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  1. The Convergence war between Infinite Earths taught the inhabitants of Earth 107 an important lesson. Nothing is eternal.

    Not Superman.
    Not the Justice League.

    Nothing. With this in mind, billionaire, and frequent JLA supporter Bruce Wayne funded and founded a path to the future of the Justice League, should any of its members ever fall.

    The All-Star Teen Titans. Heros and heroine's alike would relinquish their side-kicks, children or meta-human youth volunteers to the Teen Titan program code-named the "Young Justice initiative".

    The Initiative was meant to help mature the young, prospectful heros, and give them a sense of independence and value of life.

    Batman allowed his third son, Timothy Drake to enter, who would serve as Batman's eyes and ears and report on the other Titan's progress while they stayed in the Titan Tower in Jump City (which just so happened to also share residents to the antithesis of the Teen Titans. The Hive Academy.

    Contrary to what most believed, and propositioned by Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), relationships between the young heros was encouraged. Nothing gives a person the sense of the value of life like a lover in danger. Although Batman disagreed with this, the notion was ultimately passed, as John J'onzz pointed out barring such things would only make them more likely for the rebellious teens. Batman had to concessions that point.

    Today, Titan Tower was to become fully operational, and for the first time the youth would be coming together to protect Jump City from the students of the Hive Academy.

    Titan Tower - Tim Drake

    The Tower was new and fresh, and it put the former Robin on edge. Knowing Bruce had paid for all this and been one of the major architects behind it's construction, he'd been expecting it to look more... depressing.

    "Figures. The only place he builds that's not bleak and depressing and its for other people."

    The young man mouthed to no one in particular - to be honest, he wasn't sure how he felt about this how 'Young Justice', or Teen Titans thing. He knew meta-humans would be here, and that made him uncomfortable for the same reason he figured Bruce always had a cache of Kryptonite. Perhaps he'd inherited Bruce's paranoia.

    This was not aided by the fact that, right now, he wasn't Robin. Besides Batman telling him to find a different alias both for the Titans and for his future beyond, he was also instructed to change into his civvies as soon as he reached the tower. Give himself and others a sense of trust between them or something.

    Over the course of his journey here, it'd occurred to him what it meant that he'd been sent here.

    If anything happened to Bruce... Tim would take his place when the time came. The fact that he was here and not Dick gave him a sense of guilty pride. Dick had earned it. He'd been on his own for years, and even those who didn't know who they were knew Nightwing was Batman prodigal son.

    Maybe Bruce figured Dick couldn't replace him, because then they'd need a new Nightwing.

    The elevator the young man had been traveling came to a halt and the glass doors slid open in the opposite directions, and Tim stepped in. He was the first one here. Of course he was.

    Batman would've been the first one in the Watch Tower or Hall of Justice too.
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  2. Starfire
    Koriand'r was adrift on an airbank, reveling in the soft feel of the breeze on her skin even as the sun warmed it and gave her energy. Little things like this were what made her glad to be on Earth, even if it meant being so far from home. Well, that and saving people of course. She was meant to be at the Tower right now meeting the other new Titans, but surely taking a few moments out in a lovely day like this couldn't hurt. Flying up here was so peaceful, so happy, so- dare she say it- glorious. Ah, but she had work to get to, and the sky would always be there for her to enjoy. She allowed herself one last lazy loop before lowering to glide down towards the Tower.

    Even with her detour, there seemed to be only one person in the room when she arrived. It was good that she had not been one of the last. Though she was not a princess anymore, she still knew that tardiness was not to be tolerated. She had respect for her teammates, and though she enjoyed her time in the sun it would be dishonorable let that come above her duties. Constant tardiness was a sign of laziness, or worse, secrets, and would only prove to alienate one from their teammates. Knowing your comrades and forming a bond with them was important, and with that thought, she stepped forward.

    "Greetings, fellow teammate. I see we are the first to arrive."

  3. Tim Drake

    Drake couldn't put his finger on it, but moments before... whatever she was arrived, he felt something. Knew something was approaching - and then there she was.

    Drake had seen what Gotham had to offer, which was bad, but he'd never seen an alien before. For a moment, the green eyed young man watched the girl in a combination of of wonder and suspicion.

    Besides her defiance to the natural laws of physics, her accent was the second dead-ringer that she wasn't a meta-human, but in fact, an alien.

    "Seems that way." His tone was cold and Stoic. To be honest he was being shy and it made him offstandish. It didn't help that this lady alien didn't appear to share human shyness - she was dressed in less layers than Tim wore in the shower. Which was almost impressive.

    "My names Robin. Human, native to earth... and you? Your clearly not... from around here."

    Perhaps it was the boys stand offishness, or how Bruce had conditioned him but he didn't trust her - for no reason in particular, just Batman rubbing off. He immediately felt a wave of regret hit him, who was he to say something like that?
  4. Terra
    Terra was standing on the pier of jump city looking out at the tower. She watched it be built and was there on opening day as we're her orders from slade. No matter what she did she couldn't break his control on her. As she was lost in her thoughts her cellphone began ringing. She pulled it out of her belt and looked at the caller id. Great it's him, she thought. She flipped open the phone and answered the call trying to act normal. "Hey, how's it going." On the other side of the phone she could hear his deep voice that gave her the shivers."my young pupil, I have a new mission for you. I want you to infiltrate the titans." Terra was screaming no in her head but she knew better than to say it out loud. "Sounds like fun." She lied. Shades voice echoed through the phone "I expect results terra, failure is not an option." Slade hung up before she could answer. She made her way down to the beach using her powers levitate the ground beneath her and fly to the island. She landed in front of the door and made her way inside. Once inside, she saw what appeared to be an alien girl and young man that reminded her of slade. "Hi" She gave a short wave.
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  5. Starfire

    Starfire was taken aback by Robin's cold response, but still she pressed on. She would not give up on a friendly association with these people. All it would take is persistence and time, she was sure.

    " I am Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran, but you all may call me Starfire. I am told it is much easier to pronounce. It is a pleasure to meet you, Robin!" At that moment, another entered the building. A female this time, little and blonde, and quiet like this Robin she just met. If it was possible, Starfire brightened up even more at the challenge. "Come! Join us! We were just doing the 'getting to know one another'. Tell us, what is your name and planet of origin?"

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  6. terra [​IMG]

    Terra was surprised at how out going the other female was, but she didn't mind. It was a nice change compared to her usual company of Slade. "Hi my name is Terra and I am from the planet earth." She held out her hand to the other female expecting a handshake. She was hoping that they would be good friends, but at the same time she was saddened by the fact she would have to betray her later. She would not let that show. [/feildbox]
  7. Starfire
    Starfire clasped the girl's hand with her own, but the gesture felt lacking compared to her building excitement. With a barely contained squeal, Starfire took Terra and enveloped her in a crushing hug. "Terra of Earth, I am joyful to meet you!"
    This still seemed like it was not enough, so with only a little bit of caution she also pulled Robin in to the embrace. They both were a bit stiff, but she knew that one day they would feel the same joy she did to be part of such a team. This joy was one thing that fueled her and powered her flight, but there were other emotions that she relied on to function as a Tamaranean. It excited her to think of how she would grow in this group, and what protecting this planet would do for them all. Righteous fury, victory, strength, pride, she wanted to experience it all with these people.
  8. Terra [​IMG]
    What the other female did next surprised Terra. The hug felt nice for a second but immediately turned into a python strangling its prey. Geez her physical strength is incredible. If it wasn't for her training and conditioning with Slade, her ribs would of surely cracked from the pressure. "I'm sorry I didn't quite catch your name and your kinda killing me." She managed to squeak out with the limited breath she had.
  9. Raven

    It was quiet, just as she had liked it. The cloaked female sat in the shadows of Jump City, like how she always was at the very least. After all the drama with her father and such, she never really was evil despite her attitude and demeanor. But still, it was such a hassle. She rather stay silent and stay in the shadows, meditating and the such.

    But she shouldn't, which really brought her mood down.

    However, it was about time for her to make way to the tower, and she would be setting a bad example if she couldn't make it there on time. Then again, she really didn't care far too much about others being late; the quicker she gets there, the less time everyone would have to waste by waiting. She hopped up into the air whilist cloaked in her dark attire, the cloak slowly flapping in the wind.

    Raven finally lowered herself onto the platform, only to find 3 other fellow Titans present. This would have sparked her curiosity if she cared far too much, but she wouldn't want to be asking too many questions at this point; no?

    "... Raven...." She silently introduced herself, preferring to keep most to herself, afterall. Just from being the daughter of a demon would automatically antagonize her.
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  10. Starfire
    "My apologies!" Starfire gasped, loosening her grip on Terra, "I am not yet used to contact with aliens. My intent was not to kill you, I simply wished to share my joy with an embrace!" She reintroduced herself, the worry over hurting her new teammates just edging out the happiness she was feeling before. "I do hope you still consider me your comrade and friend despite the injuries I have unjustly caused. I will do my best to not do the killing again."
    A new arrival touched town on the tower and introduced herself. Starfire held back this time, only offering an enthusiastic wave and her name once more.
  11. Raven

    Raven looked over at the female who seemed to be quite cheery, waving to the much more darker Raven. Unlike Raven, the girl seemed to be wearing much less, and she didn't seem to be afraid of the light; not like she was anyways. It was probably cold with that type of clothing on, not that she cared anyways. Raven looked over at the blonde girl, and then at the male, and she just nodded, leaving after also nodding at the orange/reddish haired female and then, allowing silence to fall over them for another moment.

    That is, unless someone were to break the ice.
  12. Tim Drake

    tarfire had tried to bear hug the two of them to death. As soon as he was released he took a quick step backward, not rudely but just enough to show that he'd been uncomfortable with what had just happened. The alien was strong. She could have broken him if it wasn't for his years with Bruce. The other girl seem to have survived too, and Tim caught onto that. What training had she endured? Did she have powers? She didn't look like a meta-human, but than again, neither did Superman. When he wasn't in tights.

    "It's nice to meet you too, Starfire- Terra-" as he finished, the third girl entered. A much darker pallet on this one that reminded him of Bruce. "Raven..." he said, with a clear caution in his voice as he recognized her instantly. Bruce and the League had fought her father- Trigon. He was a nasty one.

    If her intents were dangerous, Drake figured now wouldn't be the time to act. But he'd keep an eye on her.

    In an attempt to cut Star's social endeavors, Robin spoke up in a much more professional tone. "Alright, alright- " he spoke in a hushing voice, "I think we should get to the monitor rooms. I'm the only one here who has trained under a member of the league so far, so I think you should know that they've completely stopped monitoring Jump City. This is our responsibility, and if anything happens that spreads outside the city, we'll be held account able."

    Like a lightning bolt, Robin had done as one might have expected from a son of Batman, he had struck the mood.

    and with that, the young man turned and began away from the group and as he entered the main room, essentially a lounge room, he realized he may have spoken to soon. He... he didn't actually know where the monitor room was yet.

  13. Raven

    Raven herself, didn't appear to be very fond of Robin either. She was fully aware that Superman and Batman had attempted to defeat her father, whom was claimed to be the demon of all demons; or something along the lines. It really came on to no surprise that he would suspect her of anything. Though, if she were truly evil, wouldn't it be much easier to have joined the H.I.V.E Academy? No one knows what goes on in the seemingly emotionless girl's mind, but one thing was for sure- people were sure to assume it wasn't good things.

    She didn't have any intentions at least. In fact, she questioned as to why she joined again, but it couldn't be helped.

    Raven was carefully listening to Robin- or Drake's- instructions. The monitor rooms, huh? Those would prove to be useful, as they couldn't have every hero that could fly to circle the city day and night just to check if there was trouble going on down below. She was also fully aware on how it was their responsibility, and... Wait a minute. This was a lounge. Don't tell me he didn't actually know where the room is? "Uh huh... Very professionally trained if I do say so myself..." The female commented. It was unnecessary, but she just found it ironic and humorous. She was also quite sarcastic.
  14. Terra [​IMG]
    Terra followed them into the lounge and her eyes lit up like a child in a candy store. She immediately ran past everyone else and jumped over the couch. She grabbed the remote. "No way I didn't think these were out yet." She hit the power button and jumped back as an angry looking batman appeared on the jumbo screen.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Standing above looking in she noticed those her father often chased and gave a grin. Perhaps they would accept her perhaps not why not try. Rose Wilson stood high above the small crowd she had seen the group head into the monitor rooms thanks to a gadget of her fathers that she had stole. "Titan's" She called through it. "You wouldn't happen to be willing to take on one more would you?" She asked.

    (Being my usual was taken. I hope you all don't mind another Titan joining the party)
  16. Batman

    As soon as the small blond turned on the large television in the lounge room, the brooding face of one of the most famous among the Justice League flickered across the screen. the man's face - covered in hard features such as a large jaw, dimpled chin and broad cheek bones hidden yet visible underneath his infamous cowl gave him a very menacing air. Suddenly, Robin looked like a little boy in a costume.

    "Titans." he said plainly, in a deep, course voice that only made the man seem more threatening, he then waited- waited for the teenagers to quiet themselves and pay attention, once their was silence, he continued. "Titans. Welcome to Titan Tower. If you're not all clear on your objective, I'll be explaining it. Jump City has been, since the Convergence three months ago, the most peaceful place on the east coast. The League realizes this, and also has evidence to believe H.I.V.E has as well. Our sources tell us that they are building some kind of... Academy, with the Terminator - Deathstroke. serving as the only known instructor." The man's eyes dropped, clearly, onto his young protege "Robin here can tell you all about Slade Wilson. and so can his daughter. Rose Wilson. She'll be joining you as a Titan here. "

    Almost right as he spoke the girl's voice broke through the radios laid out on a table underneath the monitor Batman's face was present on. Bruce knew this would nettle Tim. So be it - he needed to learn to trust others without judging their past. Batman knew he wasn't like that, but he wanted Tim to be better than him, not a replica.

    "Your job, Titans, is to contain the threat. Do not attack the heart, but show them and their students that no matter where or how brutally trained, none of their students will prosper over you, and that when we're gone you'll be there to put. them. down."

    Tim Drake

    Tim's eyes and facial expressions had danced through a wide array of emotions before Bruce came to a end of his speech. What!? The H.I.V.E Academy was being taught by SLADE!? and his daughter would be a Titan!? What was Bruce thinking!? If there was one villain he knew about - it was Deathstroke. He grimaced and opened his mouth the argue, as if it could change anything but before he could Bruce's image vanished from the screen, and then he didn't even know what to say. Why did Bruce always do this!? He did this to Dick and Jason too.

    "How could he do this..." he whispered to himself before grabbing one of the radios off the table and speaking into it, "Apparently, it;'s fine Slade." he put an emphasis on her name when he spoke it, "Scope the place out and take 'em back to your daddy so H.I.V.E can make this party a half a day deal." Robin turned, a Batman-esque scowl on his face and his shoulder nearly hitting the dark Raven as he stepped past her, "Than Trigon could capture us, hold us hostage and put the entire League in danger. "

    and with that, Robin began out of the Titan Tower, almost as fast as he'd entered.

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  17. Terra [​IMG]
    As soon as Terra heard Slade was their target, her heart sank as we watched Tim walk out of the tower. "I'll go get him, you two should go get your rooms ready." She quickly stepped passed them and out the door that he had walked out of. Hopefully she could catch him before he tried to swim off the island. She caught him just at the shore. "Hey Tim can you wait up so we can talk for a minute." She grabbed his shoulder to get his attention.
  18. [​IMG]

    Rose quietly listened to Batman and Robin. She just gave a grin a moment till hearing her father's name. She remained quiet as a girl spoke it didn't sound like Raven who she knew pretty well thanks to past history. "I prefer Ravager" She stated not sure if Robin had stayed long enough to hear. Then she went ahead in making sure her path wouldn't pass Robin's if he had left the monitor rooms. "Oh and Raven hope we can get past some of what my father left behind just as well as Robin." She commented. She had heard what Robin had said to the half demon and felt it wasn't her fault just as working for Slade Wilson wasn't Rose's. She lost her eye because of his serum. Then soon she knocked on the door to the monitor room. "Hi Titans" She commented so they would know it was her and not Robin.
  19. Starfire
    All that had happened in the last few minutes confused her greatly. She did not know Robin well yet, but was it not a victory that they had made allies out of those closest to their enemy? What wealth of information and strategy they would gain from this! And yet he was displeased, and acted as though they were at fault for their fathers' evil deeds.
    Perhaps she was judging him too harshly. She didn't have a clue what strife this Slade had brought upon him and his people (everyone knew of Trigon of course, but if Raven was anything like him they'd be dead already, she was sure). If it were her in this position and her father had told her they'd be working with a Lantern... she did not think she would handle that well either. They were enemies of the Vega system as long as she could remember, and before then those Guardians had visited such atrocities on them that she was glad they were forbidden entrance. It was all she could do to steer clear of the one in the Justice League. But as long as the League trusted them it was her duty to be civil and let them do their own part to protect this planet. Just as Robin must work with this Rose Wilson in order to bring down his real enemy. She would try and talk to Robin about this later when after calming down. Hopefully it would help.

    She turned to the voice at the door. "Greetings. Are you this Rose that we have been told about?"

  20. Beast boy

    just as tensions seemed to be at their highest a cat came out from under the couch. This cat was a litthe different since he was green. He stretched and yawned then looked up at Raven. "Meow" the cat started licking it's paw the yawned once more.

    Suddenly the cat started changing, it grew bigger and started to grow to look almost human like. Suddenly something that looked like a green boy with pointy ears took the cats place. He stood up and stretched again. "Oh Hey what's up girls." Beast boy sat on the couch putting his feet up.

    He grabbed the remote and started surfing through the channels. "I'm beast boy by the way. Nice to um meet you." Beast boy looked at Raven. "Hey babe can you scoot over a bit your blocking the tv. Thanks girl."
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