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  1. In the year 2284, the world as you and I know it no longer exists. Technology had advanced rapidly to the point that it was considered sci-fi in every sense: Cloning vats, medi-gel that healed most wounds, cybernetic augmentation, androids. Only ten years ago, humans were thriving after they paid the cost of their greed and ignorance in the form of nuclear fire. Their population centers were based around great biodomes which acted as shelter during the brief war, but had long since deactivated and left behind only great walls of steel with only one public entrance in and out through the main doors.

    Each biodome had been ruthlessly controlled by mega corporations that had sprouted up in the absence of a formal government, holding a monopoly of critical resources over the heads of its residents: food, water, electricity, medicine. Industrialism was heavy, and so were the prices that the less fortunate paid. Laws consisted of the tiniest infractions, whatever the CEO of the ruling mega corporation thought of, and were enforced by personal thugs with brutal efficiency and extreme prejudice.

    And there is no escape from this hell outside the biodomes, which has been reduced to nothing but dirt. No lush rolling plains, no countless acres of trees. Just dirt and pockets of fatal radiation, which has warped the wildlife, rapidly evolving them into creatures that can hunt humans desperate or stupid enough to leave the "protection" of the biodome.

    There was one replicant, who held the belief that he was a man, who stood up against the oppression. He openly rebelled against the rulers of the Oppekt biodome, tearing it and its factories down. Freeing the people from tyranny, all seemed well. But he had discovered a terrible secret lurking in the alloy confines of Oppekt's stomach: A supercomputer that revealed the location of biodomes all over pre-fall America. All active. All likely undergoing the same trials and tribulations that the people here suffered.

    He couldn't let that happen. Too many people, just here, had suffered too much. The supercomputer revealed to the replicant that there was a self-destruct method available that was to be used in a cataclysm event that threatened pre-fall America. Enough explosives to tear this beast down, and end everyone's suffering in one blow.

    Some humans or replicants might have survived. Not all of them lived in the biodomes, it was just harsh and typically fatal. Maybe they could carry on where the rest of humanity had clearly failed.

    So he activated the sequence. That was the last thing that he remembered


    December 31st, 2284
    Bowels of ruined Oppekt Biodome, post-fall America
    1:23 A.M.

    The haunting melody of groaning metal reverberated throughout the mostly-destroyed tunnel network that consisted of the underbelly that was Oppekt. An explosion had rocked the infrastructure of the biodome, severely damaging if not outright destroying anything inside the great walls. A beam of light threaded its way through a hole in the ceiling, which had collapsed in on itself and filled the antechamber with dirt and charred debris, pinning most of Buck to the floor. That light rested on the replicant's face.

    A replicant's system relied on an internal power supply that ran off of solar and kinetic energy. Since the detonation knocked him offline, he had inadvertently doomed himself to 'death' down here. But the sun still shone, and with the support beams severely damaged, it only took most of the ten years to finally come apart, and two more years of little sunlight to slowly recharge a dead battery. In essence, it was all luck.

    One by one, critical components were brought online. Green eyes fluttered open, but the sight Buck was given was grainy at best, and very off-kilter. He tried to stand but his legs were trapped. So he laid there for a moment to think about what had happened. 'I'm alive?' A frown automatically creased his lips. He decided, if he were going to get out of here and figure out what had happened for himself, that he needed to get to work.

    Despite the damaged ocular receptors, he started to dig and shove debris off of his body. He spent an hour this way, shoveling aside dirt and such until he could pull himself out from underneath the rest. The synthetic fibers that made up his leather cargo pants held together, it seemed, albeit being very dirty now. He rolled up a pantleg to assess the damage. His leg was crushed and jagged in certain places, but nothing delicate seemed to have been destroyed. Moving about would be annoying, but nothing that could hinder him.

    With a little effort, he managed to get on his feet and re-acclimate to standing again. Most of the non-essential systems were damaged and offline, something he'd have to fix once he got out of here. He looked up to see where the light was coming from, and decided he'd try his luck there as he saw no other immediately available exits beyond digging his way out of this substitute tomb.

    Buck spent about twenty minutes climbing, falling, and climbing again until he made it to the hole. With a bit of a push against the crumbling ceiling, he managed to widen the gaping exit wound in the earth and pull himself up out of the tunnels. He was now on the street level of Oppekt dome.

    What he saw, when compared to his memory banks, shocked him. Once filled with towering skyscrapers and bustling with life, it was nothing now. Nothing but heaps of metal, fire, and ash. He could actually see the sky. It was a murky brown, just like the dirt under his feet. Black clouds were rolling in. It was going to rain soon.

    'Is this really all that remained?'
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  2. Many years ago, Quinn had witnessed the unexpected destruction of the Oppekt Biodome from a distance. Life inside the dome had just been too unfair. In fact, unless you were involved with the corporation that had run the biodome, it was no life at all. So, just three days before it had occurred, he, along with a group of like minded individuals, had decided to leave the place and take their chances in the wastelands outside of the massive structure. They had little time to mourn those they had left behind for survival outside the biodomes took their full attention. Yet survive they did.

    Quinn was alone now, and had been so for at least a year by his estimation. Over the years those he had left with had either died or struck out on their own for various reasons. Being alone made survival in the dirt covered wasteland that much harder, but he did. He knew of places he could shelter in, bunkers and fall out shelters that had been forgotten before the fall, thanks to the biodomes. Places he had discovered with the others that had left Oppekt with him. They were few and far between, but they had offered shelter. Some had even held stockpiles of food and water. Though, more often than not, the food was inedible and the water had gone stagnant in its containers. At the very least the water could be made drinkable again, via boiling.

    With a rather irritable groan, Quinn pulled him out of the sleeping bag he had been curled up in. He had no idea what day it was, nor did he care. It was unimportant, all that mattered was that he was still alive. Lifting his right hand, he raked his fingertips through unkempt, dirty blonde hair. A moment later, after fumbling about in the dark, he struck a match and lit a candle so he could see better. With this achieved, he then rose to rummage through a crate coming up with a package of Twinkies which was opened and devoured. This was followed by him getting tugging on clothing which consisted of a pair of dirty and faded jeans, a worn out t-shirt, a pair of socks that had been sewn up several times, and a pair of sturdy boots.

    After that Quinn procrastinated, taking the time to eat another package of Twinkies and drink some of the water he had boiled before going to sleep the night before. Finally, knowing he couldn't waste the daylight, he gathered a few more things he'd need out in the dirt covered wasteland. Then he tugged on a battered, black leather duster before slinging a rifle over his left shoulder, slid a brutal looking machete into a sheath at his right side and moved to the ladder that led up to the hatch of the bunker he had sheltered in. One that happened to be not too far from the ruins of the Oppekt Biodome. This wasn't a coincidence, for he planned to make a foray into that wreckage in the hopes of finding anything of use.

    Bracing himself on the iron rungs of the ladder, he took a moment to tug a pair of dirty goggles over his pale blue eyes with one hand before pulling a bandana up to cover his mouth. He didn't feel like being blinded by dirt, nor did he wish to chew upon a mouthful of it. Thus prepared, he pushed the hatch open and clambered out of his little haven. Taking in the dark clouds he muttered, "Damn it all to hell," under his breath. Rain would be annoying, but what else was there to do. He couldn't waste the entire day holed up in the bunker. Rolling his shoulders, Quinn then set out without further hesitation. It would take him a few hours, at the least, to reach his destination.
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  3. It all started with what seemed like a quick dream to me. A fallen city, green eyes...a man walking into a desert.
    I sat up abruptly, the dream seemed so real...too real. I quickly looked around and gasped. This city that I once knew was gone, transformed into mountains of debris and rubble.
    Everything that I knew and loved was gone.
    I used to be just a random young lady, about 18 or so, looking for a job, for anything that involved work or something to do. Just a regular person.
    My head started hurting, badly. I felt something warm trickling down the side of it...I closed my eyes in pain and touched the liquid, then looked at it....Blood.
    I slowly looked at myself to check if I was okay, other than my catsuit being a little torn up...nothing.
    I looked at my long black boots, they looked only a little dirty and that was it. I was lucky to have even survived. Nothing at all fell on me, it was unusual...or lucky, both probably.
    I tried standing up, didn't work I ended up falling again. This time though I slowly stood up, regaining my strength. For some reason I grabbed my long white hair and looked at it, there was some dirt in it but other than that it was just how I left a long braid.

    ((I'm nowhere near as descriptive as you guys I hope that's okay))
  4. (No problem at all.)

    The replicant was still unsure of what he saw. Everything he had known was gone, erased. No more smog, no neon lights. No incessant chatter, no bum hacking their dying breath in a gutter somewhere. He looked down at himself. Dark denim jacket, definitely off-white t-shirt, leather cargo pants, brown work boots. He lifted up his hands, staring into his palms. The nails were short and cracked, filth underneath them.

    His damaged receptors crackled a bit, obscuring everything in static before flickering back into grainy vision. Buck let one hand fall and the other one rise, knocking dirt out of carelessly buzzed chocolate brown hair. Discovering a bare spot on his temple, he lightly fingered what would have been a wound only to discover that his vascular system was offline, so no fake blood, only the metal alloy that consisted of his skull.

    He tilted his head to the side, and more dirt seemed to fall out of his crevices like sand in a shoe. Before he'd detonated the biodomes, he thought he was a man.

    But during his struggle against oppression, he learned that his existence was a lie, and it made him angry. Strange, how everything was in ruins that he would come to terms with this. Right now, he needed to have a poke around any of the buildings left standing, to look for tools to start repairing the damage that time had wrought on his frame and electronics.

    Straightening his head, his hand fell to his side and those eerily bright green eyes scanned his surroundings. With most everything at least partially destroyed, he had no clue where he was in the biodome. So he just started walking. More accurately, slightly limping as one leg had been thoroughly thrashed.

    Crumbled buildings surrounded him on all sides. A smashed sign, once prophesying about the next popular soft drink, lay broken in a heap on top of rubble. He smiled slightly at the memory banks accessed, and figured he would cry if his tear ducts were online.

    The skies above rumbled with a threat about raining. It would have been the first time in many a year, now that humanity wasn't around to choke the light from this barren world.
  5. My light blue eyes darted from the left to the right as I kept walking. I saw a puddle of clear liquid on the floor and looked at it to see how bad the wound was, it wasn't that bad, but it seemed as if it was because of the blood.
    My blue and black catsuit was meant to withstand heat more than 1,000 degrees, it was also meant to be a cloaking device, turning anyone or anything invisible and during an emergency a force field would appear around me so I wouldn't be harmed. However, even force fields have their breaking point and I was definitely to have only suffered a small scratch compared to what could of happened.
    I held my arm out towards me, closing my left hand into a fist, "computer..." I said. At first there was no response, then the skin on my hand started to glow.
    "Damage report," I said.
    The computer showed me a 3-D image of my suit then showed me what was offline.
    Shields terminated
    Cloak, malfunctioning
    Heat protection, active

    I was indeed lucky, no doubt the shield kept me alive.
    The computer responded once again
    You are looking beautiful today Selina Malcoony
    I smiled "yeah thats only because I'm wearing you as a suit."
    Someone approaches you
    I quickly turned off my suit and hid behind an abandoned building. I quickly checked to see if the bracers on my boots were broken or not. They weren't, thank goodness. The bracers on my boots allowed me to jump and land from high places.
  6. ((Definitely not a problem))

    Quinn trudged towards the ruins, on guard the whole time. The moment you let your guard down in the wastelands could be the moment you end up dead. While life wasn't exactly great, he wasn't ready to die. There was another glance towards the dark clouds above, the beginnings of a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. Maybe he could get in and out of the ruins before the sky decided to cut loose. Well, even if he didn't some of the buildings within the old biodome should be able to provide shelter from the weather.

    His pace slowed down as he drew closer to the entrance point of the Oppekt Biodome, shrugging the rifle off his shoulder to ready it just in case. The place had been in ruins for a long time now, who knew what might be lurking within. Flipping the weapon's safety off, he proceeded at a cautious pace, pale blue eyes taking in everything from behind the protective goggles he wore. Despite no sign of imminent danger, he could feel himself tensing up, so many things could go wrong in this little endeavor of his.

    To his dismay, Quinn found the entrance mostly blocked by rubble. He spent a good twenty minutes prodding and poking amongst the wreckage, trying to find an opening big enough for him to fit through, to no avail. Then, just as he was about to give up, something shifted in the wreckage, perhaps jostled enough by his nosing about. With a loud curse, he dove out of the way the debris tumbled towards him, hitting the ground on his left shoulder and rolling to safety. For a long moment things continued to shift and settle, dirt clouding the air thickly. He almost let out a manic laugh of relief that he hadn't been crushed. It would have been a hell of a way to go after surviving so long in the wastelands!

    Quinn took a moment to regather himself before pushing up off the ground. Another moment was spent making sure that he hadn't broken his rifle during the incident, a sigh of relief exhaled when he found everything in working order. Then he appraised the entrance once again, being extremely careful just in case things shifted again. This time things proved far more fruitful as he found a wide enough gap in the rubble to slip through. It was a tight fit but soon enough he was inside the biodome.

    His first glimpse inside the walls, since he had left, stopped him dead in his tracks. The only thing he could do is gape at the scene before him. It honestly left him a bit shaken, the sheer amount of devastation he beheld. It was one thing to hear the explosion, even feel it shake the very ground he had been standing on... It was another thing to see the aftermath in person. What had happened to cause this? Taking a deep breath, he exhaled it slowly then forced himself to shrug it all off. That was then, this was now. Now demanded that he get on with his scavenging so he could be done and return to a place of safety. Thus he slowly moved further into the ruins.
  7. Oh the smell, the smell was beautiful. Somehow in this desolate hell hole that counted as "civilization" nature still managed to make things beautiful in one way or another. The smell of the air right before it rained, it seemed to take him away for just a short while, to a place of beauty. Eventually he was dragged back to the real world by his grumbling stomach. He knew he needed food, but this wasn't the first time he had faced an empty stomach, before the fall of the dome he had been an artist, a talented but unknown artist.

    He stood up and bushed the dust off his dirt stained clothes, he then stared outside and prepared himself to go outside and look for food. He had been lucky enough to find a building that had even slightly remained intact during the explosion, but not lucky enough to find a consistent food source. Only the dead knew how many twinkies and packets of freeze dried apples he had eaten. He took his pistol out of his pocket, and checked the battery on it. He had roughly four shots left until it would have to charge again, and with the sun hiding behind clouds he would have to wait quite some before he charge it again.

    He took one big sniff before leaving his humble abode.
  8. I kept myself hidden as I saw the man, once I saw his rifle fear shivered through me. I wasn't sure if he was going to look towards where I was...if that was the case I could run.
    Suddenly I saw another man with a pistol, damn. I would be lucky enough to run away without getting shot.
  9. Somewhere off in the distance, more debris crumbled and smashed against the ground. Buck paid no attention to it, however, as it very likely would have just been time taking apart what the explosion had left behind. There couldn't have been survivors... right?

    He drew his head back into the game. He needed to keep moving- even if someone had survived, he was in no condition to defend himself, let alone what lurked outside of the biodome. Buck limped further down the street, and could tell over the top of a building that he was near the entrance, judging by the mechanisms that made up the gate.

    Buck lowered his eyes to better appraise the aforementioned building, and he read the faded lettering of what was once a hardware store. If it hadn't been looted by now, he could hopefully find some of what he needed to at least fix the damage in his leg.

    If his ocular receptors weren't partially broken, he would have easily seen a woman crouching by a set of ruins at the other end of the street, but his limited range was effectively cut in half. Instead, he was more focused on limping inside. He cleared away some rubble that had fallen in front of the entrance with only minor strain, greater strength imparted on him from his being a replicant. It wasn't long before he made way into the decrepit storefront, not without making noise however.

    His eyes scanned the utter darkness; normally he would simply switch over to NV but all non-essentials had been damaged, as he noted before. So instead, he was left with the dwindling light of day pouring in from the boarded windows to make his way around, taking off his coat to act as a makeshift sack while he picked his way through the debris and fallen shelves, grabbing anything that appeared useful be it scrap metal or an abandoned tool, knowing he could simply charge them off his own power supply to get them running again.

    That was the only upside he'd seen to this. Being a walking generator after everything was dead and gone.
  10. Selina held her breath, clearly he saw her but went into the store otherwise. After a moment of staring at the store she pressed her back against the wall, closed her eyes and took a deep breath of relief, she could easily escape now.
    Her father repaired the latest technology and showed his daughter some basics so she will be able to get her catsuit up and working in no time. That and she can easily escape whatever was walking into the store as long as she had her braces.
    She looked around and found a ruddy old green storage necklace, she picked it up and started looking around. Already she had found fruits to last her a couple of days and some tools to repair suits. Luck was beginning to shine on her.
    She held the fruit up to her necklace and the fruit dissapeared into it.
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  11. Quinn's attention nearly turned towards the hiding woman, but at the last instance he spotted a building with an sign declaring it a hardware store. A pleased grin tugged at the corners of his mouth, though it was hidden by the bandana tied about his face. With luck he could find some useful tools. If he could find some batteries he might just be able to fire up the flashlight he had left behind in his little safe haven. The day was definitely looking up! Little did he know someone was already inside gathering any useful items that might remain.

    Focused on the hardware store, Quinn made a beeline for it, dropping his guard for a moment. If he had realized this he would be cursing himself for the momentary slip. He was too busy running items through his mind that the building might have within. Maybe he could find some small bottles of propane that could fit the little burner he had. Ahh, the possibilities were almost endless. Before his hopes could get too high, he brought himself back to reality. There was a good there was nothing of value inside.

    As he reached the door, Quinn caught the sound of something moving about inside. He tensed instantly, readying his rifle, uttering a quiet curse under his breath. Now he toyed with the notion of simply leaving, who knew what might be inside. With the biodome in ruins any sort of creature from the wasteland could have moved in. There were plenty of such creature he knew he would never stand a chance against. At least on his own. Yet the treasures this old store might hold could be invaluable...

    Weighing the risk with the reward, Quinn allowed himself another muttered curse before deciding to take a chance. Rifle ready, he carefully entered the building as quietly as possible. He swept his gaze first left, then right, the barrel of his rifle following suit, if something decided to jump him he wanted to get at least one shot off. If all else failed he did have the machete sheathed at his right side. In the failing light he thought he spotted something moving about and instantly he aimed his rifle, but he didn't pull the trigger. Was that form vaguely humanoid? Damn this poor lighting! He was half tempted to just shoot whatever it was before he caught its attention, but instead he called out quietly, "Hello..?"
  12. Selina found one tool after another, probably being blown away from the store after it was destroyed. There were even batteries, she had no idea when she would need them so she took as many as possible, her necklace stored them all. She hid behind an abandoned building and started working on her suit. However she forgot that when you turn it on the suit said "Welcome!" loudly.
    As the suits voice echoed through the ruins, Selina tried desperately to turn it off. Finally the settings were switched and she continued once again. Her suit finally worked and she peeked at the store again. She hoped her years of Park-our paid off and ran towards the building, silently climbing on top it. If she had a higher view she could see more things she needed for her long journey. She heard a faint "hello" and quickly jumped down, avoiding any windows so she wouldn't be seen and ran to the closest building, maybe if she waited they would go away.
  13. Buck nearly froze at the sound of a voice; Part of him hoped it was an aural receptor malfunction, but years spent fighting a vicious regime had instilled in him subroutines that acted automatically to things that were out of place. Without warning, he bolted as quickly as he could, kicking up rubble as he made for the counter further inside. He tossed his coat full of items over and then leaped after it, crashing into cover.

    He didn't have much time to relax, as he'd heard another sound from outside the store, like an AI greeting a user at a now-nonexistent NETbooth. What the hell was going on? Buck looked around in the dim light, and spotted a weapon that sat untouched. Crumpled on the ground beside it, were the skeletal remains of a fallen human. A large chunk of debris lay nearby, stained with weathered crimson, indicating he must have suffered a horrible injury and died with the least amount of luck possible.

    It was a retro PAS that was augmented with the tech of today's electromagnetism generator that amplified the slinging of metal buckshot far beyond the weapons of old, giving it that extra mile of oomph with the satisfying construction of a shotgun. Buck snagged it up, clutching it to his chest as he finally spoke to whoever might be still be in here with him.

    "Hello? Who's there?!" He demanded to know. "I'm armed." Buck would add, hoping the suggestion of such would deter a possible attack. He sat up but kept beneath the counter, putting his back against the wall and the weapon pointed at the edge. While he waited for a response of some kind, he lifted up his shirt and tore open a panel that led to the internal battery, grabbing a wire and connecting it to the weapon, recharging its generator. If he saw a weapon before a face, he would open fire with a lot of pain and a good chance of death... if this damn thing still worked, that is.
  14. Selina keps stuffing stuff in her necklace, thinking that Buck was talking to her she ducked again. She had no weapons to defend herself so that was her best bet.
  15. He heard commotion coming from a nearby building, "Looks like I've found me some dinner." he said to himself. As he traveled closer to the building he started to hear their voices. Disappointed in a lack of food, but intrigued to find new people he started to stealthily move towards the building. Keeping out of sight he drew his pistol and kept it aimed on the door in case things got ugly.
  16. Quinn uttered a curse when that shadow form suddenly burst into motion. He damn near fired his rifle at it, but restrained himself. Ammo was a precious thing, not to be wasted without a sure shot. So he opted to dive for cover behind the nearest shelving unit that was still standing. It really wasn't the best barrier, but it was something. With some effort, he managed to bring his breathing under control, forcing himself to calm down. Panic would only lead to making a mistake. Making a mistake could easily lead to death. He'd be damned if he was going to die due to a moment of panicked stupidity.

    Then there was the sound of another voice echoing outside of the building. What the hell had he just gotten himself into? Maybe he should have given into a moment of laziness and just lounged in the bunker he'd been sheltering in? But nooooooo, he had to work up the will to go scavenge in the ruins of the biodome. Brilliant. Genius. Now he'd probably walked into a damned trap. These thoughts earned a muttered, "Damn it all to hell..."

    Still, he had to keep calm, and with effort he managed to regain his cool. Well, to an extent. It would be enough to give him steady aim should he need to fill something with hot lead. Cautiously, he peered around the corner of the battered shelving unit, pale blue eyes squinting some as if it would actually help him see better in the gloomy atmosphere of the former hardware store. Then there was a glance towards the entry way, just in case someone, or something, was trying to sneak up on him.

    When questioning words were offered, along with a warning of being armed, Quinn tensed, tightening his grip on his rifle. Well, at the very least he was dealing with another human... or maybe a replicant? He hadn't seen one of those since he had left the dome. After a moment of lingering silence he finally spoke up, "Just a man trying to survive," speaking quite truthfully there, "One who is armed and ready to defend himself if needed," despite the dangerous life living in the wastelands offered, he had yet to kill a living person. Still, he would readily do so if it meant life or death, "Listen, I don't want any trouble. You were here first. I will leave, or I can wait and rummage through the left overs."
  17. Selina heard everything the man was saying and felt bad. The poor guy was defending himself while she was being greedy and taking random things from the ground. She crawled towards a broken window where she heard the voice and saw the guy there with a gun. Quinn looked around and saw blue eyes staring at him.
    "Don't shoot," I said "I woke up in this wreckage and was wondering if you needed anything?" She gave him a warm, sweet smile. She thought it was at least better than scaring the wits out of him by hiding.
  18. "*cough cough* Aww, fakhing hell, mate."

    The man shook his head clear of confusion and dust that came with a rude awakening. There were noises outside, voices. People. People? People. Great.

    He sighed, stretching and cracking his back, grabbing the makeshift weapon he created out of a wooden axe handle and a knife stuck into it, so the blade protruded out like a spike. He approached the hole in the wall of the building, and scanned the waste of the city for the source of the voices. If they were bandits, he would slaughter them, just like last time. If they weren't, he'd... we'll he'd figure it out. They were probably bandits anyway so no use in thinking about that. He leapt out, sliding to the ground on a pile of rubble. and quickly took cover. He moved to a vantage point where he could see the source of the commotion, inside a store. There was someone behind a counter, someone hidden and a girl talking to someone though a window. "Shit." He drew his pistol, and took aim at the girl. "Oi, girly, who else is wit cha?" he called out, aiming for a headshot. The thing fired bolts of energy that replenished via solar power, but it was best to take someone down in one hit than give them time to return fire.
  19. Buck glanced down to his nearly-ruined leg again. He couldn't run, couldn't fight if this were a trap. "I... I didn't think anyone else from Oppekt was still alive. I was just grabbing these tools. I figured they'd get more use from me than just sitting here in this hellhole." He decided to out on a limb with his trust, using the weapon to help him stand up.

    After scuffling and struggling on the ground for several moments, he managed to stand and unplug his generator, feeding the charging wire back into his abdomen before closing the panel with a soft click. He leaned over, scooping up the coat full of scavenged items and kept it pinned to the side of his body. He was more than capable of using this PAS one-handed, although his firing rate would leave something to be desired.

    "I'm coming out, nice and easy. Just don't make any sudden movements." Buck would announce. He faintly picked up on the voice of a third person, a woman it seemed that was talking with the man he had just previously been in a stand-off with. Truth be told, he had what he needed, so the faster he could get out and away from danger the better. Moving around the counter, he slowly made his way for where he thought was the exit, weapon leveled at chest height with his finger hovering near the trigger.

    Buck was silently hoping he'd ran into decent people. This would be a hell of a way to go after surviving for ten more years, far past his expected replicant expiration date.
  20. Quinn damned near fired his rifle again when he came eye to eye, just about, with a young woman peering in through the window nearest him, "DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!" shouted out at the unexpected surprise. People were damned lucky he didn't have the itchiest of trigger fingers, that's all he had to say on that matter. Slinking back a bit, still keeping the shelf between him and the other person inside the building, he kept his rifle pointed towards the girl who spoke. He didn't quite trust the warm smile, but who could blame him. He was suspicious of those he didn't know and it had been a year or so since he last had human, or sentient, contact.

    "J-just stay there," uttering those warning words before his attention was drawn back to the one who was in the building with him. A slight frown tugged at his lips, "Several others and myself left Oppekt shortly before it went up..," offering those words in response, "I was fairly certain we had been the only survivors from the dome," saying nothing about the man's scavenging. That was something he readily understood.

    Quinn kept his rifle pointed towards the one outside the window, but his trigger finger still made no move to pull the trigger, peering between the shelves on the shelving unit he was using as a barrier as the other man inside spoke again, "Alright, nothing suspicious and all will go well," offered in wary tones. Damnit, who did he aim his rifle towards now? This was almost all too much for him after so much time alone. Hell, he was ready to run out of this ruin, back to his little haven. And great, there was another voice talking outside now. Bah, this day was turning into a real cluster fuck.

    He was having similar thoughts as Buck at the moment. One could only hope all these people were actual decent people. It was too much to ask though, surely one of them was going to prove to have deadly intention. Then again, maybe Quinn was just being to pessimistic. Either way, he was willing to give them a chance but fully ready to open fire to defend himself.
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