All Themes Are D/s In This Post

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Romance, Slice of Life, Horror, Modern, Lesbian-Anything, Murder, and a bit more if they're good plots

    • I don't do MxF only FxF
    • I always RP as dom. My sub rp is terrible and you would end up leaving. I'm dead serious.
    • My character will be a futa UNLESS YOU SAY OTHERWISE. If you don't like/want futa lovvins, just let me know.
    • I will only be posting 2-3 times a day as I have work to do. If I post more than that, you caught me on a really good day.
    • If I take a day to respond to an RP... OOC message me because it's likely I read the post and because I didn't see the notification anymore, I forget until the next time I come on.
    • If i lose interest, I will tell you. If I don't agree with your post (i.e., controlling my character or you rp as if your character knows exactly what's going to happen and she's not a psychic) I will tell you. If I will be offline for a few days I will tell you. I expect the same.
    • I do play with beginners. We all get better with practice, right?

    • We can always change or discuss any theme before starting
      Each RP is a plot with a story not just sex (long-term)
    • Co-workers: Your character could be new to the workplace while my character takes high interest in yours. She wouldn't hide her interest, but she is subtle about her intentions (wanting to be a dom to your character).
    • Strange Rumors: The same scenario as "Co-workers" except instead of being blunt about her interest, my character would hide them. Rumors about my character's personal life (D/s lifestyle) starts to circulate.
    • Familiar Face: Our characters meet on a train or bus and have a small conversation about something random (whoever starts would choose what they speak about). Just a week later my character becomes an assistant to someone you know (boss, family member, close friend- you'd choose that part :) ) but whoever I work for begins to tell you about my dominant side- the reason she hired me.
    • Siblings Play: Our characters could be two sisters that live at home with their mother. My character would have just finished High School and would be moving out. Mom asks them to house sit for the Summer and they end up confessing how they really feel for each other since my character would be moving far enough away that it wouldn't affect too much, if anything.

    • These Are Things I Will Leave RPs For
      (especially after discussing it multiple times)
    • God Modding: Your character can be hurt, defeated, or killed (unless immortal). If you get hit with a meteor, you would most likely have AT LEAST a scratch.
    • Powerplaying: Don't take control of my character without asking and I won't do the same.

      [*]Ignoring what my character says or does just to get to your own agenda faster (rushing the rp for no reason).
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Hello *waves shyly* I am interested in rping with you. I am still new to all this but I am willing to learn :)