All The King's Men Reboot (New Players Wanted)

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  1. In the land of Ellira lies magic, dragons, demons, and the Exalted Wardens. Newly started this group must fight the rising evils in the land and prevent a terrible war from breaking out. There is more than meets the eye to these conflicts, and you may fall in the pursuit of peace... but know that never again shall there be a life ended in the senselessness that is the current Ellira...

    Signups and OOC

    You guys might have seen this around, on the banner and might have noticed how quick we are to talk on the OOC. Unfortunately due to the GM quitting we've had to start over with me as the head. The good news is that we're all starting fresh.

    The better news is that we still have the core dynamic and friendly open OOC that we've always had. Join now and we'll even give you a cookie.

    Please let me know if you wish to join but have questions that make it impossible for you to be sure if you can join or not, I'm trying to see if there's still an interest for this Dragon AgeXFire Emblem sort of RP or if it should die out. Thank you!
  2. -Smacks this back to the top.-

    Still recruiting!

    We don't bite.


  3. Really. Unless you're into that, maybe.
  4. If you are into that, I hear @Eleyvan is, too. We're an accommodating lot.

    We also tell bad jokes. <3
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  5. I went ahead and double placed this in Interest Checking for you, since it's kinda both. The thread is technically located in Interest Checking now, but there'll sill be a thread for it in Roleplay Advertising for a couple months :)
  6. Ah thank you! I didn't know RP advertisements existed until I put this up, I'm glad it got moved to a better spot than before.
  7. Yes! The main difference is

    Interest Checks is for
    - people who have ideas, but want to ensure interest before they get started
    - People who have ideas, but want to get join-promises before they get started
    - People who have ideas, but want help polishing them up before they get started

    Kind of an RP prep area!

    Roleplay Advertising is for
    - people who want more players in their existing RP
    - People who want to remind the general populace that their ongoing RP is still open to joiners
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