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All sorts of Demon x ANYTHING RP :D (temp closed!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by UnsightlyTEAstain, Mar 15, 2015.

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  1. About me

    Heyyo! I'm really infamous for changing my username multiple times but have since reduced it to at least once a month ^^;; But as of right now I'm known as Lunar❖Noblesse. I'm a pretty open minded person when it comes to RP plots and if need be any sexual content as well. From the get go I'm aggressive when it comes to plot development during the actual RP but the story process before it starts is when I'm passive (warning: I'll probably start annoying you with how many questions I'll have). There are times however where I'll get tired of carrying the plot so it would be nice if I'll have someone who can steer the wheel for me at times (I'll let you know too if I ever need to lay off). I'm also not that strict when it comes to people wanting to leave an RP but pleaaaasse let me know. I don't want the my last thought that you had somehow dropped off the face of the planet. But I usually never really bother sending a "Are you alive?" post...in fact I don't think I've actually ever done that xD.

    Time Zone

    This is kind of important to me because I'm looking for someone to just consistently chat with throughout the day without having to stay up at two in the morning ^^;

    My time zone is pacific so if you're around that range then we are good to go!

    However if you aren't don't worry about it! As long as we can get at least a few key points idea down for the day we'll be good :)


    1. Romance - I just really get into RP's more when some form of romance is involved. But same thing goes for friendship and adventure. If there's enough of action and conflict happening in the background I will be completely in.

    2. Brainstormer - I love asking completely annoying, irrelevant, and obvious questions. Gotta have a partner who can just shoot out a bunch of ideas. Don't worry I'll be right there shouting follow up ideas as well xD

    3. Thread/Skype - My Iwaku pref is thread since that is what I'm most used to. However I've recently just tried Skype RP and I gotta say that's uber more efficient and better at communication then the PM system (since I don't have to refresh the page ;P). Either one works for me though! I can also do PM RP too so do not hesitate to say if you're more comfortable with that ^^

    4. Let me know if you DIE - Lol naw just lemme know if you need to disappear for a few hours, days, or month long vacas so I'm not just staring at my computer thinking you died or something.

    My characters :D

    These are really only the images if I am going to play the demon. If you want to go ahead and play as the demon let me know and you'll have the part! You do not have to use these images. Go crazy with that image hunt.

    ALMOST FORGOT!! This is me saying that I can play either boy or girl; heck I can even play both of these wonderful demons if you want me to. Just ask, and you shall receive.



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  2. This doesn't have to be Libertine, right? ; ;
    Cos I likes demons.
    I likes them very much = u =
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  3. Not at all mam, sir, person, possible friend~ I just really like romance but it can be all fluffy and what not ^^
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  4. Did I hear... romance?
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  5. YES

    *clears throat* I mean, why yes you did :)
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    I mean, is there room for little ole' me?
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  7. There's always room for more~

    (*facepalm* did not intend for that to sound so creepy...wait maybe you didn't think it was creepy and now I'm just being creepy by suggesting that its creepy...what?)
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  8. If you are still looking im interesyed
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  9. I love both of your character! Would Love to rp with you ^^
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  10. Honey, if this was libertine, you wouldn't even see it. It's all good~
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  11. But some people request Libertine in the General section :c
    Or want some sxc times.
  12. Then those need to go in the libertine section. If you come across those threads, it's best to report them.
  13. Yes bb <3
    Must follow S.S Iwaku senpai orders!
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  14. @Wizard Justin

    Still fully accepting! Just PM me whenever you want to start talking plot ^^


    Thank you :D Send a PM my way and we'll discuss some plot ideas whenever you're ready :)
  15. I'm just gonna go ahead and take that male demon of yours and drag him off to snuggle.

    'Kay? 'Kay.

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  16. Haha consider him yours xD (For today ;P)
  17. WOO! xD Really though, I wouldn't mind an RP if you're still open ^^
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  18. Very VERY much open :D (as you can see I have waaay too much free time on my hands ^^;) Just PM me whenever you'd like to start discussin the plot or add my RP Skype account: astra.noblesse
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