All That Remains ((Group Rp or One x One))

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    All That Remains is an Drama-Scifi-Slice of Life type of role-play that I had created a long time ago. It can be a one on one role-play or a small group role-play. There is a heavy plot involved. If this is a one on one role-play then we each will get five to seven characters to play. If this is a group role-play then the character limit will be decided depending on how many people join. Please read the information given below, and if you are interested leave a comment or send me a private message. I would love some feed back!

    Settings and Locations
    The year for this role-play hasn't been decided, just the fact that it takes place in the future. Locations include but are not limited to, Sector Q, Lakesville Jr. High, The Town of Lakesville, Professor P.'s Home, and space.

    It takes place in the future, man's technological feats have greatly increased over the decades. One such feat is the development of technology that allows us to land and explore ALL of the planets, including their moons, in our solar system. During the missions, many astronauts harvested extraterrestrial terra ((rock samples)) from the planets and their moons. Upon returning to earth and examining them, scientists have discovered fossils of creatures that had originally lived on these planets or moons. In another field of science, cloning and regeneration has also developed steadily. Upon the discovery of the fossils, a new sector of NASA was established. Sector Q, where the great minds of cloning work together with NASA's scientists to recreate the organisms from these planets and study their habits. After many years of failures, the sector finally created their first alien. It was a huge break through, and soon after Sector Q had recreated, observed, and raised ten extraterrestrials from the planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth's Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Planet X. The extraterrestrials, aliens, are actually very different from each other, each having their own unique characteristics, habits, personalities, and abilities. The information of the creation of these aliens were leaked to the general public, there were years of controversial debates over the occurrence but eventually these aliens became popular famous figure heads and icons for society. The aliens were placed under protective care of Professor P. and raised to handle human society. Now, a handful of years after their creation, the planets are finally being introduced to the general public for observation and study. They're being enrolled into a public middle school formally known as Lakesville Junior High School as students.

    • Proper grammar and spelling
    • Able to handle more than one character
    • Readily Available
    • Able to Cooperate
    • Able to discuss and create plot points and events with others
    • Other
    1. Head Scientist at Sector Q ((Not Recruiting))
    The Head Scientist is a hard working woman whom the "planets" do not see very often. She is the "Boss Lady" of Sector Q and the Caretaker's older sister.
    2. Caretaker of the "Planets"
    The care taker of the planets is a scientist from Sector Q who the planets refer to as Professor Phosforous, or Professor P. for short. He is the younger brother of the Head Scientist of Sector Q. He tries his best to be fair and kind towards all ten of the aliens under his care.
    3. Mercury
    4. Venus
    5. Earth ((taken))
    6. Luna/Earth's Moon
    7. Mars ((taken))
    8. Jupiter
    9. Saturn
    10. Uranus
    11. Neptune ((taken))
    12. Pluto
    13. Planet
    Planet X is a planet that drifted into our solar system, it was frozen over and void of life many years ago. He is a boy character. ((sorry there is a plot reason as to why he is a boy.))​

    *Note that the planets are preteens to teenagers, so there is an age range 11-15. If you want a special case please ask.

    Example/Starting Post
    "For centuries, the people of Earth have looked to the skies and asked if life existed elsewhere. Before such inventions as the telescope, humans have attempted to study the fascinating phenomenons of space. We have come very far, from thinking the Earth was flat and the planets orbited it.Our greatest minds have theorized and proven that the Earth is round and orbits the sun. Once we thought that the sun was the brightest thing out there and the only one of its kind, now we know there are plenty of brighter stars out there. We've observed the planets through screens and for ourselves.
    _"Although we have come so far in our knowledge of the universe, we are still learning of our own galaxy. I'm sure you have all heard by now of the experiments NASA's scientists in Sector Q have been working on. They, we have found that life does in fact exist on other planets than our own. Sadly, they've been extinct for centuries, even as far as 7 millenniums ago. Because of this, we were been unable to confirm life ever existing elsewhere in the twentieth century. Now with our new advances in science, we have been able to recreate the typical being of each intelligent species that existed on throughout our Galaxy.
    _"I know you're tired of hearing me drone on, and you're eager to meet them." A young professor with sleek, modern electric blue glasses stood at a podium and microphone in front of a vast crowd. He seemed no older than eighteen, yet he had been chosen to speak. Stepping down from the podium, mike at hand, he gestured at the line of beings that stood at his sides. "So I'll just introduce them! As you can see, we have all species from all eight planets, plus the Moon, Pluto, and, the most recently discovered, X!" The crowd then went wild, cheering for alien on stage. No one but the scientists had ever seen them in person, only in pictures on the news. Everyone was excited, as if it were a sports event. A lot of them even held up signs, such as, "Will you marry me, Mr. Jupiter?", "U MAD, Mars?!" and "Pluto for Planethood!"
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  2. I'd like to be the alien from Neptune~ if you don't mind.
  3. I don't mind! Please work on a character sheet for Neptune. I'll find a place to post the character sheets in the mean time.
  4. I might join, and if I do, I'd like to be from Jupiter. More specifically, Europa the ice moon of Jupiter.
  5. Alright, thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. If you fully decide to join or have any questions please let me know.
  6. Will do, thanks =)
  7. Who's taken Earth and Mars? I'm going to wait for someone to post their character sheet and then I'll modify mine to suit whatever is on theirs.
  8. Mars and Earth are my characters. I took earth primarily because she is an important plot point that I haven't made aware yet. Mars I already have his personality and such down pat so I decided to keep him for myself. Also if you need any help with Neptune I am all ears. I will post a bio here for you to work off of. xD
  9. i want o -o
  10. Oh but Ruin might just join.
  11. So that gives this idea four to five people.

    @Setsuyu KuroOkami

    If you are still interested I am making the group now. Depending on how many people there are we may take on more than one character!
  12. I'd like to join as Uranus possibly?~ This is super interesting!
  13. How do you want the OOC Character Sheet to look and what do you want on there?
  14. Hmm, not sure how she wants the character sheets to appear but I'm going to probably simplify mine a bit yet add some very crucial details. After all Nixon's my masterpiece. I have to for one figure out how he got to what ever planet or star I choose and what he intends to do. There's so much detail I need to add it's not even funny. -Giggles-
  15. Awesome I already sent in my request.
  16. *breaks through window*
    Are there any specifics to the planet characters, like personalities, genders, etc.?
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