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    The IC
    A Fire Emblem x Dragon Age-eqsue roleplay

    Overall Items About Ellira

    The land of Ellira is known for its broad variety of flora and fauna. Beauty is found in all corners of the world, whether it be slightly terrifying or simply gorgeous. Even though Ellira is renowned for its vibrant landscape, wars between its kingdoms occur frequently. Corruption and betrayal is a common scene. Battles between pro-mage and anti-mage forces are fought every day. Fingers are pointed, but nothing is done.

    Knowing that his beautiful homeland would soon be threatened by the ever-spreading war, King Akard of Morcrest decides that the feuding kingdoms of Ellira should become one under his banner. He struggles to find men and women of all races to join his cause to unite the kingdoms of Ellira and bring peace to the world at last. However, it is difficult; many know that they must brave both natural and unnatural forces to achieve peace. The small group of men and women that Akard has gathered, dubbed the Exalted Wardens, have to fight with everything they have in order to finally bring an end to their land’s constant warring.

    The Exalted Wardens have been established recently and they've recently garnered attention hiring only the most well known of fighters. As of right now no one knows for sure what purpose Akard truly plans behind unification. However, with the nations becoming more warlike, it's possible that his intentions may be to stop a nationwide war.


    You've been branded a part of the Exalted Wardens and sent to Kalico due to the urgent events transpiring. The king there has fallen ill and no one has seen the Queen in a long time. Kalico also has the most close ties to Morcrest, making this mission easier than the rest. However, as you enter you notice that not everything is as it seems in the capital of Dunstan.

    As an Exalted Warden you must join with the group to try and stop anything terrible from happening. War will be war however, and some may fall in service to the king.
    Perhaps this group can put humpty dumpty together again...



    People all over Ellira generally believe in a faceless and genderless being that created the world thousands of years ago. They call their god the Creator, and below the Creator is the Banisher. The Banisher was the Creator's second child, and exists only to slay demons and answer the prayer of priests who beckon for Her power. The Banisher, unlike the Creator is assigned a female pronoun.

    When one dies, their spirits are not separated into good and evil. Instead, all souls go to another world known as the Beyond. The people of Ellira believe that dreams are connected to the afterlife—spirits and demons may interact with a living being while they are dreaming. This is usually how people become possessed by demons; if a person allows themselves to taken over by a demon in their dreams, then the demon will reside inside them forever, because there is no separating a possessed person once they are possessed.
    Map of Ellira
    A thanks to @PetticoatLane for the map!
    The Nations of Ellira

    • Known for it's cold and hardy warriors that fight by disguising themselves, there are only five cities that are fully settled. Galacia is the seat of power in the north, but there are no flashy titles of nobility amongst these people. Only the Jarl, who is appointed through vote and deeds against the Wildings and Elves. Needless to say, the North -as it is colloquially called- is mostly inhabited by humans too stubborn to leave the cold situations. The Jarl has held power of late for nearly eighty years. This would make him one hundred and twenty. Galacia has also gone quiet, there is no word on how the kingdom is doing as opposed to their mostly neutral nature before. Many think that the North is planning an attack on the rest of Ellira.
    • Only slightly less cold than North, the embittered warriors of the Barren are not ambushers in the least. If you fight a resident of the Barren, expect them to be in your face and almost all tripping over each other to fight at the front lines. The Barren is ruled through military might, the highest ranked rules in the Barren and as a result the Barren needs to have items imported due to lack of farming and overall merchants to compensate for their large army. The army seems to be falling apart however, as the latest general who had been keeping a policy of keeping peace has died and three new generals vie for the position. The conflict has lead to open civil war since the last year, and visiting the Barren for needed supplies from merchants has all but ceased.
    • A nation known for having colorful stonework that is embedded into their walls and amor, and in result known for powerful but well educated army that is comprised of most races. Their seat of power is Dunstan. Despite the fact that Kalico is a monarchy, most citizens often weigh in on the happenings of the nation as a whole. They often volunteer to serve in the army, and there is often very little discrimination amongst the army. However, as of the last few months the king has fallen ill and the queen has been absent. Citizens cannot visit the castle due to disease and have almost fallen out of the political system all together. Kalico is also known for their tropical climate and festival held to honor the longest day of the year, and despite the inner workings of the castle, this year's Festival of The Sun promises to be the most flashy and have the most merchants visiting.
    • Possibly the most influential of kingdoms, Morcrest's king passed away more than five years ago and his son, King Akard took the throne. The seat of power resides in Portsmouth, where most of their trade with the Barren happens. Morcrest is known for it's fleet of ships that are both merchant and military in nature. Morcrest has the most economic power of the countries and as of yet has had very little use for any military power on land. However, after Akard took the throne he began thinking about forming the Exalted Wardens, a task force sent to stop the wars that have begun cropping up in the kingdoms. Akard is a young king, but under his rule Morcrest has flourished to a new peak of power and trade. However, this means only the Exalted Wardens are the fighting force here right now. New troops are being trained but Morcrest being attacked isn't out of the question.
    • A nation mostly populated by the free roaming tribes of Wildings. Mooncrest Isle is a holy land for the Wildings and no human or elf has ever set foot there. While many elves call the true towns within Vardendale home, it has always been owned by the Wilding tribes that wander the plains. This has led to recent conflict as an Elf has claimed to create the seat of power for the country, Nemira. The Wildings have recently struck back and wish to revoke the rights of the Elves who have taken over the land. There is no formal army for either, and the farmers and merchants have taken up arms against the Wildings.
    • The old homeland of the Elves it has since been mostly taken over by humans. The humans rule through a monarchy and keep the elves as slaves under them. The humans live within the ruins of the elf cities and have renamed them according to their needs. This is a land well known for their slave army reinforced with massive amounts of elf mages that are held in a tower known as the Natrium, which is guarded by Templars trained by the king to keep the mages in check. True Templars only exist in Vanthorn, any others are copies of this fighting force. The seat of power here is known as Bellows.
    • A sandy desert inhabited by an equal amount of races, Granite Hollows is the capital here. Balefall, despite the sandy desert outerlands, actually has the most farmland and is ruled by no one person. The government is made up of the citizens of Granite Hollows, who meet once a month to discuss the overall kingdom. Each city in Balefall also has this system in place, but most defer to Granite Hollow's for supreme decisions. However, lately each city has begun to say that they are now nations in themselves and are no longer a part of the system of Balefall. Riots in Granite Hollows has made it difficult for the council to convene and discuss these matters.



    Along with facing bandits and hordes of creatures, the Exalted Wardens will also battle against the:

    Anti-Mages: an informal grouping of people whose fear of magic have drove them to killing mages. They have no true army, but they make up for it with their willpower. These often are people who aren't mages and don't fully understand them. Humans and Wildings make up most of this faction.

    Pro-Mages: an informal grouping of people whose frustration with mages being suppressed have drove them to do whatever they can to end magic users' discrimination. Like anti-mages, they have no true army, but are willing to bring down whoever stands in their way. Elves and Humans make up most of this faction and this tends to be mages or someone who works closely with mages.

    Available Classes


    Men and women who are trained in the art of swordplay. They wear heavier armor than other classes, making them opponents that are difficult to take down. The most experienced of warriors are named Templars; along with having extremely high offense and defense to weapons, Templars are also resistant to magic.

    Pros: high offense and defense.
    Cons: low speed and mobility, cannot resist magic well (except for Templars).
    Only able to use swords, lances, and axes. Some may use bows.
    Includes: Mounted units (Cavaliers, Pegasus Riders, Wyvern Riders, griffon Riders) and foot units wielding swords, lances, bows, or axes.


    Even though they are usually not able to use swords, mages make up for their lack of steel with casting spells that do loads of damage. Most people fear mages due to the fact that demons are drawn to them and their power. They are suppressed in cities all over Ellira. Even though they have massive amounts of power at their fingertips, they are considered what one would call a glass cannon. Because of this, they are usually the first ones targeted in battles. Mages are able to use arcane spells (fire, wind, and ice) and healing spells, but many have turned to the darker arts.

    Mages are the only race that is able to communicate with demons and spirits, both through dreams and the real world. However, demons are more drawn to mages who practice dark magic.

    Mages are linked by their own soul to their tomes by legalized Dark Magic performed by sanctioned priests and clerics of the church. When a tome is taken away from a mage and destroyed, the mage will also die. All mages have this, unless they somehow evade notice from the kingdom or local church. Mages without tomes aren't as powerful and can be spellswords, as they lack a viable portal that responds only to them that connects the user to the Beyond.

    Pros: high offense, speed, and mobility.
    Cons: extremely low defense. Their life is linked to their tomes.
    All mages have to use tomes, but very rarely some have been known to use swords.
    Includes: Some mounted units (Pegasus Mages, griffon Mages, Chimera Mages) and foot units wielding swords or mostly tomes.


    Masters of deception, rogues rarely engage in direct combat. They prefer to stay hidden until it is the proper time to strike. Although they take many people by surprise with their ambushes, they are somewhat weak. Rogues rely more on speed and mobility than on strength and defense.

    Pros: high speed and mobility.
    Cons: defense and offense are below mediocre levels.
    Only able to wield small/short blades (knives, short swords) and bows. Some may even coat their weapons with poison.
    Includes: Assassins, archers, thieves, and other foot units wielding small blades and bows.
    Types of Magic

    There are three types of magic that mages are able to use:​

    • Arcane Magic: Mages who are able to use the elements of nature against their foe. Each arcane tome covers one of the fields of arcane magic. There are three types: fire, wind, and ice. These mages can use and manipulate these elements freely, but if it doesn't already exist around the mage, these mages pull these elements from the Beyond using their tome, their link to the Beyond. These mages prioritize damage over defense, as when these mages cast their magic they need time to summon these elements. Mages specializing in this can use all of these elements, but mages who aren't trained in this are stuck to only one element at all times. Mages can only use one element at a time even when trained. Spellswords can only use one element and are limited to what they can use around them, since they lack a tome. Spellswords cannot use any other type of magic.

    • Healing Magic: With healing magic and their own energy, mages may seal wounds and mend broken bones over time. They send energy into their patient which speeds up healing to a near instantaneous effect. Spellswords who attempt to heal people without a tome to draw energy from, draw from their own life force, which shortens their life. Fully fledged mages are able to draw on the near endless energy of the Beyond to heal people with. However, the excess of energy often causes new healing mages to accidentally overload people. With specialization, mages automatically can heal wounds that would otherwise be fatal. (Deep wounds and severe bleeding only. Decapitation, loss of limb or body part, loss of blood to a high degree, and death aren't fixable to healing mages.) Untrained mages can heal anything that won't be fatal in the next thirty minutes or so. However, these mages can also hurt their patient by giving too much energy and causing them to go into shock.

    • Dark Magic: magic that is considered taboo due to the fact it attracts malevolent deities. Not much is known about dark magic, but some mages claim that it branches from casting simple illusions to controlling a living creature for a limited amount of time. Mages who practice dark magic are often possessed by demons.

      Dark magic is manipulation of spirits. This often creates demons and thus the increase risk of possession is high, but mages who master this art have loyal demon companions they can summon at any time. Untrained mages in this profession are Banes. You either specialize and use it or don't.

      Spellswords cannot tame demons in this manner. They lack a tome and a way to send the demons back and often become the weaker Banes that wander Ellira.

    Available Races

    Human: normal men and women that you see every day on the streets. Many humans are warriors due to their sturdy frames. Smaller and weaker humans may be mages or rogues.

    Elf: a humanoid class. They are slightly taller and have smaller frames than humans. Their hair and eyes are usually a very light color. Even though elves are considered to be extremely attractive in humankind's eyes, they are usually treated like dirt. Because of this, elves are often found occupying jobs that no one wishes to do. Elves are only able to be mages or rogues since they are too fragile to be warriors.

    Wildling/Feral Person: strange beast-human people. Although they are humanoid, they bear animal ears and tails or wings. They are hairier than a normal human or elf, and have a much larger appetite. Wildings are taller than both humans and elves if only by a little. They can shift into an animal (a bigger size than a normal animal) at will.

    Humans treat Wildlings worse than elves, which has led them to form tribes away from human settlements. There is a different tribe for each animal family-- for example, felines and avians live in different tribes. Wildlings do not fall under any of the above classes and instead fight in their animal forms or with their fists.

    Humans and Wildlings have bred before to produced offspring, which are known as Marked. They take on the appearance of a human and do not retrain their shifting powers. Marked receive their name due to the strange brand that they have somewhere on their body. Marked also rarely have some animalistic traits depending on their parents. Marked are super rare due to tense relations between humans and Wildings.

    Wildlings cannot take the form of any mythical beasts. The most common of Wildlings can shift into felines or avians. The more rarer Wildlings are able to shift into canines. (If you choose to make one of these, tell me which animal you would like before you make your character!)

    Alongside the plain animals (bears, wolves, horses, etc), there are many creatures native to Ellira:​

    • Banes: People who have been overcome by demons. The body is deformed as the demon begins to solidify its true form. Banes are extremely deadly and shouldn’t be faced alone. The largest a bane can get is roughly twice the size of a person. Unfortunately, in order to slay the demon inside the bane, one must kill the person along with it. Exorcisms do not work to separate the demon from the person. Banes are often mages before their terrifying transformation. Deformation depends from demon to demon. There is no half possession, only full possession. Very very very very very rarely the human possessed retains their personality and can remain functional and rational.

    • Demons: spirits want nothing more than to join the living, but a demon is formed when a spirit’s wish has gone wrong or is twisted by sinful behaviour such as greed or cruel desires. Morphed by envy and greed, demons are malevolent beings that cause havoc. Weaker demons are only able to possess living beings, but stronger ones can actually take the form of a person. Their true forms are grotesque and terrifying to look at. Demons are drawn to mages due to their constant contact with spirits. Demons while in the Beyond are twice as powerful as the ones out in the real world, and those out in the real world often eat spirits to obtain more power.

    • Spirits: spirits are deceased people that can either roam the earth or the afterlife. They can make themselves invisible to all but one person, if they so wish. Often, they are silent and benevolent. Spirits who cause mischief—poltergeists—are usually close to becoming demons. They have been known to interact with people in their dreams. A spirit is able to bond with a person in a form of mutualistic possession, but the spirit may be morphed into something more devious depending on the person’s personality and desires. For example, a just spirit may become a vengeful one if its host wants nothing more than retribution. Spirits possess mages more often than anyone else. Spirits do not have any virtues in particular they represent. THEY ARE DEAD PEOPLE.

    • Basilisks: huge, serpentine creatures that dwell in the depths of nature. They are usually earth-colored and have excellent sense of smell. A basilisk’s bite is venomous—anyone who suffers from such a bite will die without immediate medical attention.

    • Chimera: while records of chimera depict them as beasts with multiple heads and a snake for a tail, this is truly not the case. In reality, chimera are creatures with a long body and strong, yet short, legs. Their tail is long and tufted and their head is one of a lion’s. Chimera are elusive creatures that cannot be found easily. Some mages are able to use them as mounts.

    • Dragons: dragons were once treated as gods by the people of Ellira. Now, they are nearly extinct, having been hunted for their scales and bones. These beasts come in a variety of colors and sizes, but all of them have wings and four, taloned feet. All of them have the ability to breathe fire. Dragons roam the mountain regions of Ellira and sometimes lurk underground. There has been one spotted over the Mooncrest Isle in Vardendale.

    • Feonyx: feonyx are wolves that have plumage flowering across their backs, including their tails. Some feonyx are winged, while others are not. Beautiful and serene, feonyx are often pets to royals. They detest violence and only attack when threatened or ordered to. Regarded as loyal companions, they have earned their place onto many noblehouses’ crests. They are presently extinct in the wild, the only ones remaining are domesticated.

    • Firebirds: often mistaken for phoenixes, firebirds are as gorgeous as their fiery cousins. Their feathers are longer than phoenixes’ and flow like flame. Firebirds cannot set themselves ablaze. They are tricky birds that love to steal and make more noise than a normal human being. However, their songs are soothing and beautiful, which is the main reason why they are captured. Though, they do not last long in man-made cages—they place a curse on whoever captured them, and the curse is only lifted when they are set free.

    • Griffons: creatures with the front of a bird and the back of a wild cat. Only slightly larger than a horse, gryphons come in a variety of colors and combinations. The people of Ellira have domesticated griffons to use as mounts, but some still roam forests and cliffsides. The feral ones have been rumored to actually talk, but the claim has been since dismissed.

    • Merpeople: while fairytales depict merpeople as peaceful creatures who do nothing but sing, the truth about merpeople is far from such stories. Appearing much like a human from their waist up and a fish from their waist down, merpeople coax both men and women close to the water’s edge so they are able to drag them down to the ocean’s depth. Merpeople are not able to survive outside of water. Merpeople eat the remains of the person they drowned and are wild and feral. No merperson has ever set up a government.

    • Pegasi: beautiful, winged horses. They usually bear white coats, but they may also come in black. Like gryphons, they have been domesticated by people to use as mounts. However, pegasi can easily be brought down by an archer’s arrow.

    • Phoenixes: magnificent birds that set themselves aflame when it is time to die and are reborn from their ashes. Their feathers and tears have terrific healing properties, but such things are difficult to obtain. In the wild, they nest on cliff edges. Phoenixes are often seen in the black market. Phoenixes are now extremely rare to find and if you find one in the wild, rumor is it that you are blessed for the rest of your life.

    • Sirens: half-bird, half-woman, sirens are very similar to merpeople. With the power of illusion, they transform into a person’s deepest desire—usually a woman or man who is very close to them. A siren’s victim is lured close with her illusions and transfixing songs. Luckily, they are only found nesting in northern cliffs, next to the sea. Some move inland for more prey, they are especially abundant in Balefall.

    • Wyverns: wyverns are the smaller, two-legged cousins of dragons. Their legs are incredibly strong in order to keep the wyvern standing. They are slightly larger than gryphons, making them the largest mount that armies own. Their bodies are durable and strong, but are much less agile than gryphons or pegasi. Domesticated wyverns no longer breathe fire, but there have been records that show that some wild wyverns still do so.


    All Iwaku rules apply.

    Keep smut and excessive gore to PMs please. This isn't Game of Thrones.

    Post at least one paragraph per character.

    No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus.

    Keep things realistic! This means no invincible characters or characters that can fell an entire army by themselves.

    The character age cap is forty years of age.

    The character cap for players is three. You get three characters.

    Specializations are limited to one per character.

    NO ROYALTY. None. Nope, you can't play royalty.

    Proper grammar and spelling, please. Everyone makes mistakes, but no one wants to read a post that looks like it was made by a cat walking over a keyboard.

    I will assign a co-GM or two when I have seen everyone’s potential.

    There can and will be side plots. Just ask before you put them in action.

    Try and keep the gender/race/class ratio balanced, please. I don't want five female elvish rogues and only two male mages. If I see an excess of something, I will ban it for a short while until the characters are balanced.

    When you post your form, you are able to style it into whatever way you wish, as it will be permalinked. You can choose to add extra fields, but you are not allowed to remove any.

    If you have any ideas for more creatures, please say so!

    Put your character’s quote in the “other” section of your form to prove that you have read everything. Doesn't have to be a catchphrase but should represent their personality.

    Romance allowed but imagine a nun behind your characters, if the nun disapproves move to black. Nuns don't like the sexy times right in front of them. They don't care about anything PG-13 though.

    Have fun! :)


    Character form


    Name: [No last names, please]

    Age: [21-40]


    Race: [Wildings put Wilding here]

    Class: [Wildings put what kind of wilding they are here.]

    Specialization: [An Arcane mage, a Templar... etc. Wildings can put N/A here. This is required for mages.]

    Weapons: [N/A for Wildings]

    Alliance: [Pro-Mage, Anti-Mage, or Neutral?]

    Appearance: [Pictures are preferred, but descriptions are allowed. Both is highly encouraged. If the face is obscured you need to describe it.]


    Biography: [Paragraph minimum. 5 sentences. This is where I assess your RPing ability.]

    Other: [Remember the password! Theme songs are encouraged too!]​
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  2. Accepted characters

    Rill 23 Feline WildingAnti-mageWilding RainDash
    Roshi 21Elf Neutral RogueRainDash
    Mihai28Eagle WildingPro-mageWildingCheekyBeretta
    Sëríé 21 Rogue Anti-mage Markedgamer5
    Yrïé29 Fox Wilding Neutral Wildinggamer5

    3 female; 5 male
    3 Wilding; 1 elf; 3 human; 2 marked
    3 Wilding; 3 rogue; 2 warrior; 1 mage
    4 neutral; 2 Anti-mage; 3 pro-mage
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  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    "I am the thunder and lightning. When I roar the world feels it, and when I strike... there will be nothing left behind."










    She believes that mages hold too much power for anyone and are only a danger to anyone who crosses their path. In her opinion, it's better to defuse the mages completely then allow them to wander around unsupervised. However, she is more accepting on the battlefield of mages, saying that anyone who has her back deserves her respect.

    Russet hair and grey eyes give her an intense look about her, as though she's still trying to make up her mind whether or not to kill you. Her hair is short but choppy, the result of on the field hair cutting with a dagger. She often wears simple dark clothes with gold buttons to try and remind people that even though she's only 5' 10'', she commands a small army. It's hard to catch Rill in a skirt, much less a dress, as she finds they constrict movement too much. Rill has three large claw marks across her right shoulder, from a fight with a large bear.

    Strangely soft spoken for a Wilding, Rill has strong opinions on the human culture and how they treat Wildings and Elves, but never voices them to strangers. Her quiet will often unnerves those who are unfamiliar with her. However, once you get to know her, Rill is often easy going and friendly. However, her instincts are often in charge, leaving her impulsive on the battlefield but not in the war room as she can see the layout of troops and predict movements and 'sense' traps with her gut feeling. She often likes to play with shiny objects she's 'liberated' from other people.

    Rill can be extremely loyal to those who have earned her trust, be they mage, warrior, or king. This can also swing the other way, if a person has not earned her loyalty then she will often be disrespectful to them, regardless of rank or skill. Rill can be extremely sarcastic and will often tease the enemy or play with them to where they're unsure of her motivations.

    When she was small, Rill barely ever spoke to humans, not knowing for sure what they were until she grew a little older. She grew extremely ill and was nearly bedridden for weeks until the elders decided to go to a nearby human town that had the medicine the tribe desperately needed. When they turned to the town for help, they were almost turned away by the head of the town because they were simple beasts. This was, of course, until his wife intervened and helped nurse Rill back to health.

    When Rill became healthy once more, she started to play with the children of the village. As she played she became more human like in her mannerisms and demeanor, and her tribe decided to stay and repay the favor the town had done for them. They stayed and worked, doing easy labor and small favors for the village. As things looked up, with the tribe growing larger with newborns and other Wildings who joined as they passed through town on their own.

    That is, until the town was attacked by Banes. Rill managed to barely spot them when they first appeared and since then they terrify her. She watched as the woman who had helped her become healthy and taught her about human customs was cut down in front of her. Rill's tribe attacked with as many warriors as they had. At the same time they sent Rill away with the elderly of the village and the tribe.

    As Rill ran and tried to provide for the younger kids, she found that many had been taken away from their mothers too soon, and she knew that they would die within the year. Rill tried to provide for the elders, but a sickness spread through the remnants of the tribe that killed the elders before Rill could guide them to another human town. She fell ill during her own travels to the town, and collapsed at the gates of the capital of Morcrest.

    She was nursed back to health again by humans, a group of mercenaries that had been passing through the gate and wanting to help the lone Wilding. Rill described her situation and they helped her by offering an invitation to join them. Rill, alone and without anywhere to call home, accepted their offer. As she stayed within the mercenary group she learned all she could about Banes and mages, allowing her to never again be caught off guard by them.

    More time passed and the mercenary group accepted her as second in command due to her strength and ability to avoid 'bad jobs' thanks to her gut. She was well respected and at twenty the leader was killed in action, leaving his job to her hands. Rill commanded her mercenary group, the Red Claws, for two years before she was approached by the Exalted Wardens to join them to stop the corruption of the world. She joined and her group still operates under her, but they also accept orders from the king.

    Always wears a red bandanna around her neck.

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  4. [​IMG]
    "Backstabing is my speciality, literally."









    Twin daggers that fit neatly into each other, making her appear to have only one when wandering around, but they allow her have her enemies underestimate her at first glance.


    A woman whose lips always seem to curl up, and any shadow across her face makes her smirks seem almost like the chesire cat himself if grinning at you. Kana's fingers are always moving, tapping or touching something nearby. She prefers to wear lighter armor that could almost be equated to clothes, and loves wearing loose trousers that billow around her legs.

    About as trustworthy as she looks, Roshi might just steal your purse before you even meet eyes on the street. Roshi makes no apologies for her actions out on the street, and if someone were to try and shame her, Roshi would fire back with just as much zeal. She believes that anyone on the street has earned their place there, and nobles and kings need to experience what day to day life is really like for their people. She hates hypocrites and liars. Even though she is a thief and once assassin, Roshi is honest and caring. If she lies, she will feel guilty and terrible about it for weeks.

    Roshi is a careful thief, planning and thinking ahead before acting. In battle Roshi hides in the shadows and strikes, allowing for precision takedowns and silent kills. In a one-on-one fight she might win, if she uses dirty tactics. However, against an army with no way to hide, Roshi will run and probably die. She might even try to convince the army she's on their side to no avail.

    Mages are just another target to her. The whole mage vs. anti-mage war is just another angle to use on unsuspecting targets. She figures the whole thing won't really affect her in the long run and will take care of itself in due time.

    Roshi was adopted by a noble family almost at birth, and the family got along well with the elf parents -for a time. After a month passed the two families clashed, the biological mother wanting her child back and the adoptive parents not willing to give her up. Ultimately the biological parents were forced from the town, and Roshi grew up without ever knowing of her original heritage.

    The adoptive family had adopted her for appearance's sake, giving very little thought to having Roshi stay in touch with her race or traditions. In fact, Roshi was taught to read, play piano, and etiquette. She played the fine young lady part very well, almost fooling humans into thinking she was also human -until they saw Roshi's ears of course. Roshi was also never unattended, always accompanied by a guard when she went into town, and her doting parents when she was at home.

    This left her without the ability to bond with other children in the town, and over time Roshi started to see anyone outside of her immediate family as things. They wandered to and fro like little ants beneath her windowsill, and Roshi was bored. So she decided to sneak out one night, to creep about the scummy side of the town without her bodyguard or parents present. This was her first experience with anyone who wasn't family, and of course it became something did regularly. She even gained a mentor who taught her all the tricks of stealing and burglary.

    She held this pattern until she became fifteen, and her adoptive parents found out about her nightly excursions. They thought it was a boyfriend, so Roshi lied and said it was. It covered her tracks and kept her out of trouble for a few days. However, after returning from the village one night she found her adoptive parents murdered and robbed. She mourned them for a time before pledging revenge and leaving her home.

    She became well known as the assassin who could get into anywhere, and always slipped away when her reputation became too infamous. After two years of assassination work, she managed to find her adoptive parent's killer. It was a kill that would be known for years, as she broke into a palace during a ball and killed the owner of the castle while he was in full view of his gentry. She even managed to raid the castle's treasure reserve while the king was dying, so no one except for her knows how she managed to kill him.

    It took three years to track her down after she killed the king, and by then she'd stopped killing people, thus making her skills near useless to the king of Morecrest. However, she was recruited to the Exalted Wardens after she showed up in the Morcrest palace and told them that she was going to join the Exalted Wardens because she figured that anyone who was looking for a thief and assassin was going to need all the help they could get. Also she was expecting a large amount of amusement at trying to steal from these, quote, "loony kings that might as well be asking for it."

    Roshi has a soft spot for cats and dogs.​
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  5. Lauchlan




    Human (Marked)


    Bearded Great Axe
    Short Sword


    • Height: 6'2"
      Weight: 205 lbs

      Tall and broad-shouldered, Lauchlan's body is shaped from years of physical labour and combat, though he retains fair agility for someone his size. Since his appointment as a Warden, his apparel has changed from ragtag to more uniform and he typically sports half-plate mail, opting to wear it over dark leather. Whether in armor or standard dress, he keeps his face mostly obscured under a hood, covering short, raven hair and grey eyes. Once, he may have been considered handsome; with chiseled features and high cheekbones, he was given graces from both parents, though a plethora of scars now mar his body and face. While some are cleanly sealed, many of the older scars are jagged and deep, standing livid against his pale skin -- the obvious marks of an inexperienced healer. Due to curious eyes and abrasive questions concerning his wounds, Lauchlan opts to cover his face to spare himself both embarrassment and ire.

      Because of his race, he bears a dark brand on the right side of his chest.

      Under the Mask
      Lauchlan wears the features common among those hailing from the Northern forests and may have had a fair visage - if it weren't for his numerous scars that bear the sign of inexperienced magical healing. His face is contoured with high cheekbones, accented by a chiseled jaw and nose (slightly crooked from having broken it) and a strong chin. He wears no facial hair and, for all his time spent outdoors, his complexion remains quite pale. The scars he so often covers run mostly about the lower portion of his face: several small, dark lines cross his left cheek and jaw while a deeper blemish runs from the right corner of his jaw to the inner corner of his right eye; another of the marks crosses the bridge of his nose, leaving an indentation in the cartilage there; the worst of them is a deep-set, jagged line that intersects with the mark on his right cheek and runs diagonally across his mouth and to the edge of his chin. Uncovered is a thin line that runs from his hairline down through his left eyebrow.

    • General
      Sardonic and asperous, Lauchlan can be unpleasant at times, though there is no real malice in his actions. Generally, he keeps his own company as it requires he speak little of himself and his past; he can often be found reading in silence. When he does interact with others, he is often (unintentionally) scathingly honest and blunt, as he sees little reason to temper his words - after which he usually feels quite guilty. His adherence to his beliefs and his methods of defending them often result in fist-fights or all-out brawls. He is trying to learn greater patience with others, but he still has a considerable way to go.

      Accustomed to nature's harshness, Lauchlan is comfortable in the wilds and is a capable survivalist. He is an adept tracker and, though rather unskilled with a bow, is a proficient hunter with trapping and fishing; he possesses fair knowledge of edible and medicinal plants. Due to his time spent in the wilds, Lauchlan is highly inexperienced with formal settings and experiences a great deal of stress and anxiety when placed in such; he also tends to feel awkward in overly social situations.

      Having grown up taking care of his twin sister, Lauchlan struggles to find meaning in his life when he isn't tasked with a job. He possesses a fiercely protective instinct and can be defensive of others to a fault, often risking his own life for strangers as he is constantly, albeit subconsciously, looking for someone to watch over and protect.

      His wandering, coupled with the taboo of being marked, has left him without a sense of belonging; joining the Exalted Wardens has yet to make him feel a part of something, though it is a considerable improvement over traveling alone.

      Concerning Magic
      He harbours an intense hatred for anti-mage factions, though he offers little explanation for it. Nothing can send him into a rage quite like those condemning or harming magic-users, and he shows little mercy or restraint when dealing with such.

      Concerning Race
      Lauchlan holds no dislike for any particular race, but he greatly dislikes the poor treatment humans show others - and he has started more than one fight because of it.

      As he appears quite normal, Lauchlan does not like to divulge that he is not fully human and is careful about hiding the brand on his chest. While it is uncommon to see his face uncovered, it is a true rarity to see him disrobed; he would rather forgo healing or medicine if it would require one see the damning mark. As such, he is leery of any situation that may expose him (physically or figuratively), leaving him particularly wary of physical or emotional intimacy and the rejection that may accompany such.

    • Born of an absent wildling father, Lauchlan and his twin sister, Lorelei, were less-than desirable additions to their mother's human village. Despite the disapproval she was often greeted with for her involvement with a feral man, the twin's mother was always proud of her children. At a young age, Lorelei showed great magical potential and it was their mother's dream for her to become a mage as she had once been. Lauchlan, while showing no signs of possessing magic, took readily to the education their mother could provide. When he wasn't taking various jobs in the village, he could always be found tucked away with a book.

      During their tenth winter, their mother fell ill -- and despite the twin's best efforts to care for the woman, she passed away, leaving the children to their own devices. For a few months following their mother's death, Lauchlan did what he could to keep bread on the table while Lorelei attempted to continue her studies, but it was soon clear that they could not remain in the village; with their mother gone, they had little respite from the other villagers and they drove the children away with threats and violence. For the better part of a year the twins wandered from village to village, hoping to find a place to call home. Unfortunately, word travels quickly - even in the Barrens - and no town was keen on having the twins as residents. Not knowing where else to turn, the siblings set their sights on Morcrest and began their journey South; with the proper training, Lorelei could still become a mage, and it would be much easier for Lauchlan to find work when no one knew of their "marked" status.

      The endeavour for a new life was a difficult one, but they endured - eking out a living in city outskirts, doing whatever was necessary to survive. While he found small jobs as a labourer, Lauchlan soon discovered that the most money came from combat and he took quick study. Not having a proper teacher drove him to find his own methods - usually by trial and error - often leaving him badly injured and, more than once, close to death. Despite his setbacks, he found he had a gift for fighting and he slowly began to earn a reputation in towns North of the capital city. By the time he was sixteen, Lauchlan was taking work as a sell-sword and fighter, often sending him into the wildlands between borders. The small income he managed to secure was gladly put toward helping his sister study magic, and the wounds he often received gave her ample opportunity to practice her healing. As his skill in combat increased, so too did his sister's magical prowess, and by the time they had reached their twenty-second year, they had saved enough for Lorelei to open a small shop where she could offer her services as a healer.

      Opting to settle in a small town North of the Morcrest borders, the twins had finally found a comfortable life. Though Lorelei didn't necessarily approve of her brother's involvement with less-than-savoury clients, Lauchlan continued his occupation as a sell-sword and bodyguard, as it was a reliable source of income while they waited for her business to pick up. Unfortunately, their success wasn't to be. While on a job, Lauchlan's town was hit by a small anti-mage faction that had caught wind of Lorelei's business. Upon his return, he found the shop in ruins -- his sister's body left among the wreckage. Overcome with grief and rage, Lauchlan left the town vowing to hunt down and destroy those responsible for his sister's death. Five years later he was still seeking out anti-mage groups and taking on jobs as a sell-sword to fund his efforts. When he wasn't seeking out anti-mage factions or taking jobs, he found himself in deep despair, unable to forgive himself for failing to protect his sister.

      In recent attempts to find new purpose for himself, Lauchlan returned to Morcrest and entered a tournament that would grant him admittance to the Exalted Wardens.

      • Right-handed
      • Literate - he can read and write but has no other education
      • Mild accent - suggests that he is from The Barren
      • Keeps his sister's healing tome with him as a memory of her - generally kept hidden away

      "I have always lived for another - I do not know if I possess the courage to live for myself."

    • TBD

    • Username: PetticoatLane

      Most Active: Weekday Evenings (CST)

      Notes: Grad student -- may get swamped from time to time.


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  6. WIP - (Rework)

    Sadira and Lotus





    Arcane Mage

    Wind Tome


    Lotus (Griffon)

    • Height: 5'7"
      Weight: 140 lbs


    • General

    • Born to a family of influence in Balefall, Sadira has lived a charmed life in comparison to most. His family largely oversees the city of Sandris, managing trade brought in via river. Unlike his older brother, Sadira never had much of a head for numbers, though he displayed great potential for magic. From a young age he was provided the opportunity to study magic and he excelled in the Arcane arts, taking a particular interest in the element of air. His prowess did not go unnoticed and, at the age of eleven, he was recruited by the Council to train as a Grand Mage. As remuneration for his education, Sadira (along with other Grand Mages) would be charged with keeping the peace throughout Balefall in a time of turmoil and unrest, serving the Council for a minimum of ten years. Too young and naive to realize his work was very nearly oppression of the people, Sadira took great pride in his position and gave magic relentless study.

      Immeasurably proud, Sadira's family sought the perfect gift to celebrate their son's achievement -- and Lotus has been a part of the mage's life ever since. Having reared the gryphon from her juvenile years, Sadira was able to form a near-instant bond with the animal - that has only grown over time; they are constant companions and often seem to share a link between their minds, though Lotus does have her own (rather strong) personality.

      By the age of twenty, Sadira was ready to start serving as a Grand Mage. The first few years were enthralling: gliding about the vast kingdom on gryphon and patrolling the sands for outlaws, helping diffuse tensions between the cities, and reporting all disruptions to the Council in Granite Hollows. As time went on, however, the tension between cities grew and the orders being given to the Grand Mages became increasingly aggressive - limiting trade routes and restricting border access; the most severe restriction the Council set on Balefall was that no mage outside of the Grand Mages was be permitted to hold any position or occupation within the kingdom. The Council feared that, with cities attempting to declare independence, mage forces would be composed to ensure the cities' demands were met. Such a law did not sit well with Sadira and he, along with several other Grand Mages, gave inquiry. They were informed that the law was merely to encourage young magic-users to attend the academy in Granite Hollows - and to provide protection from those who chose to use their magic for ill-intent. It soon became clear, however, that this was not the true objective. Any mage found using magic outside of the Grand Mages was arrested and put on trial; even those as young as twelve were taken to stand before the Council. Before he was even truly aware of the severity of the situation, Sadira had become an enforcer of despotic law.

      Slowly, Sadira began to resent the orders being given to him. While he still owed the Council six years of service and was unable to leave their employ, he began to defy orders. It was about this time that it began…While years of training and study had yielded a talented mage of great ability, it also served to attract unwanted company. At first it was a vague sense of being watched or an odd dream here and there, but it became more and more clear that someone or something was trying to communicate with the young man. Lotus became increasingly wary around her companion and it took considerable amounts of coaxing to ease her caginess, though she slowly readjusted to the new and unusual presence. The dreams failed to make any sort of sense, however, and Sadira largely ignored them.

      It wasn't until he was twenty six that the spirit finally managed to communicate with the him. After refusing an order to remove a child mage from her family, Sadira spent a week-long stint in the prison at Granite Hollows as punishment for his blatant defiance. While in his cell, he had a vision of a young woman; she looked as though she had been weeping, though she smiled at him and thanked him for the kindness he had shown the girl and her family. Several recurring dreams with the same woman revealed that she had been a mage in life, though she had been killed by a Grand Mage many years before. She had been drawn to Sadira because of his power - though she became attached when she saw the kindness within him. At first, Sadira adored the spirit; she gave him encouragement to refuse orders - though it soon became apparent that she sought more than just kindness toward mages.

      Afraid of her intentions and unable to rid himself of the spirit, Sadira soon began to fear possession and his family secretly sent for a holy man who was said to be gifted with banishing spirits. The ritual failed to send the spirit away and, despite their secrecy, it was not long before the Council discovered Sadira's secret. They had weathered the mage's defiance because of his great ability - though this was more than the they would tolerate. Afraid that the mage would become possessed and, eventually, a bane, the Council banished Sadira - sending him away from Balefall on threat of death to him and to his family.

      Accompanied by Lotus, Sadira has spent the last year traveling throughout Vanthorn and Kalico searching for a means of removing the lingering spirit. His most recent travels have led him to the Kalico capital, hoping to find a way to rid himself of the spirit before he falls fully into her grasp.

    • Name

      Vulture Griffon



    • TBD

    • WIP

    • Username: PetticoatLane

      Most Active: Weekday Evenings (CST)

      Notes: Grad student -- may get swamped from time to time.


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  7. Ignatius







    Healing Tome; Wind Tome


    • [tab=Personality]
    Ignatius came from a privileged background of a landholding Lord from Morcrest. Despite being a rather sickly boy he spent much of his earliest years practising in various skills which would further him for later life. Primarily his father trained him in the basic arts of combat and swordplay while his mother helped encourage his intellectual pursuits. Unsurprisingly his strength was in the latter as he oft fell behind in regard to the physical aspect of the former. As a child Ignatius had occasionally had some difficulty in seeing things but it was never as bad as to encourage much attention. Unfortunately it proved quite a problem as his vision continued to worsen. By the age of fifteen he was almost blind. At the time, the youth felt like that was the end of his life.

    Although it felt more like slowly fading into nonexistence the gradual decline of his vision did have an advantage when compared to going blind on the spot. Ignatius’ lessons with his father stopped as the Lord chose to focus his time to train his other sons. Meanwhile, Ignatius spent much of his time practising being blind. In addition the staff was increased so the young lord might live a comfortable life despite his disability. Nonetheless, said youth had his own plans. On his own, and later with help, he begun to study magics. He originally chose to keep this a secret from nearly everyone, including his parents, due to the stigmas surrounding mages.

    In time Ignatius grew tired of the act and could see little reason for it. He told those around him and took to practising more openly. His main focus was healing magic as it allowed him to be useful without hypothetically putting himself in danger. In time his brothers went off in search of fortune and glory. Meanwhile Ignatius remained home assisting his father in things he was getting too old for and generally keeping up the estate. In addition he took to advocating freedom for mages and offering them sanctuary, should they need it.
  8. TBD
  • Ignatius is mostly blind. At this point he is really only able to distinguish between lightness and darkness; and even then, only when there is a significant difference.
  • To some who are close to him he responds to the nickname Ignis.
  • Literate. Enjoys reading.
  • He has a walking staff he carries with him for purposes of not walking off cliffs and such.

"I shall do all I am able to."

  • Username - Leyvan

    Generally least active Tuesdays - Thursdays

    PM/Discussion Friendly

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  • Guys please note there's an extra little thing called specialization on the sheet now. It's super critical for mages in particular.
  • Most likely going to make a new character, because Arthfael's muse kind of... ditched me.
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  • Ah, I did miss that. Fixed.
  • I have a question: I know the basic codes, but how on earth do you guys get your CS to look so darn cool?
  • @CheekyBeretta Which part are you talking about? The fieldsets or the tabs or...?
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  • The tabs, mostly. They seem to cause me a bit of trouble. I can't remember for the life of me how to make those work.
  • What I do is:



    [tab=Title 2]


    Just add in the amount you need.
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  • I'm also curious as to the layout of your CS, @PetticoatLane

    I've been on Iwaku for a few months but have been occupied with a roleplay already, so I haven't made my own CS for quite some time. The old website I used to frequent didn't have as many features and I still find myself figuring things out to this day.

    Could you, maybe PM me a blank version of the layout you used for Lauchlan, if that's even possible? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Great character, by the way :bsmile:
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  • Im still in this right?

  • Username: Shadow's Intent

    Name: Valience

    Age: 38

    Gender: Male

    Race: Marked

    Class:Warrior/ ex-Templar

    Weapons: Two Bastard Swords

    Alliance: Neutral

    Appearance: Taller than most men, Valience is described as "exotic" by most. Either for his sorrel glacial eyes that remind one of an animal in the midst of a hunt; light tanned skin that has lighter 'stripes' across it or his hair short wine red colored hair. He's got the broad, muscled frame of his human father, and the several features of his wildling mother. Though his true form is hard to be seen, as he nearly almost always wears a seemingly cumbersome but remarkable suit of armor. This armor is as effective in combat, as it is ornate. It gives Valience a rather intimidating appearance, if not for the two bastard swords he can use with equal measure.

    Personality: Valience is a complex man, with complex values. He has a strong sense of justice, one that lead to him slaying his former king; both a despot and tyrant. He can stand humans, elves and other Wildlings alike. However, he has little patience for racism and discrimination, and will aptly stand up for the offended party. Valience will also never leave a comrade behind. He's quiet mostly, choosing to speak only when he feels he must or when he feels strongly enough to do so. His quiet nature, as well as his foreboding size and formidable fighting capacity added to the fact he was able to tame a Wyvern enough to make it his mount, certainly make this one Marked one would be hard pressed to make angry.


    Valience doesn't remember his birth parents, as he was bought and sold, as a slave. Slavery was what he knew best, he worked menial, but laborious tasks. This lasted from the time he was three, to the time he was twenty. He bears many scars, some from from fighting--but others from the all too cruel hands of his keeper--the Lord of Galcia. Brandded like common cattle, he was whipped often when he was young. At times he wasn't even to blame, he just became the whipping boy left with sever lacerations spanning his entire backside. But this wasn't enough. The lord threw him to the wolves so to speak, by pitting him in the local arena for blood sport.

    What they found however, was something...unexpected.

    Most have to be trained on how to kill someone, to break that innate consciousness that prevents them from delivering the death blow and staining their hands. Valience fought so viciously that it left the crowd speechless. No one expected a common slave to act the way he had. The way he fought, they would be reminded of an animal being slaughtered and quartered. He bit their throats out, he crushed their heads with his bare hands and he split them right down the middle. It was as though he were born to kill men. With animals it was different, he moved differently and almost seemed to dominate them as he kept his eyes locked on theirs. It seemed, while his Wildling nature couldn't allow him to shape-shift, it did hold in him the ferocity of the animal his Wildling mother was a tribe of. The nature of the beast is still unknown.

    It didn't take the lord long to realize there was money to be made with Valience as his personal gladiator. But there were a few complications. Firstly, Valience knew nothing of swordsmanship, secondly a man just over seven feet--or nineteen hands if one were to convert it to measuring how tall a horse might be. But, no horse is that big. A knight in the service of the lord Sir Langley, offered his services. He was one of the lord's best swordsmen having championed several tourneys from neighboring lands.When they started, no ordinary sword felt right. They were just too small for his massive hands. That was, until they tried the Zweihänder. A weapon with a blade over five and a half feet long and weighing seven pounds. Most men would tire quickly from swinging such weight around. But for a certain slave that was used to holding wild horses to a stand still, it was a refreshing change.

    Valience took to the lessons quite naturally, though there was much to learn his mentor was patient as Valience was eager. His mentor also secretly taught him how to read, as slaves and serfs weren't allowed. Their ignorance made it easy for them to carry parcels and documents without fear of them being spies. When the time came, Sir Langley issued Valience an ultimatum--make him bend a knee, or Valience would die. Rather this was a the truth, no one could be certain though Sir Langley was an honest man by virtue. Nevertheless, they engaged in a heated duel; speed and precision versus outright power and a seemingly limitless amount of stamina and endurance. The fight came to a stalemate when they locked swords and even though Valience had the power, Sir Langley had leverage. The match ended when Valience grabbed a second Zweihänder in his free hand and hammered down hard against the first forcing his teacher to not just one knee but both. He was now ready.

    Now skip four years, he is now twenty. Though birthdays are an alien thing to him, it doesn't stop this man of the utmost focus from becoming the champion gladiator from The Barren, to Morecrest and Kalico. The name that passed everyone's lips: The Drachen. He'd had many prestigious battles but it would all come crashing down when a slave killed his king to save a mentor and father figure. After he left the city of Galcia he ventured for a time, becoming a sell-sword as his height and physique made him stick out quite readily. For four more years, he would see not stop fighting. Bouncing from one fighting group to the next and never staying in one area too long. He's fought for those against mages and those for them.

    In either case, he left his mark as one of the fiercest combatants either had ever seen. He found service for King Akard fourteen years ago, until recently he was placed as one of the starting members of the Wardens. The sight of a massive metal being carrying two Zweihänder, marching onto the field of battle is something of a shock and awe effect. It was during these fourteen years in service, that Valience found a wyvern egg and while initially he was going to eat it--the egg hatched and imprinted on him. In several years, it grew bigger than most hutches and ate entire cows. This massive creature is highly protective of Valience and when he fights--it does as well.

    Though he does not openly claim to be, he is indeed ,a Templar.

    Secondary Skills: Blacksmithing/ Metal Working/Tanning


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  • Yup. Be sure to read through the new rules and warrior descriptions.
  • @RainDash

    Would it be okay if I added secondary skills I.e: Blacksmithing, metal working?
  • Hmm. Sure.