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  1. ((I'd act childish buuuuuuuut Raven xDD))
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  2. ((Ehehe.. Sorry~))
  3. (Who would like to play batman? I vote azure.)
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  4. (I vote Azure she did pick Tim Drake. Hmm... I hope we can keep that comic rivalry that him and Rose have LOL If not i understand.)
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  5. An OOC section for the ASTT thread! Enjoy~
  6. (I fully intend on playing Bruce! I'll reply soon, also here's the OOC~!)
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  7. Cool. *makes it added to watched threads*

    Um... Should we delete the OOC's in the IC or you getting someone to work on fixing that hehe... *rubs neck*
  8. Let's just delete them ourselves, haha.
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  9. Been using my phone for the last couple posts (also why I had no pictures in them) but I will try and get a post up soon since I haven't been able to get to it yet today
  10. So, I've been trying to think about who (a baddie) they're about to fight. It won't be hive, but a member of the League's enemies.

    After that fight though I want them to have a major social episodes that introduces the Titan's relationships - or at least their first ones in this plot.

    With that said, I think it's too soon to have a BeastboyxRaven or RobinxStarfire...
  11. I don't quite understand this part (probably a problem of me reading it wrong, it happens). I get the too soon for shipping part, but what do you mean with the word 'relationships' then? Do you mean their relationships/interactions on the team so far or like family stuff?
  12. I mean romantic entanglements between them. Something Wonder Woman wanted to encourage in the Titans (in this verse) to force attachments to teammates. Of course I want some characters to be closer friends then others. I'll probably also start playing Victor Stone as well if no one else joins, who clearly would be closer to Beast Boy than, say, Robin.
  13. Well I'm not willing to have Rose but in BBxRae but I can have her flirt a little if that's what your asking. Being she did date first Kid Devil, then almost Tim, and then almost or is Superboy. I'm a bit behind comic wise of the new year and New 51.

    Now villian wise. In the comics... Um this may be a spoiler... But here is a villain idea.
    Show Spoiler
    Dr. Light was made by the League to test new Titan's. Then the drug they gave him to lose his original memory later on wore off and he became a big threat.

    So if you need villain ideas I can possible help. Along with characters. And much more.

    Also are we aloud only one Character? Just curious because I may later wish to bring in an OC if allowed or another Titan.
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  14. Lights not a bad idea. I think that's the way we'll go.

    Yeah! A second character is totally fine. Also, I didn't really want OC's in this, but at this point I'm not against it
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  15. Well I was just curious. But I can avoid OC's my other original Titan idea was maybe Static Shock...
    Or maybe Flash, Speedy/Mai, or Raven's complete power opposite in the comics her I have to re-look up name wise LOL.
    *Could never play her really*

    But yeah if you need ideas let me know. I have many being well. My name may state that I know some. I know many of the minor and major villains for the Titan's if not Light then maybe Control Freak as well.
  16. Ah, I get it now. Thanks for explaining!

    I am way behind on comics-knowledge since I never actually read them (most of my info comes from other people or the lovely wikipedia), but I am good at googling stuff if I decide to do another character.
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  17. Most of mine started as watching the original Shows. I will not dare claim Teen Titan's Go. Yet my brother watches it so I can answer even it's trivia questions on trivia crack. Then I found the comics and have been reading in order best I can.

    I went from only having two favorite Titan's. RaexBB to three. Only two out of those three I can RP.

    Static Shock is another show favorite and never have read much on him as a Titan as a solo hero. But I do know he's good friends with Batman.
  18. I used to LOVE the Static Shock saturday morning cartoon. They had so many creative mutations and powers for the characters (at least, to 7 year old me. All I really remember now is the bird girl). I was ecstatic -oooh bad pun- when I learned he was a real DC hero/character.
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