All the money you could want.

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  1. You've hit the jackpot! Or got an amazing inheritance, or became a best selling author, or invented the most amazing thing ever. For whatever reason you've gotten a windfall of cash. Enough that you don't have to work another day in your life ever, unless you royally fuck up your finances. So what do you do now that you have all the money?
  2. I take care of the crazy taxes that come with the process first.

    From there , I split the profits in half, give half of it to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and dump the other half entirely into my business in hopes of extending the company to the point that I can hire as many service members (former and current) as physically possible while still realistically be able to sustain operations.
  3. I move out of my parents house, goes to Japan to study, then live in Japan in a nice apartment for the rest of my life with thousands of manga as company xD
  4. First of all, I would probably pinch myself on the cheeks to see if I am dreaming. In the event that I am not dreaming, I will invest all the money I have into shares and different companies, all the while remaining in university without a care in the world. Then, with the remaining funds that I have not invested, I would buy myself a nice house somewhere in the suburbs, or at least in a relatively quiet place and move there. After I have finished my studies, I would just enjoy my stable income and pretty much do nothing but read, go hiking or play various games all day.
  5. Yaaay, I don't have any debt to worry about so I can skip that and just pay off taxes on winnings!


    Pay off the house.
    Buy a brand spanking new vehicle.
    Buy reasonable homes/property for the immediate family members I DON'T hate so they can be taken care of.
    Invest money in to savings.
    Upgrade my house with some home renovations. 8D
    Decorate my awesome house.
    Go on a COOL vacation!
  6. Secluded fortress/mansion, in the middle of nowhere (Nevada Desert...maybe Alaska) away from everyone and everything. I'd also have robot servants.
  7. So you'd become a villain?

  8. First thing I do, I take a reasonable amount that WON”T fuck me over and I put it in a saving account….. I have to have something for a rainy day and an ‘oh shit’ thing. THEN I take another small pinch, that won’t fuck me over, and I invest in the stock market. Even though it’s down now in the down time when things are cheap is a good place to go, especially if you can weather the storm. Now I go to college get my teaching degree and I go teach at a local college or highschool of my choosing. Helping students learn music is important. Since I do not need the mony I’m making I’d donate to Blind Research, AIDS research, Autism Research, Cancer Research. So long as I can keep up my life…. I’d stop myself from being tempted to live fivoliously and go get a nice small apartment, maybe a house if I’m married…. This would HOPEFULLY keep me humble.
  9. Buy my parent tickets to where they want to retire, bribe them into retiring by financing it.

    Bribe my sister into doing the same and getting away from the douchebag she's being a dumb girl over and set up a trust fund for her son.

    Pay for my brother's wedding on condition I get to invite a guest and that the parents/sister are there too. (You know who you are Ossoguest.)

    Take my chosen guest and move to the other side of the world, almost literally. Buy a nice house, invest half of the leftovers and live off the proceeds. Traveling every so often to destination on our list. I'd also take over paying for Iwaku as a secret backer so Diana can still choke people with the purse strings.