All the small things...

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  1. No, it's not a penis thread. Hur hur.

    What are the little things in life that make you slightly happier? Or that you get slightly excited about? I'm not talking about the big stuff like seeing your long-distance partner, or being able to cuddle your favourite pet. I'm talking about the super-mundane stuff that puts a tiny smile on your face.

    One thing I get pathetically excited about is toiletry products. New toothpaste? Awesome. Brand new shower gel with Mexican lime and peppermint? Hell yeah! Let's test this bad boy out!

    ...So, yeah. That's one of the many things that I get excited about that really isn't worth getting excited about. What brings a smile to your face, even if it probably shouldn't?
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  2. Now, since I make so many things, It's actually finishing a project. I love making the last stitch, holding up what I have made, and just smile. And this applies to little projects (like a bookmark) and big projects (like an afghan or a sweater). I feel a little pride over making something that is done by just pulling a loop inside another loop.
  3. I'm big on nature. So, that slight chill that's in the air at the cusp of a seasonal change always makes me giddy with anticipation. Waking up to birds singing outside my window, or seeing sunbeams through the tree limbs in a heavily shaded area is always nice.

    Through some adversity, I've learned to never take for granted the little things in life. Those are just a few of the wide variety of "little things" that most people don't think about that makes me smile.
  4. Riding the bus to college and back is something I greatly enjoy and I couldn't tell you why.

    Also when I manage to contribute to a debate in a meaningful way, that's always satisfying.
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  5. I miss catching the bus. I've got an hour-long drive to work, so I couldn't sensibly catch a bus or train, but... damn. When I was at university, I had a bus pass, so I had free bus travel. I took so many pointless journeys, just because I could. No regrets!
  6. A satisfying belch that seems to open up so much more room in your stomach.

    That oh so delightful fart you let out that seemed insignificant and small turned into an absolute monster of a bum burner.

    Warm boxers right out of the dryer.

    A crit in pvp that practically wins me the match.

    Dat dodge when your opponent revs up a powerful attack.

    When the RNG is in your favor.
  7. Soap, new shampoo, food, pretty looking centers/pendants I can use, kittens, really nice writing pens, video game stuffs, making fun of professors...stuff like that ^.^
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  8. sunny days
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. My dick.

    This isn't a small penis thread.

    Rain. I love the rain, especially when you pause because you realized your head has been to busy and then rain sounds

    Gives me a reminder that the world is still alive.
  11. sleep...sleep makes me a happier person :D especially that feeling when you finally get under the warm covers and can stretch and relax...

    actually...when i do get into the mood and finally DO it....finishing cleaning. There is just nothing more satisfying that having everything nice and cleaaaan :D (I just hate the process to get there sometimes haha)

    The smell of the air after someone has had a bonfire or was burning leaves....brings back good memories and makes me smile :)

    Baths....they make me happy every time :D
  12. Thunder. Hearing it just so wonderful and fills me with a sort of melancholic nostalgia for some reason, despite having never lived long in an area with frequent thunderstorms.
  13. Every time I find a new song that I really like!

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  14. The first sip of some delicious wine.

    The smell of my favorite pumpkin spice candle in the fall.

    Seeing the plant starts I have begin to grow roots.

    Puppy snores/dreams.

    Curling up under a blanket on a cold winter day.
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  15. Soap. The smell of brand new soap is so nice.

    Looking at Christian Bales picture. It just makes me feel so goooood inside haha

    Chocolate, I'm a chocoholic xD
  16. Sounds terrible but I love hearing people laugh and seeing people smile. I don't care who it is; I just love seeing it. Makes my day.

  17. that tingling feeling inside isnt't what you think it is
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  18. Whenever I hit that really unlikely shot in paintball and take out the player with a single shot basically makes me feel like an action hero.

    Or whenever I'm sighting in a new sight on a rifle and I go to check that last grouping that is juuust perfect.

    Or when I wake up when I'm camping and I'm hit with that fresh mountain air.

    Or when I'm walking down the street and the giant majestic fluffy cat that belongs to my neighbours comes to say hi.

    When I accomplish something I've been struggling with in a video game that I finally figure out.

    When I beat my times when I'm running or on the rowing machine.

    Man, there's a lot of things that just make me go, "Damn, it's good to be alive."
  19. Then what is it? Enlighten me.?
  20. The sound of rain when I'm safely sheltered from said rain. When inside and warm it's a soothing and pleasant sound, and I also quite enjoy the sound of thunder. When I'm out in the rain though, each drop hitting things feels like a personal insult and makes me want to punch the sky right in its stupid metaphorical face.

    Certain pens. When they smoothly glide across the paper with almost no pressure needed it's just magical. I've stolen pens from people and businesses because they were this kind of pen, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    Opening packaging of all kinds. Could be a big box with a fancy TV in it, could be one of those plastic packages that headphones and such come in, could be a bag of chips. Doesn't matter what's inside or what type of packaging is, I really enjoy opening things. This made up like a third, maybe half, of my motivation for looking forward to Christmas as a kid.
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