All The King's Men

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  1. This Roleplay is no longer accepting anyone else.

    All The King's Men

    Elliria. A vast continent embroiled in sustained conflict. There is no known date in its history where war has not been an ongoing constant. Yet recent dates have only seen an escalation in Elliria's troubles. Corruption is common. Grudges and old hatred linger. There is hostility between the many races, an increase in slavery, and the cycle of fighting between mages and anti-mage forces remains unbroken. The doomsayers proclaim it will not be long until all the world is claimed by war. And the seers are starting to agree. Everyone is quick to point a finger, to place the blame on someone. Little is done.

    With the knowledge that his own homeland will soon be threatened by the ever spreading plague of war, King Akard of Morcrest chose to take action. To unite all of Elliria under one banner and bring peace to the world at last. To achieve this goal he formed a special force compromised of those from all walks of life. A force dubbed The King's Wardens.

    Player characters will be members of the King's Wardens. The Wardens will serve as King Akard's main force in uniting Elliria. While the Wardens are primarily a militant force there are other branches and positions as well, such as those which deal with diplomacy or intrigue. The King's Wardens contain a great deal of diversity among its rank for a single force in Elliria. Some members volunteered while others were sought out and hired. It also proves a safe refuge for escaped slaves or mages fleeing persecution. Whether or not everyone can work together might be another story. But if Elliria's to be united, they'll have to learn to work it out.

    • Expectations will be intermediate. We all make mistakes – and that's fine – but posts should be clear and legible with few grammar or spelling mistakes. Proofreading is important!
    • Minimum posting length will be around 300 words. However, it is preferred and encouraged for posts to be longer.
    • This roleplay will contain dark, violent, and unpleasant themes. Including mature and gruesome content. It is best not to join if you're easily bothered by such things. Character death and the possibility of your own character's death will also exist.
    • There will not be a hard-set posting time frame, however, the general aim will be around once a week.
    • Questions? Ask away!
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  3. I would definitely be interested in this RP
  4. So what would be your decision on using my character from the last time this started up? Because I was quite fond of my drunkard, maul wielding mercenary.
  5. That would be perfectly acceptable. You'll likely have to do some updating, as several aspects have been largely overhauled. But I think a lot of the returning folk will be bringing versions of their old characters. Myself included.

    Also, welcome back.
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  6. You know I'm in, but I figured it would be best to be formal about it. c:
  7. Sounds good to me, I'll keep an eye out for when this starts rolling :D
  8. Of course I'm in.
  9. *touches this thread all over*

    I would love to get in on this. I've been jonesing for a dark fantasy RP for a while now, and this just scratches that itch. Also, the title "Warden" gives me some Dragon Age flashbacks, and that is never a bad thing.
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  10. Welcome aboard. This roleplay does take a fair deal of inspiration from Dragon Age, so that's not entirely incorrect. ^^
  11. Very interested. Time for some sort of holier than thou knight or something.
  12. Premise looks interesting, I am in.
  13. Interested
  14. Wonderful. That's more exciting. I will probably be apping a dwarf, then. Been excited to play one for a while. XD
  15. I'm debating whether I will have time for this but -- as long as the posting expectations remain 1 post / week, I'm in :)
  16. This is interesting to me, particularly in having a Strategist-type character.
  17. Excellent! Plenty of interest. I'll get the OOC up soon. I'll be sure to tag everyone as well as link it here.

    Great! The world of roleplaying needs more Dwarves in it.

    Welcome aboard! It's around a week, so if you ever have to take an extra day or two to get a post up don't worry about it.

    Sounds good. I look forward to seeing what your apps. ^^

    Great! Welcome.
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  18. I'm interested.

    So plot wise are we aiming for gritty military fiction with a spec ops flavour, or is it more adventurous? More intrigue/espionage? Or is it not really set?

    Is this just vanilla fantasy races or can are original/weird ones allowed? Also, how does magic work?

    You don't have to answer any of this if it will be on the OOC btw. I can wait until then.
  19. Welcome!

    It's not particularly set, but some of all of it is likely to occur. Different problems will need to be solved in different manners. And certain problems might be dealt with in different ways. Specific characters will deal with what they're best suited toward. Therefore (especially with how much interest there is right now) one group might be focusing on something which requires a lot of espionage and intrigue while another is currently doing something which focuses a lot more on adventuring. Does this clearly answer your question?

    Races and magic will be answered OOC.
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