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    • Cyberpunk
    • Hyper-violence*
    • Post-apocalypse
    *The overall feel of the role-play will be very gritty and focuses on a theme exploring how downtrodden typical life is in the All That Remains universe, which is rife with poverty and murder just to name a few. While there will be no sexual content directly displayed, it is recommended that members are at least 18+ years of age to participate. If you are underage and find yourself offended, do not hold me personally responsible. Consider this a Trigger flag. You have been warned.

    I can sit here and bore you to death with a long-winded in-character story that defines the plot of this RP. Instead, I will give you the very basics of the world that makes up A.T.R. and allow you to fill in the blanks from there.

    The year is 2274. The world as you and I know, no longer exists. Technology has advanced very far to the point that it is sci-fi in every sense: Cloning vats, medi-gel, cybernetic augmentation, androids. Humans are thriving again but at great cost from a nuclear war that has occurred over 200 years ago, and much of what exists now has been salvaged.

    Population centers are contained inside shielded biodomes that have long since failed and deactivated, leaving nothing but great steel walls with only one public way in and out by a massive gate. There is no centralized government, instead the rules are made and enforced by mega corporations and their private armies that control each respective biodome.

    Industrialism is very heavy, and with no government to control the mega corporations, they are free to do as they please, their factories always burning and churning out black smog that blankets the air pierced only by towering skyscrapers that go miles into the sky where the rich live. The poor, the drones, the sickly and old are left to choke and die in poverty and essential lawlessness on the streets below.

    And there is no escape from this hell outside the biodomes, which has been reduced to nothing but dirt. No lush rolling plains, no countless acres of trees. Just dirt and pockets of fatal radiation, which has warped the wildlife, rapidly evolving them into creatures that can hunt humans desperate or stupid enough to leave the "protection" of the biodome.

    It all paints a pretty bleak picture, doesn't it? Well, that's what happens when you take away civilization and add a little nuclear fire. Now, there's no real predetermined plot; I like to leave it up to my fellow RPers how the story goes. Are you one of the rich, ignorant of the plight of your fellow human beings in the darkness below? Are you one of the drones, etching out a meager existence until you cough your last unclean breath of air? Or will you aspire to be something more, and fight for change?

    This world is very heavily inspired by movies like the classic Blade Runner (Dir. by Ridley Scott, 1982.)

    All That Remains (Sign-up & OOC)
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  2. Oh my fucking God. Hell yeah. I'm in.

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  3. Lol, I'm glad you're so excited about it. I intended for this to be a group RP, but if no one else joins for a while, I can make it a 1x1.
  4. I'm happy either way. And also a bit shocked .. I was expecting someone more intimidating, you know, for a self-acclaimed jackal-god. More arrogant and imposing.

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  9. You had me at hyper violence.
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  10. Woo, more people! More people is always nice. :3
  11. Yay! Can we play now, Teddy?
  12. We can have a party in the wasteland man.
  13. Unfortunately, I won't be online for the rest of tonight. I've got family staying for Christmas and all that boring gobbity-gook. But I'll send you both a PM tomorrow and we'll organize stuff.
  14. Sounds good to me. I had the same thing going earlier.
    Have fun!
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