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    A Fire Emblem x Dragon Age-esque Roleplay.


    The land of Ellira is known for its broad variety of flora and fauna. Beauty is found in all corners of the world, whether it be slightly terrifying or simply gorgeous. Even though Ellira is renowned for its vibrant landscape, wars between its kingdoms occur frequently. Corruption and betrayal is a common scene. Battles between pro-mage and anti-mage forces are fought every day. Fingers are pointed, but nothing is done.

    Knowing that his beautiful homeland would soon be threatened by the ever-spreading war, King Akard of Morcrest decides that the feuding kingdoms of Ellira should become one under his banner. He struggles to find men and women of all races to join his cause to unite the kingdoms of Ellira and bring peace to the world at last. However, it is difficult; many know that they must brave both natural and unnatural forces to achieve peace. The small group of men and women that Akard has gathered, dubbed the Exalted Wardens, have to fight with everything they have in order to finally bring an end to their land’s constant warring.


    You are—or will be—part of the Exalted Wardens, a group of men and women who have been hired by the king of Morcrest to unite the kingdoms of Ellira. The Exalted Wardens will have to combat the anti-mages, bandits, demons, beasts, hunger, weather, and more. Alongside getting to the other kingdoms in one piece, they must convince the other kings that everyone living under one banner will favor everyone. Many people that fight for Akard will die, but it is up to them to keep pushing onward.



    Anti-Mages: an informal grouping of people whose fear of magic have drove them to killing mages. They have no true army, but they make up for it with their willpower.

    • Warrior: men and women who are trained in the art of swordplay. They wear heavier armor than other classes, making them opponents that are difficult to take down. The most experienced of warriors are named Templars; along with having extremely high offense and defense to weapons, Templars are also resistant to magic.
      • Pros: high offense and defense.
      • Cons: low speed and mobility, cannot resist magic well (except for Templars).
      • Only able to use swords, lances, and axes.
      • Includes: Mounted units (Cavaliers, Pegasus Riders, Wyvern Riders, Griffon Riders) and foot units wielding swords, lances, or axes.
    • Mage: even though they are usually not able to use swords, mages make up for their lack of steel with casting spells that do loads of damage. Most people fear mages due to the fact that demons are drawn to them and their power. They are suppressed in cities all over Ellira. Even though they have massive amounts of power at their fingertips, they are considered what one would call a glass cannon. Because of this, they are usually the first ones targeted in battles. Mages are able to use arcane spells (fire, wind, lightning, and ice) and healing spells, but many have turned to the darker arts.
      • Pros: high offense, speed, and mobility.
      • Cons: extremely low defense.
      • Most mages are able to use tomes, but some have been known to use swords.
      • Includes: Some mounted units (Pegasus Mages, Griffon Mages) and foot units wielding swords or tomes.
    • Rogue: masters of deception, rogues rarely engage in direct combat. They prefer to stay hidden until it is the proper time to strike. Although they take many people by surprise with their ambushes, they are somewhat weak. Rogues rely more on speed and mobility than on strength and defense.
      • Pros: high speed and mobility.
      • Cons: defense and offense are below mediocre levels.
      • Only able to wield small/short blades (knives, shortswords) and bows. Some may even coat their weapons with poison.
      • Includes: Assassins, archers, and other foot units wielding small blades and bows.

  2. [​IMG]
    Human: normal men and women that you see everyday on the streets. Many humans are warriors due to their sturdy frames. Smaller and weaker humans may be mages or rogues.

    Elf: a humanoid class. They are slightly taller and have smaller frames than humans. Their hair and eyes are usually a very light color. Even though elves are considered to be extremely attractive in humankind's eyes, they are usually treated like dirt. Because of this, elves are often found occupying jobs that no one wishes to do. Elves are only able to be mages or rogues since they are too fragile to be warriors.

    Wildling/Feral Person: strange beast-human people. Although they are humanoid, they bear animal ears and tails or wings. They are hairier than a normal human or elf, and have a much larger appetite. Wildings are taller than both humans and elves if only by a little. They can shift into an animal (a bigger size than a normal animal) at will. Humans treat Wildlings worse than elves, which has led them to form tribes away from human settlements. There is a different tribe for each animal family-- for example, felines and avians live in different tribes. Wildlings do not fall under any of the above classes and instead fight in their animal forms or with their fists.
    Humans and Wildlings have bred before to produced offspring, which are known as Marked. They take on the appearance of a human and do not retrain their shifting powers. Marked receive their name due to the strange brand that they have somewhere on their body.
    Wildlings cannot take the form of any mythical beasts. The most common Wildlings can shift into felines or avians. The more rarer Wildlings are able to shift into canines. (If you choose to make one of these, tell me which animal you would like before you make your character!)


    Interested People

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  3. You know I'm in.
  4. Definitely interested! I like the Dragon Age feel of it. Don't know if that was intended, but I like it regardless.
  5. I'm here.
  6. Really tempted, what would be the required posting length and frequency?
  7. I'd assume a paragraph or more and at least... twice a week? It might be more frequent than that, however. These are just guesses.
  8. That would be doable. Still, I'll be keeping an eye on this. For now, count me as a maybe!
  9. I'm here for a quick moment-

    Yay, lots of interest! I'm hoping to make this a slightly larger roleplay than normal.

    Anyway, a paragraph at minimum and post at least three times a week. ;)

    *vanishes again*
  10. Eh, sure, why not?
    I'll be able to squeeze a few paragraphs a week for this, sure. :)
  11. Yay! We need several more people though. And ones who are willing to stick with this until the end.
  12. I'll just wait until everything is ready to go. Definitely going to keep with it-- I could use a good fantasy style rp.
  13. Speaking of which, this is a Dragon Age x Fire Emblem-esque RP, Dipper. ^^
  14. Haha, freaking neato. That just makes it much more exciting. Can't wait.
  15. Count me in, I could use another good RP to join, especially a fantasy one like this. I like the idea!
  16. I'm gonna try and put up a banner today, guys.
  17. Ugh. You took one of my favourite things and mixed it with another great thing and added plenty of personal flare. I'll see how caught up I am at the time this starts. Otherwise, I am very interested.
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  18. I take that's a good ugh then. The kind you let out when a good RP shows up when you're busy and you wanna join
  19. Very much so. To every word you described.
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