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Do you/can you pull an all-nighter?

  1. Yes, no problem

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  2. Yes, but I need caffeine or sugar or something

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  3. Yes if it's for something important

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  4. I used to, now it's hard

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  5. I used to, now it's impossible

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  6. No, are you kidding me?

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  1. It's twenty after seven and I haven't slept. Iwaku, how are you with all-nighters? Why and when do you do them?
  2. I do them all the time.


    I don't know, because I like pushing my body to it's limits and stunting my growth and wasting time on skype TT.TT
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  3. Before when I was into role play like a Crazy fan girl Mode xD ha ha

    I did All nighters all the time. That's when I was between 17-20 years old. I was up all night and sleep all day ^^

    Now.. It's a bit harder to do unless I have coca cola or sweets or coffee or something xD

    I did like two or three nighters just because I was replying on my RP's at the beginning of my Joyful commitment towards Iwaku xD

    But now again.. I'll start work next week so, yeah . I need my sleep ~

    It was fun while it lasted xD
  4. All nighters? Hmmm... gaming, gaming, gaming the only reason I do them oh, and RP's that are really addicting. Maybe once in a while to watch a movie... but that's it. I don't generally, eat, drink anything during those periods but ever so often I find a coffee or a red bull can next to me. :-3
  5. I do them when I don't want to, and I can't do them when I need to.
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  6. Back in my final year of my Undergraduate, all-nighters were basically how my dissertation got written.

    They're probably how my thesis is gonna get written this year, too. EXHAUSTION FOR A GOOD CAUSE, YAY.
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  7. The upperclassmen in my course say that come the second semester of our second year, All-nighters shall become our way of life.
    I'm scared.
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  8. I used to do all-nighters because I was terrible at getting myself to sleep with no real schedule to my day besides night classes (thanks joblessness). However I developed some strategies to get myself to sleep and so I'm tossing and turning until 4 AM and then giving up.
  9. When I pull an all-nighter is usually when I am watching a bunch of horror movies on Netflix. Or when I am on here and lose track of time. It's summer still, so I can afford to lose sleep.
  10. During the school year when I work til 11 o'clock I tend to go to bed around 4-5 and sleep til 1 or so.

    Does that count?
  11. No other way to get last minute college work done.
  12. Get ready to chug caffeine like it's going out of fashion.

    Just don't let yourself get to the stage where you're grinding caffeine tablets into your tenth espresso of the day. That shit isn't healthy.
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  13. I had this one summer where I legit was sleeping all day and was up all night, but that's nocturnal. I'd be up till like 5-7 AM and then go to bed. It was weird.

    I probably can pull an all nighter if I needed or wanted to. Like if I was playing a game or something with friends and was having a blast, I could stay up a looong time. But usually I don't bother to try. When I'm sleepy I like to sleep. <3 sleep
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  14. I have insomnia, so every night my body wants to do an all-nighter, whether or not I have schoolwork to do. I could do it with no problem. x__x Coffee serves as a way of waking up my brain when I need it to function for important thinking processes, otherwise it's unnecessary. Even after I've spent energy on chasing my monster child around, doing homework, etc... It sucks very badly. I have to force myself to sleep with the aid of medicine because if I'm deprived of proper rest, reeeeally bad things happen... >>;
  15. I do all-nighters like every other night. I have loads of trouble sleeping in general, dunno why, so I usually go to bed like 3 to 5 in the morning, heck, it's about 5:30 right now. Every once in a while I decide to trudge my way through and not sleep at all.
  16. I like sleep. Sleep is like my savior.
    So, while I could potentially stay up all-night and am usually up 'till 4-5am anyways.
    Sleep will always be my first and true love.
  17. Now.. Let's see! Oh, shot ! XD

    I'll be working night shifts soon.. Even it that doesn't fall in the same category as Nighters ha ha ;)

    I'll be up passed midnight to just make pizzas and stuffed pastry lol

    Touché !@_@
  18. All-nighters, hrmm I'm diagnosed with chronic insomnia so me being up all night usually is just because I can't sleep yet again. Plus I get really addicted to writing and answering roleplays when I'm not gaming or trying to hack into my fellow friends accounts or websites and mess around with their things. It's a fun game between us. Although now that I have work I end up taking my sleeping pills a lot more :/ so now more all-nighters
  19. i love sleep

    i love sleep more when i have to professionally do all nighters as a physician

    you kids enjoy your all nighters for becomes a lot less so when you gotta do it for work

    did i mention i love sleep?

    my wife knows that the loves of my life are in order....


    yup, food is there twice
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