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  1. The year is 2036 and for the most part things are good.
    except for the aftermath of a war that happened nearly a decade ago.
    Life goes on as it always has, however in areas where substantial battle were fought or bombs were dropped have walled off and for the most part forgotten.

    The local governments send small detachments of their military into these walled off areas in an attempt to either make them safer or recover precious materials or just salvage what they can.
    Brave individuals sometimes gear up and make their way in the exclusion zones just to see what they can find.

    What both parties soon found out was the aftermath of the war in these locations had drastically changed everything they knew about the living world. Radioactive areas that could melt skin from bone and anomalies that drove even the most well kept together individuals insane. Mutated flora and fauna, repulsive and fierce.

    In contrast to these atrocities, some objects under the right conditions reacted to the radiation in positive ways, in ways that could advance humanity and fix or cure all the often spoken of troubles that plague our world, truly miracles of science and completely accidental.

    Frank Mennen is experienced in traversing a few of these zones, and as such was picked up by the government and has aided in recovering people and precious items from with in the walls of these zones.
    today he was given a task for a search and rescue, a group of scientists got separated from their bodyguards in a relatively unexplored area somewhere in the pacific northwest of the united states and since then contact has been lost.

    He was asked to hand pick a few people to bring with him into this zone and find the scientists and find out what happened to their guards.
    Could you be part of this group?

    So basically I've had this idea stuck in my head for a while and it shamelessly rips from Stalker and other things of that nature but I have a lot of my own originalish ideas planned for this though. I'm looking for probably 4-5 people and if you gathered from the intro it'll involve guns and apocalyptic situations and strange things and all that good sci-fi stuff. Now with that being said your character doesn't necessarily have to be a soldier but that will be majority of the group (with some good variation I hope) I would like one maybe two non-combat roles like a scientist or the like, as long as you have a compelling argument as to why they would come along then I'll allow it.

    I do have a general plot and ideas planned out for this but I do encourage people to add and create what they feel would fit well in this universe if you think it might be a little out there just let me know and we can go over it.

    Questions, comments and concerns may be directed at me at anytime.


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    Once this gets enough steam in it, I'll post my CS.​
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