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  1. Hansi here!

    I went to see Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, and thought about how much I wanted to put my original superheroes I came up with back into action. Superheroes and villains are just so fun, especially during their phases where they are in their civiliam form.

    For these ideas, I want to use superheroes/villains that we create ourselves, and play through plots and Arch's that we do. Sure, it'll be hard to do some of these plots without someone screaming "you copied Batman issue 4728" or something. But we will try our best.

    I was thinking this could take place in the near-ish future, where society is slowly falling dystopian. Like X-Men there is a sort of extra gene that mutates you, as well as there is a government funded organization called the Defenders Of Good (D.O.G.) who do tests with the genes, as well as cyborg augmentations. I was thinking one of the plots could revolve around an army of artificially powered super beings and augmened beings rise up to take the city over could work for one plot.

    Another plot could be an equal balance of superhero action, and showing these characters keeping up with every day life.

    Doing origin stories and crossing paths and the creation of a superhero alliance, such as The Avengers and Justice League would be fun to do too.

    I'm also open for some 1x1 plots too.

    This is really meant for us to create our own Marvel universe, or our own DC universe. It's a way for us to make a world that is built through our playing, a world that could work for all of our superhero roleplays to come

    Anyone interested? If you're into big groups then we can do a big roleplay. But if you like 1x1 then we can do a separate plot. If you like smaller groups, then we can do a small group. I'm open t having multiple on the fly.
  2. I'm on a superhero roll right now. I'm in.
  3. Glad to see you on board here Dipper. Looking forward to working with you.
  4. Let's get this party started.
  5. I'm interested :3
    I have a particular character i've been kinda dying to use since i wrote her
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  6. Well, let's make the most of said character!
  7. I've got a character or two I could likely contribute. Superhero stuff can be fun from time to time, so I might give this a try. I'd have to choose which character to try and run for this, though. Which is always tricky business. Particularly given they're both ideas developed for something elsewhere.

    As far as actual size options go, a big group can be really cool, but smaller ones can handle at least some things better. And if we're going to be putting a lot of plot underway, a lot of collaboration and discussion OOC will be important either way. One thing that could be fun is everyone develops or suggests one villain for another player's rogues gallery (not necessarily, like, everyone contribute one, just players pair off and suggest things).
  8. Glad that you're interested! Everything you've said is some of the truest stuff I've heard. I like that last idea you've just mentioned.
  9. Hm. I feel like I should do something more with a robot or cyborg character this time. There's already a potential angle on it, which means things will fit in nicely, though I'm not sure which specific route to take. But hey, I've always got a thing for mecha musume, so any opportunity can be fun. Well, that and my other option tends toward gross body horror powers and such. ...Or I could combine them a bit, but the only thing I can name that would really go that way is Chise from Saikano. But yeah, I'm feeling good about some good old transhumanist themes.

    Among others. There's a few other terrible ideas rattling around in my head. Some are just further toward the forefront as of this moment.

    Yes, I am compelled to ramble about possible plans before anything concrete has formed, because I am horrible and like getting my thoughts together. Anyone else feel like tossing ideas around so I won't be so lonely?
  10. Well, I was just writing up an essay (started it at the last possible second). I'm thinking of doing either an augmented human who escaped, or tested on as a child but the augments never really got anywhere until the character got older. I like the idea of body horror. In superhero stories I wrote that took place in this universe I had a corps of alien like beings known as the Nexus, and they all had different names like Nexus X or Nexus GU. It was basically like the Green Lanterns, except these guys had wrist watches (for a lack of a better term) that manipulates space and time. To make it less OP and godlike I had it so that teleporters could match them, and would be there to fight them in the space between space. Anyway, I was thinking that they could be up in space tracking a band of alien outlaws that are basically like Shinichi and Migi in the whole body horror and manipulation. They could crash on Earth, and then a Nexus could come and ask for our help. I thought that could be an interesting plot.
  11. If we're talking about character choices then I'll simply say


    A lot, a lot of magic.
  12. I am very open to the use of magic.
  13. Color me interested! I'm on a superhero binge at the moment and I can't get enough.
  14. well that's 6 people, how long until we cant get things started? :3
  15. I'm thinking of setting it up soon, like beginning tonight maybe. Maybe. Pilot and I are working out her character right now, which is helping me think out a plot. She made it a point to, instead of folcus on playing out origin stories, to make it about a super team like the JLA or Avengers. It'll more than likely be about a super team who watches over their city getting sucked into a galactic problem, with aliens showing up and asking for help, while other aliens !ake things difficult for us. It's still being worked on though.
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  16. Before we talk about a concrete plot, how do we want to do character sign-ups? I was thinking of having sort of like a character vault thread, where we can put each character we make (in the case that we want to make multiple as we do multiple plots).
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  17. This is a great idea because if people want to go back to go over a character they don't remember (I do this all the time), it'll make it so much easier to just find the character.
  18. you can just make a separate thread in the ooc when you make it just for character sheets
  19. It's a good way to go. I'd probably use a thread for general OOC planning as well, but one just to keep track of characters is a good idea.
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