All troubles stem from a person's lack of ability?

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  1. Hello, fellow Iwaku members! I know we're all a bit weird here, so I though to make this thread, where we could share amazing stories of life. Stories that show, even in the worst of times, that all laws and restrictions put together by the reality could, in fact, be broken given there is a desire strong enough, to consume everything. The stories that I will give as a start are maybe a bit gloomy, so I encourage you to share any and all type of story that you may know or have heard of! It's not even necessary to know all the details.

    The title is there just to grab attention. There is never a lack of ability. There is self-denial of such an ability :)

    Sooo, here we go!

    During the Vietnamese war, a farmer was drafted into the military and forced into some of the worst scenarios of that war. He not only survived everything, but upon finally quitting the army, he refused the piles of drugs that were given to him in order to keep his "sanity". Instead, he locked himself into a motel room for three days and got over his demons and fears all by himself, without any external help, let alone drugs. A stunning example of human mental resilience for all of you that are prone to depression :)

    During WW2, a Polish man faked his ID in order to be sent to Auschwitz and expose the aberrations that were happening on a daily basis there to the world. He after that proceeded to escape , but for his illegal activity he was once again caught and sent there. He escaped once again and continued his work, up until the Polish liberation. Even in the worst times of human history, believing in yourself and acting according to your principles can achieve amazing results.

    In year 681, the Bulgarian khan Asparuh came in Europe with only his tribesmen, most of whom were nomad riders, after the collapse of his father's country. He proceeded to destroy 10 times larger and better equipped force of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) and make a new homeland for his people.

    Genghis khan's tribe was actually one of the weaker ones in the Mongolian steppes. He swore, as a child still, to unite all the clans and stop the pointless slaughter between each other and, well, we all know how this story ended!

    Finally, and maybe the most badass one, all of you know Atila, but do you know why he was called "God's whip"?
    Well, when he advanced into Rome, the roman priesthood came and told him "We are vicars of God, how dare you invade our lands?" to which he simply laughed and said "You are the vicar of God? Well then I am his whip!"

    Share you own stories, they need not be examples of history, as I stated before, those are just the fist things that came to my mind :D
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