All Praise Iwaku!

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  1. Ahem *cough* I mean... Thank fruitcake! Finally, an RP site that isn't a gathering of old men wanting to cyber!

    Ahah.... Sorry. I'm just so happy to have had my friend Luxglyph suggest Iwaku and to see your rules and become very, though possibly absurdly, excited at having an 'androgynous' for gender... Welllll I'm excited to be here and hopefully get back into role playing full time.

    Ah... Right.

    A little 'bout me. I'm Storm, nice to meet you all. I promise I don't bite... well maybe a little, but you'll still be alive come tomorrow morning. I'd consider myself about an intermediate-to-advanced rper but I've got points where I can barely post a sentence and times when you'll be faced with a wall of text. I've been rping for about fifteen years now, or at least trying to. I've had only 1-3 active companions to rp with for the past 6 years so it's been pretty tough on me. I'm more into fantasy and sci-fi stuff, but I'm (once again) pretty flexible in the range of what I can play given enough of a decent storyline to follow!
  2. What about old ladies, cause I might fall in to that category? O__O

    Welcome to Iwakuuuuuuu!
  3. *giggle* That signature! Love it... Old Ladies... no... not really. MOST crazily horny seeming people I've run into are usually men who are older than I am. *sigh* I can deal with women, but men make little sense to me.
  4. Oh good, then I will only be slightly creepy and not a total perv! 8D
  5. Welcome! People here are more on the creepy side rather than Sexed up horn devils... You're safe here...
    Have fun playing roles!