All My RPs Have Died (almost)

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  1. Hey you guys! So most of my RPs seem to have died, so I'm here to scout out some partners! If you guys get an idea from something you see, let me know! I'm open to just about anything you want to RP about!
    If I'm going to RP with you, I have a few small requests. First, few to no one liners please. I can't work off of them and it's very annoying. Second, be active every other day at least. Just to keep things moving!
    For just about every pairing, I'm open to MxM FxF or MxF. In most cases, I prefer to be the female or more feminine character. I'm willing to try being a manly man, but no promises on quality.
    DeviantxGoody Two Shoes
    DisorganizedxClean Freak
    More to come

    In these I would prefer to play character 1

    Character 1 has run away from home and she hopes to find a cheap apartment to rent. Upon arrival in the city she meet character B who offers her an apartment with low rent, and she immediately accepts, only to realize, they are now roommates!

    More to come!

    PM me or leave a message below <3
  2. I'd be willing to try the Deviant x Goody Two Shoes
  3. Cool! Want to shoot me a PM with any ideas or character ideas you've got?
  4. F X F - I'm willing to try millionaire v secretary.
  5. Hello. I'd like to try the plot about Character 1 & 2. Also, can we use the plot for this pairing, disorganized x clean freak?
  6. Yea! I'll shoot you a PM
  7. Awesome, wanna PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.