's, his hand caught on fire but it didn't really bother him. Placing the meat in the other hand he opened his palm (the hand that was on fire) and the flames were sucked into his body.
    The man looked around with his soft, blue eyes. They were eyes of a caring and considerate person.
    He took a bite from the meat and glanced at it having an idea.
    "You know...if anyone is out there, I uhh...I have some food if you want some..."
    Almost certain that the shadow was a magic creature, he placed some meat, grapes and cheese on a napkin in front of him across the fire and waited.
  10. Ami hesitatated and watched for Alex to make the first move. Alex slowly emerged from the ground, standing in front of both the man and the food. She looked down at the food, her stomach growling. Quickly, she snatched the plate off the table and backed up. Ami ran out from her hiding spot and to her sister. Together, the two started eating hungrily. It was there first taste of meat in months. They had spend there times living off herbs and whatever they could steal from farmers markets. It didn't take them too long to finish ans they looked back at the man. "Thank you.." Ami said while her darker dressed sister held the empty plate out. "Can we have a little more? We won't take too much. And can you start the fire again? We like the warmth."
  11. Batrax started eating again still waiting when the shadow emerged from the ground forming a girl he backed up terrified, when the other one emerged he quickly looked at her, still backed against the wall, "t-two?" was all that could slip from his mouth.
    When they spoke they seemed polite and as they talked he was still against the wall. He could only manage to nod at first when they asked for more. "You want more? T-thats fine...perfectly fine..." he said then put his hands up as he walked to the fireplace letting them know that he wasn't a danger to them.
    Batrax had never felt so helpless in his life, usually when creatures come towards him, usually to steal his food he could just turn into his human torch self and they would run away, but these girls were shadows, fire causes shadows and he couldn't figure out a weakness.
    He put more meat on the turnstile and sprinkled herbs before slowly turning the meat...he might not even have to find a weakness, they seem like the alright sort, he was just so used to the whole "shoot first ask questions later method," that he almost forgot about manners.

    "Sorry about that, I've never really seen any....polite magic creatures around here..." he said carefully before grabbing a tea kettle. "Want some herbal tea?" he asked, but before they could answer the hand that he was holding turned red, he waited a moment until the tea kettle boiled and made a loud heating sound. He poured them both a cup of tea and dropped a slice of lemon into each one. "Eat until your know, your welcome here any time..."
    he stared at them with the cutest smile before speaking again, "I'm sorry...I just...haven't seen a decent person here in a long time, not counting my friend Sarah...she steals from the rich, gives to me and any wanderer thats polite enough to ask I give them food and a place to rest...where are you headed if I may ask?"
    As they spoke, he held out his hand a blasted a fire ball at the wood, starting another fire in the fireplace to keep them both warm.
  12. The twins sat near the fire, eating the meat and drinking the tea while listening to the man. When he asked them a question, they both exchanged a glance. "Were looking for the rest of our people. Our kind is very secretive and doesn't reveal itself, even to it's own kind. We just wish to learn more about our dark magic and control it." Alex said while Ami nods and drinks her tea. Then they exchanged, Alex drank her tea while Ami spoke. "Sorry to intrude like this. My name is Ami and this is my twin, Alex. As for an exact location on where we are going, we heard there might be a Shadow Being up north that we would try to find." She said. Soon the two finished there meal and tea, setting there plates and cups on the table.
  13. Somewhere nearby in the dark forest, rested two small figures on a couple of branches. They were quietly watching the other beings down below them. They had no intention of communicating with anyone during their stay in the forest. Keshell and Jun leaned against eachother while Jun's plushie rested against the tree by them. Keshell was an Oculus, and Jun was a Plushie Master, a couple of extreme odd species in the world. Not many of them remained, and thanks to their friendship, finding their species was easier than before.
  14. "Well, your welcome here any time...just as long as you ask..." Batrax said as he sipped his tea, "if you wish to rest the night then your more than welcome to..."
    Suddenly, in the young man's bedroom there was a creaking noise, "brother?"
    It was an adorable 6 year old girl holding her teddy bear.
    "katie, honey what are you doing up?" batrax said, turning around to face the child.
    The girl stood there, looking at the twin girls,"who are those people?"
    "These are our guests honey...Ami and Alex, do you want to say hi?" Batrax said smiling.
    The girl just walked over to her brother and hugged her teddy bear, "hello" she smiled and then buried her face into her cushiony friend.
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  15. A girl with long brown hair and amber eyes walked through the forest beside a girl with long pink hair and blue eyes. They had cat ears on top of their heads and cat tails above their butts. They were nekomimi's or for short, neko's. The girl with brkwn hair sighed and ran ahead then turned and walked backwads in front of the pink haired girl. "Artemis! I'm so bored! Can't you close that book and play with me or something?!" She complained. The girl with pink hair named Artemis looked up and sighed as she closed her book. "Fine Luna. How about we play tag." She suggested. The girl with brown hair named Luna smiled than ran off. Artemis gave chase and they began playing tag in the forest.

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  16. katie's eyes suddenly glowed white, "there are four other girls in the forest..." she said looking around, "two girls are watching us from a cliff and two more are chasing each other..."

    "Are they anywhere near the house?" Batrax asked, the girl shook his head.

    "Good," he said before sipping his tea
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