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  1. Hello there!
    I am especially glad you chose to click on my thread!
    So I recently joined this site, but don't let that deter you from RPing with me because I have at least 3 years of experience with RPing so no worries! :)
    Well back to the topic on hand...
    I have a bunch of Original Ideas that I wish to play out with someone!
    However, I am not planning to do duplicates of these RPs, unless you can convince me that you can a bit of twist to the plot, where I am interested enough to do your desired RP...
    I prefer to be the female role in the RP!
    If you have any ideas you want to share with me, please be free to share with me because I am quite flexible in character creation! :D
    If you want to know any more about me and my RP skills, just go to my profile and check my RP Resume!
    Here are my ideas:

    ✦I Swear I'm Not the Teacher's Pet!
    Moving into a new town is not easy especially when you have to adjust yourself into a new school and make new friends. For the new student, Mika, she is experiencing the most trouble integrating into her new class. First day and Mika was already isolated by her classmates there were a few passerbys but none that would stick around. The Homeroom teacher of the class saw Mika's predicament and felt a sense of pity towards her, so he befriended her just so then she didn't always have to be so alone. Mika accepted his friendly gesture of him accompanying her during break time so she wouldn't be so alone, unfortunately this did not help Mika's situation with her fellow classmates because the Homeroom teacher was a greatly admired person as well as a very handsome, heartthrob. Mika would only be hated even more which she had no idea about. Will Mika's high school year turn around for the better? Or will she not gain a single friend? Could Mika and Professor be something more than lunch buddies?

    Rosanne fell upon this pen pal website out of curiosity considering all her friends ever talked about was how they make such great friends on there that come far and wide. Who knows maybe she'll make a nice friend too! Rosanne was set up with a male pen pal, honestly Rosanne was a bit dejected since she wanted a female pen pal but at least it was someone. Rosanne talked with the guy and was a bit surprised at the fact they really hit it off and became very close friends. Rosanne talked over the year and truly understood what her friends meant when they talked about how nice their pen pals were. Summer had come and Rosanne was talking to her male pen pal again asking what his plans were for the summer, surprisingly he told her that he was vacationing to her hometown to meet family members. What a small world? Who knew her pen pal would actually have relatives where she lived. Rosanne mustered her courage to tell him that she wanted to meet him in person when he came next week for her hometown. Her decision was crazy and dumb but she felt she could trust him enough that she can meet him. Rosanne anticipated what her male pen pal would be like or what he looked like! Will things turn out what she expects? Can her decision of wanting to see him be the worst she ever made? How much can be done within the remaining summer she has with him?

    ✦My New Neighbor is My Favorite Anime Character!
    Virtual, Manga, Or Anime guys, they are the best kind of boyfriend you can ever have! Sure it's fake and all but you have to admit that the feelings you experience feels so real! Diane holds onto these feelings and fantasies of these fictional characters in her heart, sometimes she wished that she could meet them out in the real world or somehow make her way into the place that her beloved characters were! Diane living on her own and being 21 years old, you would think she should give up on her nerdy obsession of these fictional characters but it is all too impossible! The reason she gets away with her obsession is because she still looks like a young high school girl, which annoys her every now and then since no one can take her seriously as an adult at times. During one of her gaming marathon, she heard a lot of racket outside the hallway of her apartments and Diane was not one to leave it be. She immediately got out and saw a guy carrying a lot of boxes, a new neighbor maybe? He was moving all the stuff into the apartment that was a couple doors down from hers, upon being polite Diane went over and got some of the boxes that was blocking the guy's vision. Immediately, Diane thought she would drop the boxes out of shock because the guy looked like the virtual boy from her games. Was this the work of some god that granted her wish! Diane was so curious on who he was and maybe if he was exactly like the guy from her game! Will Diane end up with her "happy ending" with this guy? Is the guy exactly the same that Diane depicts him as? Will Diane be able to let go of her obsession of fictional boys and start loving real boys? Or will Diane freak him out with her obsession on fictional boys?

    ✦Long Distance Friendship *TAKEN*
    The oversized glasses and a bright smile that shone from his silver braces was all that Celeste could remember back when she was in middle school of her nerdy best friend. If there was anyone who had her back when she was growing up it was her her nerdy best friend even if he would be the one to be bullied next for protecting her. Celeste was truly sad when her friend told her that he had to study abroad in another country for the rest of high school so he was well prepared when he had to take over his father's company. The only trinket that Celeste has left of her best friend was a brown leather bracelet that he made that had an attached locket that had a picture of them. Celeste wore it ever since that since it was given to her from her treasured friend and believed it gave her good luck and strength. Celeste is nearing the end of her high school years where she is a Senior in high school, with a new year she again wonders how her friend is doing. When walking home Celeste gets home where she was greeted by a familiar face but was not sure who it was. Her heart skipped a beat from the shock or attraction or maybe both. It couldn't be, could it? It was her best friend? How? Why? What happened to the nerd she played with all those years ago? The appearance and even the act is different was this really the same person?! Celeste wonders and hopes that she could get the friendship she lost so long ago? What happened while he was gone? Why did he change so much? Will Celeste ever accept this change?

    ✦I Love You! ... No, Not You! *TAKEN*
    "I'm going to do it! I'm finally going to let him know how I feel!" Valerie always thought in her heard when she held her love letter in her hand tightly. Valerie was never good at expressing her feeling out up in front but she can do it through a letter. She decided that she was no longer to hold back she was finally going to tell her crush she liked him no matter how embarrassing it will be if he rejects her or not. Hold no regrets! At the near end of the school day, Valerie slipped the letter into the locker of her crush hoping he would read it and approach her the next day about it. The next day, Valerie looked from the corner of the aisle of lockers to see her crush, it seemed like he didn't read it or even knew it was out in his locker! She was sure to out in the right locker right? Suddenly, Valerie was pulled to the side by another boy, someone who she truly despised! He always picked on her ever since she was little never giving her a peace of mind. Valerie was shocked to see the love letter in his hand, until he explained that he found the letter in his locker! How could she make such a huge mistake! Valerie saw the sly smirk on her enemy's face, but she knew she could not upset him or else he would let the letter be read by everyone else! The foreboding humiliation that was waiting for her! Surprisingly, the guy was willing to show mercy and not show anyone else the letter? Valerie was suspicious of his intentions? What did he had planned for her?

    ✦I Love You Like a Brother? ...Right?
    When Marcia was 5 years old, she was always an only child and lived with her mother due to a recent divorce. Soon enough, the mother was able to meet a rich man who had a son who was a few years older than Marcia. Marcia's mother and the man was able to hit off a good relationship and her mother got married to the man. The idea of having another sibling to play with thrilled Marcia even though the son didn't like her all that much. Marcia would still adore her older brother and often bother him to play with her. As they got older, Marcia still had a strong adoration for her brother and still stuck to him like glue. At times, the guys that had crushes on Marcia would confuse her step-brother as her brother since she was so close to him. Marcia becoming 18 years old, she needs to realize that her step-brother is still a man where she needs to be careful around him. Have there been hidden feelings under the brother-sister bond they had? How much trouble can they get in for this forbidden relationship?

    ✦Sweet Dark Dreams *TAKEN*
    Dreams are crazy, anything could happen! For one girl, she can go to the dreams of others when she sleeps. Penelope always had this special trick that she was always able to do ever since she was little. She knew she was not being delusional because a lot of her friends would say they saw her in their dreams. All of those times she was in their dream! Her special trick was that Penelope was able to go into a person's dream. The only downside to it was that she is not able to predict if it is a nightmare or a sweet dream that she will be entering. Once Penelope enters that dream, she has to stay in the dream or nightmare until that person wakes up. Sometimes Penelope cannot choose the person she wants to enter the dream of and enters the dream of a random person. Overall, Penelope's ability is both a gift and a curse. One night, Penelope fell upon the dream of one male classmate, who was going through a terrible nightmare. A nightmare composed of murder, lies, and fire. Penelope was terrified from this nightmare and had this intuition that this must be something more than just her classmate's imagination and it must be tied back to his memories. Ever since that night Penelope would look to her male classmate and wonder what was going on through that person's head, since he was seen as perfect! A sports star, academically smart, and a ladies man... however there was something she knew that no one else did. That male classmate finally encountered Penelope about having a nightmare and seeing Penelope. He was very nice to her and wanted to get to know her, but Penelope had a feeling he wanted something out of her. If she was to be discovered and exposed of her ability, what will happen to her?! Is there a way for her to help the nightmares of her classmate? Just what does this classmate of hers want?

    ✦I Love My Brother's Best Friend?!
    There is nothing worse than having feelings for someone that would be forbidden for you to date! However, you cannot control the feelings you have for a person especially if it is a huge crush that you have harbored in your heart for more than 6 years! Mia has a major crush on this guy that she has known for over 7 years, problem is... he is her brother's best friend. Mia thought it was a small crush when she first met her brother's best friend at 10 years old and he was 14 years old. She would be able to get to know her brother's best friend since her brother would let her play with them. Her brother's best friend was always nice to her and took good care of her, which made Mia fall for him more over the years. Mia is now 18 years old and her brother is still best friend's with that guy, her feelings for him are much more stronger than it was when she was 10 years old. Mia wants to confess her feelings, but she doesn't want her brother to know because that would be weird and awkward! She wants her brother's best friend to notice her more than his best friend's little sister, to see her as a woman! Will Mia achieve her goal in getting the guy of her dreams? Or will she forever have this one-sided unrequited love for him?

    ✦Amnesia Love
    Aria and Male Character have an unlikely encounter each other after so many years, only one of the characters (Aria or Male Character) recognize the other, while the other character (Aria or Male Character) doesn't even remember one thing about them. You would think that this would be a great huge reunion but it was more of like a repeat in time, where the character was acting as if this was their first time meeting them. You know that you both had a history before (childhood/ past relationship). What could have happened that made them forget? Will you be able to make them remember the memories they had before? Can you develop a new kind of love, right from scratch?

    ✦My Guardian is a Demon
    Demon who came to Earth living their lives under secrecy, escaping a certain problem they had back in H*ll. While living in their new house, he hears a knock on the door, when answering the door, there was no one there. Looking down he discover a human baby, out of interest and curiosity, they have taken care of this baby. Unlike humans, demons never grow old they keep their physical appearance and they live for eternity. After 16 years, the baby girl, Katherine, becomes a young teen, the demon always had a type of parental bond with the human in a way. Then, when Katherine was looking through a potions cabinet, they ended up drinking a potion, which made her 21 years old, the same physical appearance of the demon. Katherine still had a mentality of a 16 year old but the appearance of a 21 year old. When seeing this the demon was at first shocked but then a certain feeling came over them. Noticing the difference in appearance, they start to develop certain feelings for Katherine. Will it be possible to keep on living life with such feelings for a human? Could a human and demon love last?

    ✦My Unexpected, Planned Wedding?!
    Living her everyday life, Claire was called in by her parents to come over to the family house. Once arriving, her parents told her that she had to travel to where her uncle worked which was by the shore, so that she could help out her uncle with something. Claire agreed and packed her things, then leaving to the place immediately. When she arrived she was greeted by her uncle, there she asked what he needed help in. Claire guessed it would be helping out in the bar and cafe, since that was what he ran. Well then a handsome guy came walking into the bar, her uncle smiled at the guy seeming to know this guy very while. Claire was very curious until her uncle told her what was going, the favor was to get married to the guy! Claire was shocked but she didn't quite understand or mind marrying him he was good looking but still very odd! The uncle explained that doing so would help out the guy in his business in a way and there was no need for feelings between the two, just make it look like they were married. Claire reluctantly agreed, ending up living with the guy and being with him 24/7, but noticing how incompatible they were, it was like mixing fire and water! At least, she only had to be with this guy for one year so it wasn't all that bad. Will she last that year? Is it possible to develop feelings for this guy within that year?!

    ✦If I Were a Boy... *TAKEN*
    High School was coming up and Ava's ambitions was to go to a prestigious Academy for girls. Ava was the responsible, soft-spoken, and studious student in her school, so she worked her butt off to get good grades so she could get accepted into the school she wanted. However, Ava just got the opposite... Ava got admitted into the prestigious Academy for boys. Her parents got confused when enrolling and accidentally admitted her into that school. However, it was too late to go back since her parents already had spent a fortune of the tuition. Ava had no choice but go to this Boarding School/Academy for one semester as a guy! After the semester then she can get out! If she was to be discovered to be a girl then it would look bad on her record and it would be hard for her to find a good school! Will Ava last one semester without being discovered? Can she avoid all the guys in her school or will she actually make a friend? What will she do if she finds love at the school, since she cannot reveal her identity and wants to confess her love?

    ✦Beautiful Doll, Ugly Delusions...
    Option 1:
    A Doll Maker with magical powers created a doll for his own entertainment. This doll has all the human attributes, looks, intelligence, and ability of a human, though they always have their flaws at times. A heart is what is really missing when it came to the doll the feeling of love was never achieved by the doll. The doll maker did not mind, instead the doll maker teaches the doll about the world and these feelings of love. However, in the process of teaching the doll, will the Doll maker fall in love with their own creation even if this was a doll and not human? Will the Doll develop feelings for their own creator or will they remain unloving and cold?
    Option 2:
    Back in the 1800s in England, alchemy was a widespread study around Europe, everyone's goal was to discover how to turn metal into gold. For this alchemist he wanted to learn to turn inanimate objects into real life beings. The alchemist finally discovered the formula, where he tested it on a life size porcelain doll and the formula worked. The doll's eyes blinked and started to breath, moving around and looked at the moving arms and legs. The alchemist trained the doll so that she would act and live the I've of a proper lady, the doll learned and the alchemist wanted to show the world. However, the alchemist's motives changed when he actually fell in love with his doll, the doll did too. With a sweet kiss, the doll ended up taking the life source away from the alchemist, whom she loved very much and it was unintentional too. The doll learned that any romantic gestures such as hugs, kisses, or more would make her body absorb the person's if life source. The doll became fearful and locked herself in the mansion, centuries later. Present time a human stumbles upon an ancient yet beautiful mansion with vines intertwining themselves on the walls of the mansion. He walks up to the doors of the mansion and knocked on it, to be greeted by a beautiful girl, who had perfect looks almost doll like appearance. The doll kept her accent so it seemed quite odd by the human for her to be talking such a way when it was present time not Victorian times. How will the doll trust herself again with love? Does the human know the dangers he put himself in? The bittersweet love between the two where a simply kiss, would signify the kiss of death...
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  6. Ah, welcome to iWaku! We seem to have the same level of writing and there a few of these ideas that I really like. Just pick the one you'd like to do most out of these that I'd be thrilled to play and we can discuss! :D

    Amnesia Love

    I Love You Like A Brother... Right?

    Long Distance Friendship


    Thanks for the awesome ideas! I liked more, but these were my favorites!
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    I would like to do the Long Distance Friendship RP with you! Just send me an PM because I am watching anime
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  12. ✦My New Neighbor is My Favorite Anime Character!

    This one! It sounds like so much fun!
  13. I like the look of the first two, if this is still open :)
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