All Routes: A Fallout/Pokemon Crossover RP Part 1

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  1. NOTE Please Read: The first half of the RP will primarily be Fallout based with some stuff from Pokemon. The second half will be Pokemon based with some elements from Fallout. They will tie into each other majorly (Of course) but they will basically be Fallout with some Pokemon influences, and Pokemon and some Fallout influences. This will update with the various changes and new civilizations places that have opened.

    War... War never changes...

    The Human Race has always seen violence and war as a method with which to gain things. Since our ancestors beat each other with rocks and sharpened sticks, man has been senselessly murdering each other over petty reasons, culminating it into wars. Gunpowder changed the way man killed, but it did not change war itself. Various innovations led to different fighting techniques. Many peoples still fought over the most minuscule of things, leading both sides to destruction.

    In the 21st Century, resources began running thin. Organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union broke up. China wanted to invade America for its precious oil resource. They did, leading to fierce battles in Alaska. These conflicts between nations eventually led to a nuclear exchange. It lasted two hours, and most surface life was destroyed.

    Some were spared this exchange by going deep underground into vaults. Massive structures made to protect people, or as social experiments.

    Life on the surface changed. People turned to raiding, others began founding organizations. Animals mutated into creatures some called 'Pokemon'. these creatures controlled various elements, and had powers given by the mutation. They contrasted with the Super Mutants and Ghouls, in that some were Docile. Some were considered Legendary by those who wandered the wastes. Soon, Survivors began training these Pokemon to aid them. They began teaching them to fight. Harnessing their power as well as using guns and knives as they had before.

    Soon, Vault Dwellers came from their vaults, and found the world changed. They adapted to it. You are one such vault dweller.

    Life on the Surface is about to change.


    New York, 2287.

    Now known as The Rotten Core, due to its nickname from before the war. This city was hit hard by the nukes. Several skyscrapers still stand, making communities for survivors and raiders. The city is split into several Survivors' enclaves as well. The Brotherhood led by Sarah Lyons protects these enclaves. She sends out patrols of Paladins with Arcanines and various other pokemon. The Vaults in the area are all under buildings, so as to better protect them.

    Survivors' Enclaves



    Before the Great War, this was an area that was fairly avoided, due to mistrust and hatred of the Chinese in America. A criminal underworld ran most businesses here due to it, and the area was treated as a sort of ghetto. Now, after the war, It's a thriving business center. The population has boomed, and they have managed to rebuild it. A massive Criminal Underworld still owns most of it. Most people are kept out, due to the nature of the enclave, but Ghouls are welcomed, because they are most likely related somehow to the original criminal underworld. The Brotherhood patrols don't frequently come to this area, as the Triads tend to keep them out. They don't want anyone "Muscling in" on their territory. They are currently at odds with the Rocket gang.

    Liberty Town


    A Town built on Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. This town is one of the larger cities in the New York city wasteland. It's a business hub, and currently the largest city of survivors. It's never been attacked, due to the difficulty it takes to get there. The city has several supply stores, and is run by a slight democracy. The nation is a preserver of old society, trying to keep America and its ideals alive. Rebuilding the Statue of Liberty is their current objective.



    The part of town that was once Midtown is now home to a branch of the Mafia. One that wants to rebuild society in their own image. They have something with space. Perhaps because their founder founded the cult in an old facility. They're really into taking Pokemon. Their founder is a man named Giovanni, a man who wanted to reinstate the Mafia. The gang known as Rocket has come into several conflicts with the Triads of Chinatown. They take Brotherhood protection, but also extort them as much as they can.

    The Empire Citadel


    Formerly known as the UN Building before the UN disbanded. It is now known as the Empire Citadel. The Brotherhood moved up here after they had secured Project Purity and pacified the Capital Wasteland. The Contingent here is led by Sarah Lyons, daughter of elder Owen Lyons, and Brotherhood of Steel Sentinel. They cleared out the former UN Building when they arrived, and have been using it as a base ever since. It gives them access to patrol New York from. They have gained many soldiers on the way to New York, and thus is one of the largest forces in the Empire Wasteland. This is also where your home Vault 1 was placed.

    The Undercity


    ((i know, this is from Fallout 3. Ignore that.))

    A city of ghouls and rejects. This society sprang up from the survivors who hid in New York's subway system. Not many people know it exists, because the area around the entrance is collapsed in. People know it exists due to many former subway entrances around the city that are still open. This city will pretty much take anyone in, but they don't take too kindly to people opening fire willy-nilly. They also distrust smoothskins, due to persecution.

    The Major Factions:

    The Brotherhood of Steel:

    Currently the primary force in the Wasteland. These men and women wear Power Armor, and make it safe for the people of teh Wasteland. They try to keep control. They are currently trying to clean the Hudson with what they used for the Potomac in DC.

    The Triads:

    The ruling gang in Chinatown. they keep order and control of anything and everything in that area. the Triads are at odds with Raiders, the Brotherhood, and the Rocket gang. They rule Chinatown with an Iron fist, and stay hidden in the shadows.

    The Rangers:

    A protective faction. This group lives and works in Central Park, using it as a sort of Headquarters. They protect people and Pokemon, and don't harm others unless attacked. The Rangers are at peace with everything. While not part of the Brotherhood, their views do align, and they try to assist as much as possible.

    The Rockets:

    A resurrection of the Mafia, but with pokemon. These gangs will do anything and everything to get Society back under their feet, and rule. They cheat, lie and steal. Led by a man named Giovanni, this gang is at odds with everyone. They have a large following, and are secretly building up a base of Operations in an old building.

    The Pokemon:

    I'm taking from all regions. Various types will be found in various areas, and I will have that update on your Pip-Boy what Pokemon are there when you enter an area. The Pip-Boy will function more as a Ranger's styler than Pokeballs. Battles will be done with guns and Pokemon. Guns can auto-hit more or less unless VATS is entered. Pokemon will need to be Die controlled.

    Legendaries will appear occasionally.

    I think this is all.

    1. You can pick any of the Starters from Gen 1 to Gen 5.

    2. Be kind to the other players.

    3. Keep OoC chatter OoC.

    4. Obey all Iwaku rules!

    5. Have fun!

    I will take up to ten people! this limit may expand, but I will take ten for now!

    The CS:


    Age: (Over 19, please.)

    Appearance: (Anime or realistic is ok, I'm not picky. Plus, this kind of combines the two.)

    Starter Pokemon:













    I would like to say this here because I can't put it into the main body for some reason:

    Start out with very basic stuff. You're exiting a vault. You can progress much like I Fallout and Pokemon.
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  2. Four questions:

    How many total points do we have to assign to our SPECIAL skills?

    Can we use weapons and items from New Vegas, (C4, suppressed weapons)

    Can we have multiple characters? (I have an idea for two)

    If so, could I use Spearow. I know he isnt a starter, but he it still one of those around at the start.
  3. [2]

    And some other questions.

    1. Do we pick Tag Skills?
    2. Do we start with any Perks?
    3. Can we have "Family History of being shot in the head" as a trait? :P
    4. What would happen if some of us have Wild Wasteland and other's don't?
  4. We all think you're crazy. And we wonder where you got those Holy Hand Gernades.
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  5. Standard amount of points to assign. They should all start at 5, and you can change it from there.


    Yes, if you think you can handle it.

    Eh... I'll allow it, sure.

    1. If you want,

    2. If you want. Start with 3.

    3. Uh...

    4. Uh...
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  6. I'll make one ASAP~!
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  7. Asche Nevermore The lonely hunter


    History will be revealed soon!

    Skill: Looting Stuffs

    Quirks:Tend to stay away from battle as he doesn't have the skills but good at scavenging stuffs.


    Primary Weapon:
    Combat Shotgun

    Hunting Knife
    Combat Shotgun
    Sniper Rifle
    Shotgun Bullet 25x
    Sniper Bullet 10x
    Canned Beans 5x

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  8. Name: Benjamin Valkwelle

    Age: 32

    Yeah, I know he's from a different series. Its the face that matters. Sue me.
    Just under 6', Ben has dark hair and pale skin, a result of being in the Vault his entire life. He was a security officer in the Vault, and while others preferred brute strength, he preferred the threat of disintegration.

    Starter Pokemon: Charmander

    Leather Armor-
    2 Stimpacks
    1 RadAway
    72 Microfusion Cells
    1 Salisbury Steak
    2 Squirrels on a Stick

    Skills: Tag Skills:
    Energy Weapons

    Strength: 6

    Perception: 7

    Endurance: 5

    Charisma: 6

    Intelligence: 6

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 5

    Plasma Rifle-
    2 Frag Grenades-
    1 C4 charge+detonator
    Trench knife-

    Quirks: Has a penchant for fire and destruction. Prefers to reason with enemies before violence. Dominant in CQB, but lacks at long range.

    Other: Karma-Chaotic Good

    If we don't get enough characters, I'll break out my second.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. That awful moment when a Deathclaw gets the drop on you...
  11. Oh, God. i know the feel.
  12. I was running to pick up Raul for the acheivement in New Vegas... then I heard it... it was horrible. I got one shotted...
  13. I hate when that happens. When you're like "What's that?!"


    and then you die.
  14. *Plays Fallout NV Mod Two Wastelands*
    *See's Death Claw at level 6*
    *Kills it before it get's close*

    Damn... Realistic Weapon Damage mod is powerful. :/
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  15. Yay! I shall deal with characters soon.
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